Meta’s Threads Will Reportedly Launch in Europe in December


Meta is ready to comply with EU regulations and will launch Threads in Europe by December, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company launched the text-based social network to rival X (formerly Twitter) in over 100 countries in July, but not in the European Union member countries. Expanding to Europe will be a major move which will get millions of users to Threads.

Threads became the fastest consumer app to reach 100 million users in just five days after its release, surpassing the previous record set by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Threads growth has since stalled, and it now has around 73 million active users compared to X’s 365 million monthly active users, according to Engadget.

When Threads was launched, it was tied to Instagram which allowed people to carry over their Instagram username and password to the text-based app. Tying Threads to Instagram meant users would get their Instagram account deleted if they wanted to delete their Threads account. After much criticism, Meta finally announced it is rolling out a feature that lets people delete their Threads account without deleting their Instagram account in November.

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