Meta’s AI Studio Will Let Creators Make AI Chatbots of themselves on Instagram

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On his broadcast channel on Thursday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company has started an “early test” in the US that will let creators build AI versions of themselves on Instagram with Meta’s AI Studio. The feature will “primarily show up in messaging for now,” with an “AI” label attached to it.

Last September at its annual Connect developer conference, Meta first announced the AI Studio that lets businesses build AI chatbots. As part of the announcement on his Instagram broadcast channel, Zuckerberg shared examples from conversations he had with the AI version of speaker and technology creator Don Allen Stevenson III and meme account Wasted.

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On a creator’s page on Instagram, you can tap on “Message” to start a conversation. At the top of the private message, a notice will appear informing you that “messages are generated by AI” and that “some may be inaccurate or inappropriate.” An “AI” label is shown in front of the creator’s name, and a “beta” tag appears after the name.

We’ve been working closely with creators to build these so they’re helpful in answering the questions they get from their followers and can chat with people in a way that’s useful and fun,” Zuckerberg stated. “It’s early days and the first beta version of these AIs so we’ll keep working on improving them, and make them available to more people soon.”

In a related interview with creator Kane Kallaway, Zuckerberg expanded more on Meta’s AI strategy. He said, “We think people want to interact with lots of different people and businesses and there need to be a lot of different AIs that get created to reflect people’s different interests.” He added that a big part of the approach is to “enable every creator and eventually also every small business on the platform to create an AI for themselves, to help them interact with their community, and their customers if they are a business.”

The early test of the AI chatbots on Instagram started with around 50 creators and a small percentage of users in the US. The feature is expected to be rolled out to more people “over the next month” with the hope of a full launch expected by August.

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