Meta Launches $1499 Quest Pro VR Headset Targeted at Professionals

meta quest pro

Meta has announced the Quest Pro virtual reality headset. The new headset, part of the Quest VR headset lineup, costs $1499 and features a new design and a new processor. The new virtual reality headset targets working professionals, unlike the $399 Oculus Quest 2, made for light work and entertainment.

The Meta Quest Pro takes a cue from the Quest 2 but features an entirely redesigned body and controllers. According to Meta, the Quest Pro 2 has a thinner stack of lenses in its body that cuts its depth by 40 per cent compared to the Quest 2. With the 173gram Elite Strap, the new headset weighs 722g, which is 219g heavier than the Quest 2. The Quest Pro is designed with padded plastic ring to fit around the head. Its battery has been moved to the back of the headset, making it balance properly.

The Quest Pro has two new unique features – inward-facing cameras and full-colour passthrough video. The cameras track the eyes and face and signal the Quest Pro if it’s fitted properly, enabling foveated rendering; the cameras also come in handy for Meta’s avatars. They power facial expressions making the avatars perform actions such as smile, wink, and raise an eyebrow when the user does. The second unique feature is the full-colour passthrough video that serves as a midway step between VR and holographic augmented reality. The VR system uses high-resolution outward-facing cameras to capture images of the world and render them inside the headset. With this, you will be able to place virtual objects (such as pictures on a wall) in the room while still being able to see the real world.

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In terms of hardware, the Quest Pro is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Plus chipset, and it’s bundled with 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage. Thanks to the chipset, Meta says the Quest Pro delivers 50 per cent more power than Quest 2’s XR2. However, one downgrade is the battery which lasts one to two hours, an hour less than what the Quest 2 offers.

The motion controllers have also been redesigned and come with motion-tracking cameras. The AA batteries have also been replaced with built-in batteries that can be charged with a dock station alongside the headset.

Preorders are underway in 22 countries, and the Quest Pro will ship on October 25th. Purchases can be made from the Meta store or through retail partners in four countries: Best Buy and Amazon in the United States; Amazon, Argos, and Currys in the United Kingdom; Best Buy and Amazon in Canada; and Amazon, Fnac, and Boulanger in France.

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