Logic IPTV App Live Streams Over 1900 Cable TV Channels to Your Mobile Device

logic iptv

A friend recently recommended Logic IPTV app to me after complaining several times to him how often I’m on the road or at work missing my favourite shows on Cable TV and most of Chelsea’s football matches this season. As a techie, you would wonder how I miss some football matches when there is that popular app called Modbro and accounts that illegally stream live football matches on Twitter.

I have always shied away from anything illegal, even though these other means of watching my favourite play is available but they are not actually reliable. Live Football streams on Twitter are blocked occasionally when a match is ongoing and even the commentaries are not always in English, Modbro on its own end has limits and matches are not clear on this app most times.

After hearing my lamentations my friend sent me Logic IPTV apk file, I downloaded and install it. To say I’ve been impressed by the app is an understatement, Logic IPTV has 1,982 cable TV channels just as found on your cable TV. There are sport channels, news channels, live event channels, Kids channels, music channels, documentary channels, entertainment and adult channels with all streaming in HD quality.

logic iptv

To name a few, Logic IPTV has all Sky Channels, BEIN channels, BBC Channels and lots more. There are also channels from Pakistan, Sweden, India, Denmark, the US and many more. The image below is a live stream on BBC news.

logic iptv

HD live stream of Southampton vs Arsenal on BEIN SPORTS 2 HD

logic iptv

Live stream of United vs City’s match on SKY SPORTS HD

logic iptv app live stream

This was when I was watching Animal Planet, I love animals so I watch the channel once a while.

logic iptv

I also streamed the French Ligue 1 between Montpellier and Marseille on UK BT Sport 2. So far, I’m even enjoying channels that are not on my DSTV on my logic TV app, all I had to do was install the app on my tablet and Galaxy S8+ smartphone and I’m game.

logic iptv live stream

Logic IPTV Subscription Package and Validity

It costs 120 British Pounds to activate Logic IPTV for one year to enjoy all these channels HD. That’s like 56,000 Naira, if you are interested drop comments and we would take it up from there.

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  1. I Like the analysis, IPTV is the way to go now once you have data or wifi access. The fact you can watch in HD quality and have several channels to choose from is good.

  2. It’s all about value for money. But we have our own purposely build apk app for IPTV, it comes with after sale help and you have loads of channels from UK, US, Canadian and European channels. Price has always been a thing but value for money is what one should look for.Prices have not been reduced to N46k. Cheers

  3. Is there a quick and easy way to delete channels from Logic ipTV. I really like the programming but there are many channels I am not interested in.

    • Yes if you have a smart TV that let you download application. You can also use watch on Android device and Amazon firestick.

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