LG Bringing Levitating Speakers to CES Annual Tradeshow in 2017

Levitating Speakers

In the magical world, levitation is a norm. With the mumbo jumbo of the magician and the pronouncement of abracadabra an object begins to levitate. When we think of levitation in the technology world, it is rather through the use of electromagnetic field. LG just adopted the technology and used it to design a speaker that can levitate into the air and at the same time play your favourite songs.

It is worth knowing that LG isn’t the first to release a levitating speakers, some less popular brands had earlier released a similar product.

Levitating Speakers

LG’s version, like the other levitating speakers has a supporting base that supplies the electromagnetic field needed to levitate the speaker. Aside levitating the speaker, the base also serves as a sub-woofer and a medium for charging the speaker.

When fully charged, the speaker can speak and levitate for up to 10hours before descending to the base when the battery is low.

On the body of this off-white omnidirectional speaker are a series of control options, and LG says the speaker features a Dual Passive Radiator technology which gives it its flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.

This speakers, along with the LG K series and Stylus smartphones will be showcased at the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow (CES) in January, 2017. The price of the levitating speakers and the K series phone will be announced after CES.

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