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I am liking the way the Internet giants now allow us to have a sniff of what they really think of us. A couple of months ago, I published an article on how to know what google knows about you. In the article, I showed how you can retrieve all data Google has collected about your on line behaviour and how to manage the collected data.

Now, it’s time to look into Facebook’s “mind” and know what it thinks of you.

To do this, we will be exploring a feature called Facebook Adpreference. So fasten your seat belt as I take you through the journey of knowing what Facebook thinks of you.

Using Adpreference To Know What Facebook Thinks of You

In my exploration of Facebook adpreference, I discovered that Facebook web version loads the page ceaselessly. For this reason, I recommend using a phone to access the page; better still you can open Facebook mobile on Google Chrome or Opera browser for PC.

In this tutorial, I used Chrome browser and the steps are as follow:

Steps To Checking Adpreference

  • Open Facebook mobile, and click on the three horizontal lines towards the top right hand.

Facebook know

  • After clicking the lines, scroll down to Account Settings and click on it.

Facebook know

  • Under Account Settings, click on Ads to open Ads Settings.

Facebook know

  • Under the four options in the Ad settings, click on Manage the preference we use to show you ads.


If you want to skip the steps above, you can access the Ad Preference page here

  • After clicking on it, click on Visit Ad Preferences.

facebook know

  • On opening the Ad Preferences, Facebook will present you what it thinks of your most valued interests. These are displayed in tiles with the name Top interests.


In my case, it is association football (i.e. club football) and of course this is 100% correct.  I am passionate about football, a stalwart FC Barcelona fan–a tiki-taka lover.

  • To dig deep inside Facebook’s mind, click on More.
  • On clicking on More, you will see the categories in which your interests are organized into.


  • Click each interest category to see what Facebook thinks of you in each category.

To know what Facebook thinks of your behavior and character, I recommend you spend time with hobbies and activities category, and most importantly, with the lifestyle and culture category. You will be amazed at how Facebook’s algorithm has analyzed your behaviours and turned it into weapon for serving you the kind of ads you see in your account.

Under my hobbies and activities category, I saw things like global warming, biodiversity, Ecotourism and other environmental related issue. I was marveled to see those areas of expertise—and of course, I care about environmental sustainability.

On checking the lifestyle and culture category, what I saw was very surprising. Even though I set political view  in my profile to indifferent, Facebook believes I love politics and have interest in the two big parties in Nigeria. The names of the two popular parties in Nigeria are listed in my lifestyle and culture category.

If you see the name of only party, it means you a passionate supporter of that party. In my case, Facebook believes I love the two parties equally. And I have begun to think I really love the two.  :mrgreen: My indifference has matured to impartial.

Removing Ad Preference

If you see something under any category and you want to remove it, all you need to do is to click on the particular category, then scroll to the interest. Click on the three dots beside the interest and click on remove.

Knowing what Facebook thinks of you is as simple as that; if you these information are wrong, follow the steps above to remove the particular interest.

In all, don’t forget that the main purpose of ad preference is for Facebook to better serve relevant Ads.

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