It Cost Sony $220 Million to Make The Last of Us Part II

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As the court hearing between the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft enters another day over the $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sony has mistakenly revealed the cost of developing some of its first-party titles in a document it provided to the court, The Verge reports.

A poorly redacted document that has now been made unavailable shows it cost Sony $220 million to make The Last of Us Part II with more than 200 employees. Another AAA title from Sony, Horizon Forbidden West, cost $212 million to develop in five years with more than 300 employees. The figures give an insight into how expensive game developments are, considering marketing budgets were not even factored in.

Sony also revealed that 1 million gamers play Call of Duty on PlayStation and that it made around $800 million in revenue from the franchise in 2021 in the US only. The Verge reports that Sony made $1.5 billion globally from Call of Duty in the same year, which only accounts for the game alone. Sony could be making around $13.9 – $15.9 billion annually from Call of Duty when other accessories from the franchise, including subscriptions, are factored in.

Sony provided the document in court to show that its revenue will be severely impacted if Call of Duty becomes an Xbox exclusive. Sony also worries that Microsoft could make the Call of Duty build provided to PlayStation less quality if the Activision Blizzard acquisition goes through.

The court hearing enters the fifth day on Thursday with video testimonies expected from Xbox CFO Tim Stuart, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood by written declaration, and Steve Singer, SVP of developer relations at Nintendo.

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