Photographer Amos Chapple Tests the Limits of the iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode; the Results Will Shock You

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When Apple launched its iPhone 11 series back in September, one of the new features it added to the camera was “Night Mode”. The feature had been available for a while on Google Pixel devices and it was only a matter of time before Apple introduced it to the iPhone; the result after Apple did that was pretty amazing. Photographer Amos Chapple was in Russia to shoot a project he titled “Forty Days of Darkness” using the iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode and the output were very exceptional.

Chapple went to Murmansk, Russia’s artic capital where the sun never rises from December until January.

Forty Days of Darkness with iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode

Below are the pictures taken with Night Mode on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Murmansk, Russia: Taken with Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro
This is Murmansk, the largest city in the Arctic Circle. The picture was taken on December 11 at 11:32 a.m. as the sun neared its highest point just below the horizon.
Murmansk Russia, iPhone 11 Pro camera
A customer peers into a fish stall as a storm blasts through Murmansk. Every year from December 2 until January 11 the Russian city endures the darkness of the polar night.
Ex-sailor Konstantin holds his favorite husky. The 52-year old says he loves Murmansk for the fishing and freedom the surrounding wilderness offers but after living his whole life in the city he’s “a bit tired” of the winter dark.
Murmansk, Russia
About 100 kilometers to the east of Murmansk, tsarist-era boats lie frozen in the moonlight.
Murmansk with iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode
The hilltop Alyosha Monument of Murmansk dedicated to the Soviet servicemen who defended the city through World War II.
A Stalinist-era building stands in central Murmansk. Most buildings in the city date from the Soviet period, when a hectic era of reconstruction and the founding of a nearby naval base pushed the population of Murmansk to its peak of nearly half a million people.
Two men chat late at night in the courtyard of a Stalinist-era building. A taxi driver said that he slept “whenever he felt like it” during the weeks of winter darkness.
picture taken with iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode - Murmansk, Russia
A woman waits for her bus in the warmth of a pharmacy.
The northern lights glow above a cemetery in the coastal village of Teriberka. Sights like this are driving one booming industry in the region.
A moonlit night in Teriberka.

See the complete album here. Check out Amos Chapple’s personal website.

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