Instagram Replaces ‘Made with AI’ Label with ‘AI Info’

meta ai info label

Early in April, Meta announced it was making changes to the way manipulated media is displayed on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. The company began adding a “Made with AI” label to AI-generated video, audio and images automatically and based on self-disclosure but the feature wasn’t always accurate. In a news post on Monday, the company announced it is replacing the “Made with AI” label with “AI Info”.

“Like others across the industry, we’ve found that our labels based on these indicators weren’t always aligned with people’s expectations and didn’t always provide enough context,” Vice President of Content Policy at Meta Monika Bickert shared. “For example, some content that included minor modifications using AI, such as retouching tools, included industry-standard indicators that were then labelled “Made with AI.” While we work with companies across the industry to improve the process so our labelling approach better matches our intent, we’re updating the “Made with AI” label to “AI info” across our apps, which people can click for more information.”

Instagram AI Info label
Instagram AI Info label

Photographers use tools from Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom that contain metadata info that conflicts with the content policy of Meta. When an AI feature is used to edit a small part of an image, Meta’s detection tool automatically labels the images as “Made with AI”.

“We know millions of users use AI today to perform the same aesthetic improvements to content as they did before AI. That’s why when it comes to labelling AI, we believe platforms labelling content as being made with or generated by AI should only do so when an image is wholly AI-generated,” Adobe senior director of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), Andy Parsons said in a statement to The Verge.

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