Instagram Now Lets You Livestream Exclusively to Your Close Friends

instagram livestream close friend

Instagram is giving users the option to livestream to their Close Friends list only. Previously, livestream on the platform was public and anyone could join on a public account or the followers of a private account.

With the new private livestream, users can go live with up to three friends on their private list. Instagram says the feature will let users share what’s on their mind, like catching up on plans, trips, or gossip with their inner circle.

Live broadcasts were introduced by Instagram in 2016, and it is mostly used by celebrities, influencers, or accounts with large followings to connect with their audiences. Anyone could easily tune in to catch up with their favourite celebrity or influencer. For users without a large following, going live on Instagram is not appealing with most preferring to share updates on their Stories. In 2018, Instagram introduced the Close Friends List that lets users share Story updates to friends in their inner circle only.

While Instagram began widely as a public platform, the company has been steadily pushing out features that give users more control over their privacy. Apart from making their accounts private, users can now limit posts and Reels to their Close Friends list only. In 2022, the company announced Notes, a feature that lets people share status updates for 24 hours on top of their friends’ DMs.

The new private livestream feature is available globally to all users.

Image: Meta

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