Instagram Introduces Four New Interactive Stickers in Stories

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Instagram is launching four new stickers for Stories to help people get more creative and have more fun with their audience. The new stickers provide options to share your favourite song of the day, create custom photo stickers, and get more engagement from stories.

Since it was released, the Add Yours sticker has been embraced by a lot of users on Instagram and the company is now extending its functionality with a new Add Yours Music sticker. The new Add Yours Music sticker works like the original Add Yours sticker, only this time, it is for music and not photos. The new sticker lets you share a song you are currently vibing to and it lets your followers join in the fun. Only songs in the Instagram music library can be shared.

Another new interesting sticker is Frames. The Frames sticker lets your followers turn photos you share on your story into a Polaroid type of picture. Once you share a picture with the Frames sticker, Instagram will automatically add a date and timestamp of when it was taken but the photo will remain hidden behind a white overlay. Your followers will have to shake their phones to reveal and develop the photo into something that looks like an instant print. The feature was first revealed during this year’s Coachella in April.

The most interesting of the four new stickers is perhaps the Reveal one. This sticker forces your story viewers to engage by sending you a DM if they want to see what you posted. It is no surprise Instagram is trying to push more engagement in DM and Stories. According to a report from Business Insider, Instagram head Adam Mosseri claimed that “virtually all engagement growth” the company has seen over the past five years has come from DMs and Stories. The Reveal sticker lets you post a hidden story for your followers to uncover. Interested followers who want to see what’s hidden in the story must send you a DM.

Finally, everyone can now create a customer sticker with Cutouts. Cutouts lets you turn a photo or video from your gallery into a fun sticker you can add to your story or Reel. You can also create one using eligible public photos on Instagram.

It looks like Instagram is trying to get more creators on board. The company recently announced a major algorithm update that would give small creators a fair chance to expand their reach. The company also said that it would start recognising original content and giving them a boost in recommendations while demoting reposted content from aggregator accounts.

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