Infinix Zero Ultra & 20 Stands Out as a Fast Charging and Front Camera Smartphone Compared to Samsung A73 and A53

Infinix Zero Ultra vs Samsung A73

Over the weekend, I listened to tech Influencers Kagan tech and Miss Techy, who were guests on Africa Tech Radio (ATR), and they spoke about the flagship smartphones, Infinix recently released – the Zero Ultra and Zero 20, its key feature and compared it with Samsung Galaxy A73 and A53 respectively. I couldn’t agree more with their analysis of the smartphones, and here’s why.

Price and Charging Capability

Kagan tech said although the Zero ultra is a bit more expensive than the Samsung A73, he would still pick the Infinix Zero Ultra over Samsung A73. This is because the Infiinix Zero Ultra supports 180W wired fast charging while the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G supports just 25W wired fast charging, which is basic android charging.

You can charge the battery of the Infinix Zero Ultra from 0 to 100% in about 18 minutes. The Samsung A73 5G will take about 1hr 10minutes to get a fully charged battery.

Therefore, Infinix Zero Ultra has not only set a new standard of power efficiency in the fast-charging industry but has also made the average person a little bit less paranoid about charging their device (especially in Nigeria). I agree wholeheartedly with this statement; it’s never been heard of in Nigeria and the world at large that a smartphone can be fully charged in 18 minutes; that’s a good one from Infinix, especially in our country where erratic power supply is a bane here.

Speaking, Miss Techy said although the dollar exchange rate is high, the Zero 20 is cheaper compared to Samsung GalaxyA53. The Zero 20 sells for N247,300 while the Samsung Galaxy A53 goes for N343,000, and the only striking difference between the two phones is the battery. While the Zero 20 has a 4500mAh, the Samsung A53 has 5,000 mah but the Zero 20 charges faster thanks to its 45W Super Charge compared to the 25W of the Samsung A53. If you ask me to make a choice between both smartphones, I think you know which I’ll be going for.

Camera comparison (200MP OIS vs 108MP OIS)

Comparing Infinix Ultra Device with Samsung A73, Kagan noted that the Galaxy A73 5G has a 108MP OIS main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, a 5MP macro lens, a 5MP depth sensor, and a 32MP front camera. In comparison, the Infinix Zero Ultra has a 200MP OIS main camera, a portrait lens, a macro lens, and a 32MP front camera.

The 200MP and 108MP main cameras on both phones have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), but the quality of photos from the 200MP sensor of the Infinix Zero Ultra is sharper and better.

Affirming the description of the Zero 20 as a content creator’s phone, Miss Techy noted that content creators like to create content with their front (selfie) cameras, and the Zero 20 is the right device for them as it comes with a 60MP OIS front camera while the Samsung Galaxy A53 has only 32MP.

She added that the zero 20 is the first and only device in the world with a 60mp OIS front camera, making it a perfect fit for aspiring and budding content creators.

With the Infinix Zero 20 positioned as the ultimate tool for content creation, it is my view that not only will the 60mp OIS front camera encourage budding and aspiring content creators to start their journey to becoming professional content creators, but it will also allow users live out their intelligent and creative lives. 60MP OIS front camera for a smartphone is actually a really big deal, and even though I’m not a content creator, I’m a picture lover, especially selfies. The OIS makes me worry less about blurry pictures, whether at night or during the day.


Miss Techy speaking on the Memory of zero Ultra and Zero 20 smartphones, said they both come with 256GB default storage aside from the expanded storage. In contrast, while the Samsung A73 also comes with 256GB storage, the Samsung Galaxy A53 comes with only 128GB, which according to her, is quite low.

Software Differences

Kagan revealed that with a hand gesture, you can answer or reject a call on any Infinix device, and it’s not so with Samsung or even iPhone. He also spoke on the colours- the Zero Ultra comes in two colours; Genesis Noir, a geometric design with leather and glass integration, and Coslight Silver, an embossed 3D textured glass depicting dreamy star trails, whereas the Samsung A73 comes in regular colours: Gray, Mint and White.

Speaking on the displays of both smartphones- the Zero Ultra and Samsung A73, Kagan noted that although they both have support for a 120Hz refresh rate and are AMOLED panels. However, the Infinix Zero Ultra display is slightly curved, while that of the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is flat.

Although the comparison was between SAMSUNG A73 and Zero Ultra, Kagan noted that the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which the show host held, was a 60Hz refresh rate whereas the Infinix Zero Ultra has a 120Hz refresh rate.

Kagan concluded by saying; “at the end of the day, you’re picking a phone based on your lifestyle. You’re not supposed to change your lifestyle to fit a phone. A phone is supposed to make your life better. The 180W of Zero Ultra has made your life better; if you’re getting only 15 minutes of power, it is guaranteed to give you a fully charged phone.”

He added that Infinix is the only smartphone brand in Nigeria that can give you a 100% battery in less than 20 minutes.

As a tech-savvy, fashionable, social media-sharing millennial, I’d rather go for a smartphone that makes my life easy. With the Zero Ultra, that will make me a little bit less paranoid about charging my device every single day to the Zero 20, which is guaranteed to give me clear and crisp selfies; it is clear that with both smartphones, I’ll enjoy the convenience and efficiency technology provides.

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