Infinix Launches Top-Notch ZERO 20 With Industry-first 60MP OIS Front Camera

infinix zero 20

October 6th, 2022, LAGOS – Infinix today proudly announced the latest addition to their ZERO smartphone series – the world-class ZERO 20. Showcasing impressive technology with a trendy design, the ZERO 20 comes fully equipped with an impressive world’s first 60MP OIS front camera, and a MediaTek 6nm 4G High-powered Processor (Helio G99), Double-Loop Camera Design, and Metal-frame Technology. These specifications, alongside a powerful 108MP Rear Camera and multi-mode function, offer an unparalleled vlogging/mobile photography experience that empowers users to push the boundaries of their creativity.

“With the growing trend of remote office meetings, the rise of TikTok videos, and the increase of live broadcasts, there has never been a greater need for an accessible product that offers a high-definition and stable front camera. The ZERO 20 offers just that, with its unique 60MP OIS front camera that comes equipped with realistic and stable lenses enabling users to shoot striking photography and memorable footage with absolute clarity. In recognizing the potential for the ZERO 20 and its impressive technology, Infinix and The Discovery Channel are soon to launch a social collaboration designed to both inspire and showcase the best of content creation from mobile photography and videography. The global #DiscoverYourOwnStory campaign will champion Infinix device users’ creativity and passion through photography and vlogging, celebrating the exploration of different aesthetics and human-led content capture.” – Manfred Hong, Senior Product Director at Infinix.

infinix zero 20 with 60MP
Infinix Partners with Discovery Channel to launch #DiscoverYourOwnStory campaign

Capture Like a Pro

The 60MP OIS front camera, exclusive to the ZERO 20 comes stacked with the latest and greatest lens technology which houses an eye-opening 0.61μm pixel size with 1/2.8″ optical format showcasing dual image stabilization and auto-focus. The lens supports HD, night view, and anti-shake video stability features which ensure photos come out crisp and clean. Dual image stabilization works using OIS+EIS functions which make shooting at a high resolution a breeze with photos coming out sharp and full of vivid color. With the support of OIS, the Super Night Selfie Mode on the front camera delivers impressively clear selfies in all lighting conditions to ensure the user is always able to capture their best self.

OIS is a hardware solution that employs a micro-electromechanical gyroscope to detect movement and then adjust the camera system accordingly. OIS and auto-focus enable the user to capture clear and sharp photographs, selfies and videos at all times of the day with rich and vivid colours. Additionally, the stability improvements brought about by utilizing anti-shake technology allow users to record stable footage on the move. Furthermore, EIS systems have been developed to predict movement shifts in the next frame and counteract them to deliver a silky-smooth video.

The ZERO 20’s powerful front camera is complimented by a robust 108MP rear camera supporting a multi-style creation mode, offering creators more exciting possibilities for content creation. These features include an incredible 10X zoom for shots at a distance, and Infinix’s Sky Remap Algorithm, which adjusts the sky for your photos. Finally, Film Mode, which hosts a wonderful variety of templates to help make video capture and production a breeze allowing the user to focus more on capturing the content at hand.

Zero 20 in Glittering Gold

Industry-Leading Performance

The ZERO 20 is powered by the only 6nm 4G processor in the industry – MediaTek’s impressive Helio G99 6nm High-Performance Monster Engine. The revolutionary impact of this technology is that it offers users increased power but with far lower battery drain. Additionally, the processor’s Erdal Engine 3.0 automatically optimizes the smartphone’s performance by intelligently switching dual SIM cards to ensure a consistent network connection. Users no longer need to worry about weak Wi-Fi or data networks getting in the way of their day.

Delivering an exceptional visual experience to users, the ZERO 20 features a stunningly slim 6.7-inch FHD+ true-colour AMOLED screen and a 90Hz Refresh Rate that makes colours and images pop. To combat eye fatigue, the ZERO 20 has attained the TÜV Rheinland certification, and the Low Blue Light function helps to soften colours allowing users to use their phone for longer without the stress of harsh blue light for a much more comfortable viewing experience.

Additional standout components present on the ZERO 20, include a longer-lasting battery life thanks to a 45W Super Charge & 4500mAh Battery. This impressive feature which is certified by TÜV Rheinland can rapidly charge the device to 75% in just 30 minutes[1] enabling longer and harder use.

Furthermore, the smartphone boasts an 8GB+256GB large memory to keep the device running faster and to allow for plenty of storage space for apps, pictures, music, and videos. The ZERO 20 provides Extended RAM Technology of 8GB+5GB (equivalent to 13GB) for a far better experience under heavy usage. Lastly, the ZERO 20 showcases Infinix’s third-generation cooling technology which is key to handling heavy operations, such as gaming, with relative ease. The smartphone benefits from a vapour chamber (VC) and graphite multiple heat dissipation materials – totaling 11 layers of heat dissipation and up to 2,328 square millimetres of VC. The combination of these features makes the ZERO 20 a strong choice for the user who expects industry-leading performance at an attainable price point.

Revolutionary Design Language

The ZERO 20 embraces a minimalist aesthetic best illustrated in the design of the Double-Loop camera, expressed in a simple and classy geometric design for a timeless look. The ZERO 20 is available in three premium colours including; Glittering Gold, Green Fantasy, and Space Grey.

Infinix is proud to showcase some of its most exciting innovations in the ZERO 20, offering users a fantastic smartphone experience on all fronts. The groundbreaking Metal-Frame Technology allows the internal structure to operate as an antenna, which vastly thins the body for a lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable feel in the hand.

Additional Key Features

  • The ZERO 20 is equipped with the XOS 12 Intelligent Operational System which drew design inspiration comes from the idea of “making your imagination possible”, and it focuses on three themes which include light, technology and trust. The fresh interface is both flexible and light so that users can focus more on the task at hand with reduced distractions, bloatware and unnecessary icons.
  • The Zero 20 features a new optimized AI Gallery with a brand-new design. Using a powerful algorithm, the latest version of AI Gallery links the whole chain making users shine more than ever before. Users can adjust the light and color, rotate, add different filters, and more.
  • DTS advanced sound technology present on the ZERO 20 delivers powerful & rich sound for an immersive audio experience.

Pricing and Availability

The ZERO 20 will cost N212,000. When you pre-order between October 6th- 13th 2022 with N20,000, you stand a chance to win a phone holder with tripod or TWA Bluetooth airpods. The series will include variations based on customer and market demands.

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