The Importance of Technology on Healthcare

The importance of technology in healthcare cannot be overemphasized. Technological advancement in healthcare has saved countless lives and continue to make life easy even for health practitioners.

With technology, patients now have access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools, remote consultations, proper data computation and on-the-go access to medical apps.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways technology has impacted healthcare.

Electronic Health Records

Before nurses and laboratory assistants had to put records of patients on paper and file them. These files are piled up somewhere and tracing the exact copy for a particular patient can be very hard. Not only that, as much as you try hard to store paper records, they can get caught by fire or damaged easily.

With technology, hospitals now have a digital centralized system containing all records of patients which is easily accessible and traced by a single click. With this, records can be easily updated and authorized professionals can access them on the cloud.

Improved Healthcare

With the advancement in technology, engineers have developed machines to cater for deficiencies. Today we have prosthetics for whose who cannot walk, speaking-aids for those with oratory problems and dental devices for those with tooth problems to name a few.

Whatever symptoms a patient is exhibiting, doctors can easily look through the records in the centralized system and decide whether a patient needs proper foot care, prescription of certain drugs or whatever action needs to be taken to improve the person’s health instantly.

Thanks to technology, there is a rise in robotic surgery. Robotic machines now perform operations on humans reducing mistakes that could have emerged from human-error.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

A research by University of Michigan which involved examining over 4 years of healthcare costs data in 9 revealed that electronic healthcare records can help lower healthcare costs by 3 percent compared to when using paper records.

The research further revealed an estimated $5.14 in savings per patient monthly in these communities for those using electronics health records over their paper records counterparts.


Telemedicine is the next big thing in medicine. With this technology, a patient can have medical consultation with a doctor from anywhere in the world. Distance is no longer a barrier and this particularly useful in emergency cases.

Images and bio-signals are transmitted through electromagnetic channels allowing a doctor to intervene, monitor and admit patients while being far away.

Mobile Apps

Majority of internet users in the world browse the internet from their phones or mobile devices. There are a lot of medical apps designed to perform various tasks such as diagnosis, prescription and medical appointments.

Wrapping Up

There is a good and evil side to everything. Hackers take advantage of the online system to gain information and access to people’s records but the good of healthcare in technology far outways the disadvantages.

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