All You Need to Know about Hybrid Dual SIM Slot

hybrid dual sim

To lovers of smartphones, hybrid dual SIM slot is quite a common term in the smartphone world. If you are the kind of phone user who follows news that is related to smartphones, phones specs & reviews, you would have definitely seen the phrase, “hybrid dual SIM slot”. While coming across this functionality could pique the interest of some people to learn more about it, others may merely overlook the word, “hybrid”, and concentrate only on “dual SIM”. What is the meaning of hybrid dual SIM slot? How does the feature work? Today’s article elucidates these issues and brings clarity to other grey areas you might have noticed concerning hybrid dual SIM slot.  

Understanding Hybrid Dual SIM Slot

Generally, hybrid is a term used to describe a tool which merges the advantages that are in formerly separate technologies. Specifically, a hybrid dual SIM slot can be regarded as a technology, offering the features of a SIM card and those of a MicroSD card.

This technology also means that the original equipment manufacturer (or OEM) designed only 2 spaces in place of the conventional 3 slots that are used for dual SIM cards and a MicroSD card. In hybrid dual SIM slots, either 2 SIM cards are made use of, or 1 SIM card slot is sacrificed so as to perform the function of a MicroSD slot.

With this feature, you have 2 options to opt for:

  1. One micro or nano-SIM card + MicroSD card
  2. Dual SIM (one micro or nano-SIM card + one micro or nano-SIM card)

Thus, it is left to you to choose the option that cuts it for you — whether you want to use 2 SIM cards at the same time or just 1 SIM card and 1 MicroSD card. Mostly, it is the second SIM slot which performs the hybrid role.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Hybrid Dual-SIM
Samsung Galaxy S10 Hybrid Dual-SIM

Phone makers that provide this feature always see to it that the built-in storage of the smartphone is big enough to take a lot of files so both SIM slots can be utilized. It now depends on you, the phone user, to reach the decision on if you are in need of more memory, which is why “sacrifice” was mentioned earlier. You should note that the internal memory referred to here usually lies within the region of 32 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes or even 128 gigabytes.

What Function Does Hybrid Dual SIM Slot Serve for OEMs?

Smartphone companies opt for this technology for certain reasons. For some makers, it is to develop built-in storage variants that users can choose from. That is among the reasons that a number of flagships come with around 2, 3 and occasionally 4 built-in storage options.

Another reason OEMs implement the technology is that it cuts down on costs because they do not have to design additional space for a MicroSD slot. Apart from this, a hybrid dual SIM slot is used by some makers for reducing the weight of the phone, making the phone more portable.

What You Need to Do to Enjoy the 3 Functions

While a hybrid dual SIM slot won’t allow the 3 functions, a hybrid dual SIM adapter permits that. One way of utilizing all 3 roles (2 SIM card slots and 1 memory card slot) is to connect a hybrid dual SIM adapter to the slot. After this connection, the adapter will now be at the back of your mobile device. To get more protection, you might have to buy a phone case.

Smartphones That Feature Hybrid Dual SIM Slot

Some of the popular smartphones featuring this technology include the following: 

Drawbacks of the Technology

If your smartphone sports the Hybrid SIM slot, you’ve to decide whether you would like your mobile device to be a dual SIM phone, or you require bigger storage to accommodate your documents, photos, and other things. The hybrid SIM slot limits your phone functionality in an avoidable manner.

The primary disadvantage of this technology is that you are not allowed to simultaneously make use of both dual SIM functionality and expandable phone storage as you must leave one of them. So if utilize dual SIM cards — one SIM for making/taking calls and texting and the other card for your data usage, in addition to a microSD card to expand your phone storage — those smartphones that are designed with Hybrid SIM functionality isn’t the best option for you.

What do you think about Hybrid dual SIM slots? Is it a useful technology you would like to have on your smartphone? State your opinion on these issues in the comment section below.

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