How to Trend Hashtags on Twitter – Organic and Inorganic

trend hashtags on twitter

This tutorial discusses how to trend hashtags on Twitter. Hashtags are a great way to draw attention to your products and services. Hashtags show up on social media trending topics when enough people are talking about it, exposing your message to non-followers. They can also help you establish an online brand, like a hashtag associated with you and your services.

There are two ways you can go to trend hashtags on Twitter; it can either be an organic Trend on inorganic Trend.

How to trend Hashtags on Twitter

Organic Trend

This way gets your hashtag trending without seeking the help of influencers. It relies on the message of the hashtag and its ability to naturally start a conversation among users without them being prompted to do so. As your hashtag develops momentum, those who want to build their engagement will jump on it and ride your hashtag wave to the top.

Basically, it is trending your hashtag on the pure confidence in its message and ability to connect with other users. The #EndSars campaign on Nigerian Twitter started with a user called @jackdre02. The hashtag became one of the most important hashtags in Nigerian internet history due to its ability to connect with the feelings of a lot of users. Without being prompted, other users started posting their own stories and it evolved into the phenomenon that it was.

Basically, for you to have an organic trend, you have to be creative and the tweet with the hashtag has to resonate with a lot of people in the Twittersphere.

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Benefits of Organic Trending

The benefit of trending your hashtag this way is since the purpose of your hashtag is to attract the attention of other users, either to sell a product or service or an event, by getting the people targeted involved in the publicity, you are more likely to get responses from them.


Challenge of Organic Trending

Now, this can be difficult to achieve especially when certain products and or service aren’t addressing a popular human challenge but it is still advisable to use an organic Trend. Be creative and find a human angle to it. Also worth noting that hashtags don’t have to always represent the product they are selling, they just have to be attached to it.


Inorganic Trend

Probably the least effective way of doing what hashtags are meant to do but if done right, can still have a meaningful impact. Paying people to trend a hashtag for you. You find an influencer, you pay him/her and you lie back and watch your hashtag climb to the summit of the trending topic.


Benefits of Inorganic Trending

It is quite easy both for the owner of the hashtag and the influencer. Trending topics, especially hashtags rise up and down the list based on the number of times they appear in recent tweets. It is a game of frequency. All the influencer has to do is get a bunch of other influencers to attach the hashtag to their tweets. If the army is large enough, it will be registered a trending topic by the algorithm in a matter of minutes. Unlike organic trending, reaching the trending topic table doesn’t depend on the majority of the Twitter community engaging with the hashtag.

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Challenge of Inorganic Trending

However, the downside to this style is, often you would find hashtags that have no real message on the trending topic list. #MusicByaRandomArtist is a common example of this. You will find the hashtag for a song by an unknown artist who thinks getting his song’s name up on the trending topic would drive downloads for his song but because the topic didn’t end up there because the community was talking about it, few people are bound to respond to the request of the hashtag.

Of course, this doesn’t mean paying people to trend hashtags is a waste, it just means you need to know how they go about it. If you have enough influencers and they can manage to start a conversation that users are interested in, like how the Saraki team got influencers to trend #GrowNigeria recently, you will not be wasting your money.

So to recap, whenever you want to trend hashtags on Twitter, think about your objective first. The exposure and branding it gives your product or whatever motive it is intended for makes it a worthy endeavour and the best way to go out it is to frame hashtags that people want to engage with a message they want to listen to behind it.

Good luck.

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