How to Make Quick Cash on the Side with Little or No Skills

how to make quick cash

The old axiom that states income minus savings should equal your spending does not often work for everyone. Especially for youngsters and families that have a limited income that leaves many unfulfilled wishes. Hence, extra cash is always welcome.

how to make quick cash

It can be utilized to buy something you yearn for or to invest in retirement plans, insurance and savings schemes. Hectic schedules leave little or no time for part-time employment. Sometimes, employers bar workers from moonlighting, through clauses in job contracts.

Despite these hurdles, you can always make some quick cash on the side, through perfectly legitimate means and by investing just an hour or two of your daily spare time.

Quick Cash in Spare Time

Yes, indeed it is possible and millions of people around the world are making considerable money, even as you read this article. These earnings cannot be impeded by any job contract restrictions. Nor do they require any special skills or inhuman efforts.

Thanks to the Internet, the availability of cheap smart-phones and computers, almost anyone with some basic skills can make quick cash on the side. All you require is an inclination to earn more money by investing those couple of hours or more daily.

Ways to Make Quick Cash

Should you be willing to exert that extra effort daily, there are countless ways to make quick cash on the side. Extra money is all around for grabs and can be made on the move while commuting between work and office or in spare time.

Regardless whether you are a student, professional or a stay-home parent, these legit ways can earn you some money quickly.

1)     Cut & Paste Jobs

This is the most common and legit way of making some quick cash on the side. Sign up with a reputed website like Upwork, Freelancer or Indeed, among others to offer your services for cut-and-paste jobs. Alternatively, you can search for these jobs online from these websites and several more.

Cut-and-paste jobs can be done from home by anyone who has a computer connected to the Internet. Your employer will provide raw data in the form of audio or printed sheets containing unorganized data. You will also be given templates in which this information has to be filled and submitted. Your job involves copying the relevant data such as name, date of birth, contact details and others from material provided by the employer and paste it in relevant columns or spaces on the given format. Depending upon speed, you can earn US$ 10 to US$ 12 per hour.

2)     Online Surveys

Online surveys are another highly popular form of making extra money online. Based upon the time you spend days and geographical location, you can easily earn up to US$ 10 daily.

There are several reputed online survey websites. These include Swagbucks, Global Test Market, Survey Money, Ipsos iSay and Toluna, among others that offer this facility.

Once your registration on any of these websites is successful, there are dozens of daily surveys you can access. Some of these surveys pay as little as 10 cents but consist only of three to five simple questions.

Others are more complex and pay as high as US$ 10 for completion. Your earnings remain in the account until a specific payout limit is achieved. Generally, most websites payout when your account reaches US$ 20 mark or more.

Some websites pay cash via PayPal, prepaid debit cards or remit funds directly to your bank account. A few send certified bank checks. Yet others reward you with shopping vouchers that help save money on daily requirements such as groceries and household items.

3)     Sell Online

Should you possess exceptional skills in making jams, sauces, spice blends or can handcraft items from wood, clay or other material, put them to use and make big money in spare time.

Sign up as a seller on any major website such as Amazon or eBay among others. Provide pictures and description of your products along with an expected price.

The advantage of selling your products- durable or consumable- on Amazon, eBay and other sites is that you can make them based upon received orders. This ensures you do not waste time, effort and money in making the stuff and payment is assured for whatever you sell.

However, you will require a good ‘returns’ policy should a customer who buys your products online decide to cancel the order or return the stuff for defects or other reasons.

4)     Micro Tasking

Again, micro-tasking jobs are aplenty and you can easily search for them at any major part-time work website such as Flexjobs, peopleperhour, SimplyHired and Glassdoor among others. Printers and publishers, educational institutions, companies small and large all require micro-tasking workers round the year. You can make up to US$ 10 to US$ 15 per hour, depending upon the assignment and employer.

Micro-tasking involves receiving proofs of material that is awaiting printing or publication. You have to proofread this material to detect spelling mistakes, typos, improper punctuation and grammar and make required corrections.

The corrected material is returned to the entity that has enlisted your services. This is a very simple job but requires excellent command over English or any other language, with great grammatical skills and eye for detail. Amazon’s mTurk offers micro-tasking work to qualified persons.

5)     Crowd Sourcing

Crowd-sourcing is a great concept that allows companies to hire a pool of workers talented in diverse fields to jointly execute a project. This allows you to work on a project during spare time along with your counterparts located in different parts of the country and abroad.

Working for a crowd-sourced project is excellent for professionals in specialized fields such as IT, accounting and healthcare, among others. Participating in crowd-sourcing projects during spare time can net you as high as US$ 500 per successful job.

Register yourself with any great crowd-sourcing platform such as Crowdsource, Designhill among others, to get invited for a project. You will receive updates about various new projects that suit your uploaded professional profile.

Choose from any project that best suits your skills and qualifications. Along with other members of your remote team, the project has to be delivered before the deadline stipulated by the crowdsourcing platform.

More Ways to Make Quick Cash

There are several more ways to make quick cash by the side. These include part-time medical, financial, legal and technical transcriptions, online translation services, tutoring via Internet-based video conferencing and social media marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms used by a company.

You can perform these tasks online through the computer or using apps on your smart-phone. Shopping at specific stores through apps also entitles you to cash-backs and discounted rates, in some instances.

In Conclusion

Making quick money on the side is rather easy nowadays. Money earned will not make you rich. However, it will provide extra cash to meet your expenses or help develop a savings and investment portfolio.

Additionally, it helps you put your spare time that would be spent on rather fruitless pursuits to some great use. People around the world are now utilizing these Internet-based resources to make quick cash during spare hours. You too can make some money using these legit methods.


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