How to Keep Your Mac Computer Secure

keep your mac secure

One of the reasons why people choose Mac computers for their professional and personal needs is security. Apple created a system that protects your data in the best way possible. Does that mean we should stop being precautious as soon as we get a Mac? Absolutely not.

There are many things we can do to improve the security of our computers, so we’ll keep personal and business data private. Macs are not perfect; they are still subjected to cybersecurity threats.

Simple Tips: How to Keep Your Mac Secure

Keep Your User Profile Private

What if you need to share your Mac with multiple users? The system allows you to create separate user profiles, which require individual login information. Never allow another user to access your profile. 

If you have to do that for some reason, keep all sensitive data on the cloud and secure it with a strong password. Log out of all profiles before you hand over the computer to someone else. You should also learn how to clear browser history in all browsers that you use. You want to keep your online activities as private as possible. 

There’s another important thing to do when you need to share your computer: don’t share administrator privileges! If you were the one who initially set up the Mac, you’re the default administrator. You’re the only one who can create new users, manage them, and delete them when necessary. The others cannot change the settings, install or remove software. 

Always Keep Your Software Updated

Do you know why Apple launches regular updates to its software? It’s not just for introducing new features; it’s also about fixing the vulnerabilities that hackers may have discovered. App developers do the same. 

Keeping your macOS and all apps updated is an essential step towards improved security. It’s best to set your computer to cover the process automatically, but you should still check if you’re running the latest version of software from time to time. 

Install an Antivirus App

There’s a common misconception that Macs are so secure that they don’t need any antivirus software. If you keep sensitive data on your computer, the built-in security features won’t be enough to protect it. 

Yes; Apple does a great job to make its systems difficult for malware to infect. Still, you don’t want to take any risks. Find a solid antivirus program and rely on it!

Be Careful with Third-Party Apps

The App Store is not the only source of apps for your computer. If you need to install an application from any other website, be very careful about it. Read reviews, ask around, and make sure you’re not putting your data in danger. 

The apps from the official store are more secure, since Apple’s team reviewed them for safety and reliability. 

Figure Out How the Find My Feature Works

You don’t even want to consider the possibility of losing your Mac or getting it stolen. But it’s there. If someone takes your computer away and encounters unsecured data, losing your device is not the only problem. It’s the worst-case scenario. 

Apple’s operating systems have a Find My feature, which can locate your devices. Even if your computer is asleep, you can discover its location. Make sure to enable this feature on your computer. You’ll find it in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, under the Privacy tab. 

Rely on the Two-Factor Authentication Feature

The two-factor authentication principle requires you to enter a one-time code along with your password when logging into sensitive accounts. This adds an extra layer of safety. If someone steals your computer and wants to log into iCloud, they won’t have the code that you got on your phone. 

To set up the feature on your iCloud account, you should go to System Preferences > Apple ID. You’ll find the two-factor authentication settings under Password & Security.


Yes; you have a secure and functional computer. But you’ll be calmer knowing that you did everything in your power to protect it as much as possible. All tips that we listed above are simple; the settings won’t take too much of your time.

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