How to hire react js programmer for your dream team: 5 clever questions to ask during the first interview

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With a quick and dynamic learning curve and huge amounts of resources online, React js is a best-in-class framework for building highly reactive front-end applications. With its ability to scale and supercharge the front-end of your web app — while still supporting all legacy browsers — React js can be an excellent framework for companies looking to build the next big thing. In this article, you will learn how to hire React js programmer for your dream team.

What is React js

Before you hire React js developer, you will need to ask your candidates what React js is. ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library that makes building web and mobile user interfaces more accessible. Developed by Facebook in 2011, React allows developers to create reusable UI components. This makes it easy to create a consistent look across a site or application with minimal code. The library has a large, open-source community that helps implement new features and encourages good practices for using React. It has over 330,000 questions assigned in StackOverflow.

Why React js

React is a powerful library that can boost your web application development. With its reusable components and virtual DOM, it can provide immense benefits to developers. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to build apps, look no further than React.

Easy to learn

You can learn React from scratch in a few hours. Its declarative programming style and one-way reactive data flow make it easy for beginners to get started, while experienced coders find that they can build code easier. Anyone with CSS and HTML can catch up with React js easily. But still, you have the option to hire Reactjs developers with experience.

Simple but effective

React js uses a component-based approach that lets you create isolated, reusable pieces of your application. This means you can easily share components without worrying about mission-critical implementation details. You also have more flexibility in the long run because you’re not tied to any specific framework implementation.

Native Approach

React js developers for hire should know one of the key benefits of React – the native approach. React is a JavaScript framework that helps developers create performant and cross-platform applications. With React Native, developers can use the same framework to build high-quality mobile apps but with fewer lines of code and faster build times.

Hire React js programmer who has at least two reasons why he decided to utilize React js

Does performance affect SEO, and if yes – how

If you want to hire React js developers, you should ask them this question. After all, React is made to optimize websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to the success of modern businesses. By leveraging React’s SEO prowess, businesses can easily create consistent pages that search engines can index quickly. Thanks to React’s focus on rendering speed, it lets you use the same code for both the client and server-side of an application — getting you to your audience faster than ever.

What gives React an edge over Angular

React’s component-driven architecture may be the best way to build UIs for complex apps. While other libraries like Angular rely on templates, React focuses on reusable components that can be used across different applications. This simplifies development and ensures backward compatibility while also improving performance. To minimize bundle size, it bundles components dynamically at runtime, giving developers the power to use only the elements they need.

What are the problems that React js programmers face

  • High development pace – The fast-paced development cycle is both an advantage and disadvantage. While it’s a pro in the sense that it allows for new features, fixes, and updates to be implemented quickly, it’s a con since developers must relearn the environment frequently.
  • Poor documentation – The React ecosystem moves rapidly due to frequent updates that are made. Because of these updates, there is a significant amount of time spent on documentation. However, frequently released tools can become overly complex to use for new developers.


Before you hire React js programmer for your dream team, you may need to ask them these five questions to understand their expertise and opinion on the framework. It is essential to hire an applicant who not only knows how to use the platform but has carefully made their choice to write code on React js, and is aware of what this Javascript library might provide – both good and bad.

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