How to Hide Replies on Twitter from Any User

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If you use Twitter very well you must have been curious as to how to hide replies on Twitter. On Twitter, people take no prisoners, there are savages and they attack you on your tweets. Twitter is like an open-world game where anyone can tweet and post whatever they want behind their keypads. In an effort to give people control over their conversation on the platform, Twitter began testing Hidden Replies and it’s available in the US and Japan already.

In a blog post. The microblogging platform said. “Earlier this year we started testing a way to give people more control over the conversations they start. Today, we’re expanding this test to Japan and the United States!” It further stated, “With this test, we want to understand how conversations on Twitter change if the person who starts a conversation can hide replies.”

After carrying out the test, Twitter says it found out being able to hide replies improved conversations on the platform. It also helped in maintaining the conversation when others try to make it irrelevant.

With that being said, we will let you know how to hide replies on Twitter.

How to Hide Replies on Twitter

  • When people reply to your tweet, it becomes a thread on Twitter. To see responses to the tweet, you have to open it and scroll down.
  • On the reply/response you want hidden, tap on the menu option on the righthand side of that particular Reply.
  • From the menu, you will see the option “Hide reply”. When you tap on it, that particular response will be hidden.
how to hide replies on twitter

When people view your original tweet, they won’t see the hidden responses when the replies to your tweet are opened. They can still see hidden replies however if they want to, Twitter provides a “View hidden replies” option.

This is how to hide replies on Twitter. With this, people can control how trolls interact with their tweets and have the chance of passing their messages across without interruption.

It is not cleared when the feature will be available globally but we expect it won’t be long.


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