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  1. I just got my dollar card;well today; and my domiciliary account number last week. I tried to sign up for paypal but git refused because I need like $1 before I can start the process. Like I said, I recently got my account numbers so I don’t have money in it yet. If I pay a little money into my domiciliary account, can I use it to fund my dollar card? Or will the bank take it? I use gtbank btw. I await your response

    • I presume you had like at least $50 in your domiciliary account for GTBank to issue you the Dollar Card, otherwise they won’t. If you still have some little funds in the Dom account just the amount you need in the Dom to the Card as described in this article to complete your PayPal reg. If there is no money in your Dom, you need to deposit some Dollar in it.

      • What if someone changed Dollar Debit Master card at last changed Master card to Naira Master card in the same Bank? Can it be fund to pay in Naira?

      • What I actually have is a Uba Current account Mastercard.

        Can I use Western Union, Moneygram, PayPal or any other means and pay naira into the account, be it by cash or transfer?

      • Please I want to send a friend in us money but it seems their is no way please is there anyway I can apart from going to bdc opening a Dom acc please
        And also bank says Western Union money gram ria money and the rest is no longer working please reply me

      • Hi. I follow the direction on your article on how to fund Gt Dollar master card..
        The direction is not on the app mobile banking ..
        I think there is a specific app that have such function..
        Anyway you can help ?

      • Hello… Can you please enlighten more on the PayPal for NIgeria User… I am finding it difficult to add my Debit card, neither Dollar card nor Naira card

  2. Shouldn’t we be able to transfer from Naira Savings/Current account? Why do I have to go through BDC/ aboki to change naira to USD just to fund my dollar mastercard? I think you guys can do better.

    • Hello Amos,
      You don’t always need to use BDC you can always transfer money within your accounts through the GTbank internet banking portal.
      Simply login to your internet banking account, then from the menu click Account Transfer and from the sub-menu click Own Account Transfers. From here, all your account will be listed and you will be able to transfer funds in any direction you like. Account Transfers->Own Account Transfers.

      Good luck!

    • Tomorrow I have waited long enough with GtBank Nigeria. I have being sending money to both my savings and Domiciliary accounts nothing has happened. Now I am seeing a new thing. Please help me to move forward.

  3. Hello,
    So pls should I case I need to find my dollar account via an international transaction, am I to furnish only details of my name and dollar account number or I’m to also include IBAN number and all other stuff too?

  4. please I just open my gtbank dom account last week! but I haven’t deposit in it by myself but someone send me money from abroad after a week, my question is, is it necessary for me to deposit there by myself before I can receive money from abroad into it, am just confused

  5. Is it possible for me to open domiciliary acct here and my son in USA will be withdrawing from the acct. If possible how

  6. I already have a dom account and requested for dollar card to travel with. They debited my savings account with 1000 for the card and 6500 for maintenance fee. I have not even gotten my card and I can’t get it b4 I travel how can GTBank charge for maintenance fee when I haven’t even used the card. And there is no point again since I can’t get it b4 traveling so I want that maintenance fee be reversed it’s a total ripoff and fraud. Went to rangers avenue branch Enugu no positive response. Suggesting that I should send someone to collect it for me and send to America I asked them at whose expense.How do I go about it? Or else I will take it up legally.

  7. Hello, how do I like link my dollar MasterCard to my PayPal account. Please explain to me the process and needs

    • First of all, have you signed up for a PayPal account? When you sign up it’s easy, just login to your account and go to Wallet menu in your PayPal account dashboard page. After that, click on Link a Card and simply add your card details.

      That’s all.

      • Hello Admin. Thanks for the article. I tried funding the dollar card and I got this error message “DEAR VALUED CUSTOMER, THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT YOU CAN TRANSFER IS 0
        The dom account itself is funded so how do I go about this?

  8. Can someone in USA make a cash deposit into my dom Acc and how long does it take to reflect and what details am I to present to the person who will be making the cash deposit. And please how can I direct the person to make the usd cash deposit

  9. Good day buddy.
    I have GTbank dollar card and domiciliary. When i tried to fund my dollar card from my savings account, it says “you can’t transfer funds between different currencies” Is there any way out?

  10. It seems its been a while you did the transfer. Here is the exact error ressponse; “Cannot effect transfer between Accounts of different currencies”

  11. Can someone in USA make a cash deposit into my dom Acc and how long does it take to reflect and what details am I to present to the person who will be making the cash deposit. And please how can I direct the person to make the usd cash deposit

    • Hello I got my Dom Ac opened and got my master currently in Dubai and wish to run the Ac. Apart from third parties paying in or transfer. How can I pay in money cash on dollars into my Ac in Dubai . not trf. Any clue

      • Dear Sir. My question is what if I only have Debit Master card on Naira account on the same Bank Eziukwu Road branch Aba, how can I handle my transfer? My name is Samuel Onyebuchi Amanze/Divine Mark International 184 Aba Owerri Road Aba Abia State Nigeria.

  12. If I should link up my dollar account to paypal, will I be able to withdraw money from my PayPal account to my Dom account? Awaiting your response. Thanks

  13. Hi Admin, I just opened a GT dorm account. I’d like to confirm if uk pounds is acceptable and how long will it take for a deposit to reflect. Although I was told 3-4 days, does this include weekends?. Is it also possible to withdraw over the countermand what kind of charges am I looking at? And how do i link my dorm account to my Internet banking.

    • On the DOM opening form, you have the option of choosing a Dollar account, Pounds account, Euro account or choosing all 3. So it depends on the one you chose. 3-4 days is minus weekends and you can withdraw on the counter without any charges.

  14. Plz i sent dollar to my nephews dollar account and he his trying to transfer it to is dollar card account. He called gtconnect he was told to open a dollar internet banking plz i need ur help cos he needs withdrawal d money and pay his fees.

    • He can withdraw on the counter in the bank, he doesn’t need to move the funds to his Dollar Card. Funds moved into the Card are not transferable again.

  15. Can i fund my gtb dollar card from my naira current account? Need to make an urgent purchase on ebay this weekend and no time for aboki or banks

  16. Hello admin. Please what’s the charge for a local online USD transfer. I am transferring from an SCB account to GTB.

  17. is it true that it takes 24hours to have the value of the dollars you transferred to your gtbank dom card account?notwithstanding the fact that the balance reflects?I just heard this one today because I have experienced alot of troubles making a payment in aud

  18. A friend from Brazil send money to my GT dom account yesterday and today the money has not yet reflect. is from brazil to my GT pounds account.
    he gave me payment slip prove he used, is it delay or what.. or has the money enters

  19. can I transfer Naira from my savings account to my dom account…if yes can I transfer dollar from my dom account to my sister abroad.?

  20. i followed the procedure you posted about funding the dollar card. i could only go as far as step 2 which is own account, i didnt see the option of current account or that of mater card/ debit card. it seemlike my internet banking doesnt have that option

    • Use the mobile app. When you click on own Accounts, you should see 3 account types afterwards… 1. Savings Account, 2. Current Account (DOM account), 3. MasterCard (Dollar Card). Select current account then MasterCard account, enter amount and click on Continue. That’s all.

  21. Hi admin, I have a DOM account with GTB, but I have been out of the country for 3 years without any transaction. Is there possibility that it will still function? And I am into internet business and uses PayPal to receive my cash. How can I possibly do this with the DOM account. And if Nigerians are not allowed to withdraw from Paypal, what other option is available because I am planing to return back home. Thanks

    • Hi Rizqat, the DOM account would have been dormant by now, you will need to visit a GTBank branch for reactivation. You can withdraw and receive funds with Payoneer.

  22. Pls I have a gtb dom account n as well a master card attached to it . The card is also link to my PayPal account. My question now is , can I make payment through my PayPal account wit available funds on my master card . Thanks

  23. HI buddy, I have funds in my $ account . How do i fund my $ master card trying to withdraw in the uk but saying insufficient funds. bills

  24. Please after linking this card to paypal, will paypal be able to accept online payments from online businesses and after that will you be able to receive the money into your gt bank dollar mastercard. Will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks

    • After linking, you will be able to make payments and send money out. There is a restriction on PayPal in Nigeria which means Nigerians can’t receive funds through PayPal. However you can always receive money in your DOM account, just provide account details.

  25. Hey please is payoneer really legit? Cause i saw some comments that it holds your money and deletes your account.

    • DOM Account – A domiciliary account is a current account that allows you to fund it with foreign currencies e.g USD, Pounds or Euro, you can also perform foreign transactions with the account.

      Dollar Card – You bank issues a Dollar Card to you when you open a Dollar DOM Account.

      Paypal: An electronic company which facilitates payments, transactions. You can link your credit card to it.

      Payoneer: Payment facility as well, Online company

  26. Hi,I have a dom account which I opened which I open as a dollar account but gtb gave me all 3 accounts which is dollar,pounds and euros….now my 2 questions are,firstly I didn’t put any money into it after it was open but I was charged a $30 which was deducted from my savings account so do I still need to fund it before I can request money into the accounts and 2ndlt can I make use of all the account number since I have all 3 accounts or what’s the benefits of having a pound sterling account giving to me by gtb if I can’t use it to receive fund just wanted to know before I proceed in sending my details to UK to receive fund in pounds.

    • Yeah, there is option for a Dollar, Pounds and Euro DOM if you tick all on the form.
      They normally charge the opening fee, that’s normal.

      You can request money, you do not need to fund to request money. Yes, you can use all 3 accounts, you will be able to accept straight currencies in Dollar, Pounds and Euros.

  27. Good job out there for shedding light on issues. I just opened a Gt dorm account and I had gotten my dollar MasterCard. I want to ask if it’s compulsory I fund the card before I can link it up with my PayPal account because I have one but yet to link it with the card. Secondly how can I get the money from my PayPal account into my dorm account.

    • You are welcome.

      Can’t really remember but you can try to link up your card like that if it’s gonna work, no harm in trying.

      You can’t receive money with a Nigerian PayPal.

    • Hey. can u reach me on whatsapp 07062251033, would want to know how far you’ve gone with your PayPal account. Have some enquiries 2 make as i’m undergoing same process.

  28. Hello, I have been having payment issues with my boss in Singapore, so just yesterday he said he’ll wire that I should provide him my details. I indeed have a dom account but my savings account was what I gave it(was after I noticed) the transaction was successful from his end as he showed me screenshots and receipts. Now I’m just confused, I haven’t gotten any alert on my own part and I’m not even sure if it’ll be possible. Please Help.

  29. Hello please my cousin opened a PayPal for me in USA but no card or account number has been attached to it.. Can I link it with my domiciliary account here… Will I be able to receive and withdraw? Thanks

    • Yes, you can link with your Dollar Card, you should also be able to receive since it’s a US PayPal with US address and phone number.

  30. I am into online business and just opened a dom account with gtb. How much do I need to get a dollar master card? Can I make transfer from my savings account straight to my dom Acc? Someone paid money into my paypal account, how do I use this for my online transactions? I am yet to get a dollar master card please

  31. Hi, I travelled out of the country in a hurry and could not link my accounts. Is it possible to call gtbank from outside the country to transfer money from my dom account to my dollar card account ?

    • What do you mean, they could not link your accounts? You can move funds from your dom to the dollar card using GTBank mobile app or the internet banking platform.

  32. Hi, does my gtb dom account also work as normal saving account? I went to open saving account with 1000naria note, but when I spoke to the customer care about dom account I later end up opening dom account where i selected all currency dollar, pounds and euro in thesame form I took for saving account. Please will my saving account also be maintain as dom account. And will I be given saving debit atm card and dollar card? Which account will be open for me? Will it be separate account ( dom and saving)

  33. To get a dollar card and also to pay for the first maintenance charges do I have to pay in US dollar or pay in local currency for dollar card and maintenance charges? And please how much sir ?

    • The charges are not really much, Can’t really remember and it’s once a year ….like 25 USD.

      You can open the Dollar account anytime and it will be deducted when your account is funded or a deposit is made into it.

  34. How can I move cash from my gtb current naira account to my dollar domiciliary account using the internet online banking

  35. I have an domiciliary dollars account and I want to know if I can make use of it to pay for Canadian dollars,thanks

  36. I sell dollars either in cash or to a DOM account.
    I help Nigerian importers send money as USD to their Suppliers abroad.
    Duration: within 24hrs
    Fees: 0 – 2% charges 
    Exchange rate: Current BDC rate 
    I also transfer school fees, hospital bills and family funds as USD abroad. I render Service with Integrity.
    WhatsApp/Call: 08168867154

  37. Can i transfer money from my dollar card to my dom account? I tried it but it says i cant.

  38. Please what platform would someone in US adopt to transfer cash to my dollar account. I don’t suppose GT bank has a branch overt there. So how would this be done, I need the procedure(s) pls

  39. Please I went to the bank to get my swift code, but I was given a sort code instead. Are they the same?, can a sort code run an int’l transaction?. Or please does GT bank have just one swift code or is it unique to individual accounts?

  40. Please I went to the bank to get my swift code, but I was given a sort code instead. Are they the same?, can a sort code run an int’l transaction?. And also, please does GT bank have just one swift code or is it unique to individual accounts?

  41. Hi,
    I just opened a dollar account last week and I was intrigued how fast it was. My refs were both from diamond bank and it took less than 24 hours to set up.

    Anyway, u have to be aware that GTB charges $23 for the issuance of the dollar card.
    If there are additional charges I don’t know yet. I will let the forum know if there’s any other thing.

    Lastly, I read about someone checking all the options in the Dom account form I.e dollar, euro and pounds. You have to be aware that the three are funded independently. So if you know the burden will be much better opt for only one preferably the dollar.

    Have a nice day.

  42. Hi… Will the maintaince fee of $20 or so be deducted immediately the dollar card is funded? How do i pay in dollars into my dollar card? What are the requirements to obtain a dollar card in gtbank? i already have a naira account, how long is the card valid for? Do i need to open a dollar account to get the dollar card? & how long does it take for me to get the dollar card?

    • Hi Abigail,
      The maintenance fee is $23. It can either be deducted after funding your dom account or from your naira account but u have to authorize them to deduct it from your naira account by writing and signing on the dollar card form.

      My dom account has been setup and hasn’t been funded yet but my dollar card is ready. I got the SMS alert early this morning.

      One of my references was even insufficient so I have to provide another one. This however, didn’t stop them from opening the account.

      How to fund ur account:
      U can fund ur Dom account in two ways; either money is transferred into the account or direct deposit but it must be in the currency e.g dollar. Never in the local currency.

      The requirements:
      2 references
      2 passport photographs
      Recent utility bill receipt e.g NEPA bill
      Form of identification e.g national ID, int. Passport, voter’s card, etc
      You won’t be required to provide any of that if u have a CURRENT account with them.
      Savings account holders do not have to provide passports but the rest things MUST be provided.

      You MUST have a Dom account before you can get a dollar card. Though they are sort of independent for security reasons.

      Validity period of the card:
      I can’t tell at this moment as I am yet to collect my card so once that’s done I’ll let u know.

      How long it takes:
      First of all you must request the dollar card before it is issued.
      The dollar card is usually ready 3-5 working days after request.

      I hope I have addressed ur questions correctly.
      Thank you.

      • Please tyrek, I also want to open a dom account, but j don’t know any current account holder, any chance you could help?

    • Why can’t I fund my dollar card even though I have money in my dom account
      There’s no option for Dollar MasterCard in own transfer

  43. Hello Eddie,
    I will ask around if there’s any luck I’ll let u know. One of my refs was rejected so I am also trying to get another one.


  44. Good day Admin,
    I have read about not being able to move money from naira account to the DOM account.
    My question is can I move money from my DOM account to savings account? If yes, what is the exchange rate?
    I will appreciate your prompt response.

  45. I recently opened a paypal account and i tried linking my dollar master card to it but i kept getting the response ‘card is not accepted, pls use a different card’. what could be the reasin for this?

  46. Goodmorning admin. What is the maximum amount you can have in your domiciliary account? I am a business woman and I do international business and transactions. Want to know the maximum amount that can be in the account in case I have client that need to pay me. I want both daily and monthly maximum limit. Thank you

  47. Good morning sir ,Is it possible to transfer funds from my Gtb dollar account to my siblings GTB dollar account through online banking under the FX transactions bar ?

  48. I am a GTB savings account holder and I need a DOM… how much do I need to get a DOM account.
    Also is it through GTB accept current account as a referee, because as of other banks it a DOM holder only as referee.

  49. Hello admin. I am new to this and also would like to know if I would be required to provide 2 referees despite having a savings account with Gt bank to open a Dom account?.

  50. Is it a must I open a Dom account for me to get a dollar Card? Or should I just apply for a prepaid Dollar card without opening a Dom I can pay my school fee online

  51. … Having moved some dollars from my domi account to my domi card, can i withdraw naira from any Nigeria local atm card withdrawing unit?

    • How do I fund my dollar account without buying hard currency’ and depositing it in my bank. I want to be able to transfer funds into my dollar account from my savings if possible

  52. Can I fund my dollar card from card via POS? . I mean card to card via POS whereby the amount in card A will be transfer to card B account via POS machine. Note dom account but the card account since dom account number is different from card account number.

  53. I have a Gtb dom account i have not used for over one year now, will it still be active? Also, if my sister is to transfer dollars to my dom account, how much will she be charged over there, then, if I am to withdraw or transfer to another dom account in Nigeria, any charge for me?

  54. Great post.

    How do I locate my dollar credit card account number. The one written on the letter of issue is different (and longer) from the one found on gt mobile app (through own account). It’s confusing. I think it can’t both.

    So which is it?


    • When you open a DOM account and apply for a Dollar Card, you are given two accounts. Your Dolla account and the Dollar Card account. You only need to move money from your Dollar account to the Dollar card account when you want to use the card. Both accounts can be found when you login to the GTBank mobile app.

      If you still do not get it, visit the nearest GT branch closest to you.

  55. Kindly let me know how i can re-activate my dollars account with the bank? because am presently out of the country.

  56. An acquaintance wants to know if there is a way he can run Dollars account jointly with his forex account as his trading firm recently started to operate on both fronts?

  57. Good morning Admin. Please, can I move funds from my GTB Mastercard back to my GT dom account because I’ve been trying to use it for my payment but declining. I’ve gone to the bank, still the card is declining. So I want to send it back to my dom account but is saying this “DEAR VALUED CUSTOMER, THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT YOU CAN TRANSFER IS 0” Please, what can I do?

  58. Please from ur explanations, one have to open a current account before he can fund his Dom acct with naira using the mobile app

  59. Hi howtotechnaija,

    I applied for a Gtbank Dollar Mastercard on 22nd October, 2021. How long will it take to be ready for use, because I have to renew my online business on 4th November, 2021.

  60. Please I want to get a GTB prepaid dollar card. I have below question about it.
    1. Can I fund my prepaid dollar card with Paypal after linking it. like receive funds I have Paypal fund in my Paypal.
    2. what is the limit for international web spending on dollar prepaid card.
    3. is there any other way I can receive funds from my Paypal to my prepaid card here in nigeria.

  61. Hello, can I withdraw from my PayPal to Gtbank dollar card then from the dollar card to my Gtbank domiciliary account. Thanks

  62. Thanks, please just want to know if I will be charged at bank rate if I follow your procedure or aboki rate to fund the domiciliary account.

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