How to Clear Error Code on GOTV – Error E48-32, E016, E17 and E32

how to clear error code on gotv

If you are a GOTV user you’ve probably come across one or two GOTV errors, these errors stop you from viewing your favourite channels even after paying subscriptions. This article will guide you on how to clear error code on GOTV.

These errors normally occur when users forget to renew subscription plans before actual expiration date. Most people prefer to wait till after expiration to renew payment, this is when these errors start showing on their TV screens. Some other errors like E48-32 occur when you change the position of the antenna of the decoder.

How to Clear Error Code on GOTV – E016 Error Message

  • Open the message box on your decoder
  • Send “RESET IUC NUMBER” to 4688, i.e. RESET 5678012574 to 4688
  • This should solve the problem.

Another way:

  • Open your internet browser and visit GOTV page here.
  • Click on Easy self service
  • Click on Clear Error Code
  • Type on your IUC number and select GOTVE16, you may be required to type in a Captcha code for verification.
  • Enter Captcha code and click on Clear Error.
  • Viola! Error is gone.

How to Clear Error Code on GOTV – E48-32 Error Message

  • Check if antenna is properly connected to decoder, if it isn’t, connect properly.
  • Tap on the OK button to see signal information
  • Go to Menu>Advanced>Installation – click on Auto scan
  • If the error is not a general issue from GOTV, channel 48 and 52 will come up for you.
  • When the scanning is complete, you see Channel 99. If it doesn’t come up, you will need to rescan to have access to all channels you paid for.

If after everything you are still getting errors, get in contact with GOTV on Facebook here, or here on Twitter. You can call their customer care on these two numbers: 08039003788 or 01-2703232

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  1. Hello my decorder keeps showing an error code E48-E32, I have done everything possible but is still not showing. Please I need you to help.

  2. My recharged my gotv on 21 December 2017 and it has been showing until yesterday 27 December 2017 all channels went out and I tried resetting and the message that came up was first time installation, press ok to continue I have tried to exit, it refused exiting. What do I do to get the message out.

  3. i changed the location of my GOTV and most of my favorite channels are not showing 2,3,4,14,29,25,108,95etc ihave a full bouquet and followed this step
    Check if antenna is properly connected to decoder, if it isn’t, connect properly.
    Tap on the OK button to see signal information
    Go to Menu>Advanced>Installation – click on Auto scan
    If the error is not a general issue from GOTV, channel 48 and 52 will come up for you.
    When the scanning is complete, you see Channel 99. If it doesn’t come up, you will need to rescan to have access to all channels you paid for.

  4. a friend of mine has got a problem on his go tv its saying clear erro codes e16-17-48 prease help him to clear those erro codes

  5. I subscribe since and up till now it has not come up pls can u help me clear the error message, my Iuc number is 4613346732

  6. I renew my subscription to but am still experience error code 48-32, I have done everything to remove it , but is till showing same error, pls

  7. Hello. I subscribed my gotv on the 1st of march and on the 4th of march and it went out showing error message trying to reset manually but not working I need your help

  8. Pls help to fix error code E48-32..we have tried all options listed here.. We are still facing same issue..iuc number 2020651027

  9. my decoder is showing me error mssage E16. Please help me clear this error message to enable me watch my favourites channels my IUC 2018905947

    • Im new customer whereby I buy this decoder from another person so please RESET 2018771050 maisha magic channels

  10. gotv called me to subscribe on the 23rd of March and was promise to be given 500 recharge card and i did on 24th and since then ni credit and my bbnaija channel 29 has since been scrambled out and since then ave been calling and it has not been a good respond plse how can I wash my bbnaija and my 500 card.

  11. hello I subscribed but bbnija channel 29 is showing E16 error code. what will I do? IUC is 4613668301. kindly assist. thank you

  12. Hello,I just recharged my Gotv now and it yet to be activated,have tried clearing the error code but it’s not working.Kindly do something abt it please.IUC:2004459021

  13. Over 24hours now Gotv cant clear simple E16 error code. *7018782989* I think everyone should just go and buy startime

  14. I subscribe since morning, I have tried my best to clear the error but the message am getting is that my gotv is suspended, my IUC is 4601544435

  15. Your GOtv account is suspended. Please call +2348149860333 today to reconnect your account and continue to enjoy great family TV entertainment. That’s the message am getting. IUC 4601544435

  16. I was told my account is suspended after recharge. Please can you lift the suspension because I have a programme to watch now. My IUC is 2019543302. Thank you

  17. I recharge my gotv on Saturday 9th June 2018 and up till now it’s still showing e48-32. I very tried everything, still not working

  18. I just subscribe yesterday morning for 3 months am not happy ,please take the error code out now or will stop subscribe each time subscribe I face the same problem

  19. I’ve been trying to connect our Gotv at work it’s showing e48-32error code. Signal strength is 1%. I want to fix it before subscribing . I’ve tried all listed above,yet to no avail. Iuc no: 2029086405

  20. Pls help to fix error code E16-32..we have tried all options listed here.. We are still facing same issue..iuc number 2014276839

    • m
      Hello my decorder keeps showing an error code E48-E32, my antenna is ok. I used my friend decorder on my antenna it got signal it work well but mine is showing me same E48-E42 and signal strength and quality is zeroI on same antenna have done everything possible but is still not showing. Please I need you to IUC number is 2019299617

  21. My iuc is 7023972969. Recharged yesterday and my tv connected immediately but after 3 hours, E32-48 started showing and i have tried all the above steps but no way. What can i do?

  22. All the important channels on my gotv have disappeared. I have scanned and rescanned to have them back but to no avail. Please, any solution?

  23. My subscription is a week old and i am not satisfied, it has been showing me ErrorCode E48-32
    but the Antenna has been in that position all year long
    MY IUC NUMBER IS (2022327671)

  24. My iuc no is 2009363980is being showing E48-32 and I have try to reset it, reset to 4689 and still the problem persisted, what shall I do?

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  26. Please, why is my account suspended? Your service is no more favourable as expected.You have failed us with your service. You need to to work on your technicality. My IUC no: 7023686049. Please, resolve the problem for me.

  27. What is actually happening ? If Gotv management don’t have what it takes.. Then they should better look for a better business to join than this……….

  28. Please kindly clear error code 2028928284. I have tried to reset through ussd,and it’s still showing error code. I have tried everything yet nothing is showing. I just made the payment today.

  29. I subscribed today, my channels are not showing and its showing “SMS reset 7028793435 to 4688 to clear this error”
    I have tried gotv easy service online, but its still not cleared.
    Iuc – 4601935918

  30. I subscribed yesterday my channels are showing but it stop showing yesterday showing e16 iuc 4613685064

  31. good day
    please have recharge my gotv but it yet to work
    I’ve tried clearing the error code
    But I was told my account has been suspended and I tried calling your customer care number but it’s not going through

  32. My decoder keeps on showing E48-32 and at thesame time cracking I try every thing possible but it couldn’t stop my Iuc number is 4622617403

    • I’m tired of this error everytime….most especially, the error code thus come up whenever we switch to generator, and I will later end up going to bed in anger because the error will not clear no matter all the auto scanning. Please help me rectify this error, I hardly enjoy my subscription every month. Have sent e-mails regarding this situation severally but no attention was drawn to my complaints. My IUC no is 2009600939.

  33. Kindly clear E16 error iuc 2022475937. I subscribed since on the 11th, whereas my subscription to last till 12th April… ❓

  34. Would you kindly clear code E017 for me. My IUC No is 7031534623. Your quick response will greatly be appreciated.

    • I just got a new Gotv decoder and my experience with it so far as not being pleasant at all, it as been showing me E017 and E46 -36 or whatever, can’t even remember. and that some channels like: TVC, silverbird, Dove tv etc are not available in my country Nigeria which baffles me. Please am begging you in the name of God please fix whatever might have been causing this coz is so frustrating and annoying. My antenna signal is perfectly ok. My IUC :7035262097

  35. Pls have tried everything to clear error E48-32 all to no avail. And customer care is not even helping at all. Called them severally. 0% strength and quality. My IUC no 4613214915

  36. I have subscribed more than 48hrs but still having error code 16-32 and I’ve tried to clear the error but still can’t watch any of the channels. My IUC number is 4613417072. Please do something about it as a matter of urgency.

  37. I mistakenly entered a wrong IUC number while trying to activate my gotv…. Wrong IUC entered:46222897208 instead of 4622297208…. Please what do I do

  38. Gotv is scam, how would I subscribed and not even local station is showing, and money had been deducted from my a/c, that was what happened in my last sub that I had to repay again and they debited me twice, you people should just continued with the rubbish, or has multi choice brought NTA also not even that is showing

  39. When the transaction is going online the muilt choice would not bring any error in transaction because its been a long day you’ve subscribed after payment she would now be saying error you deserve to be sue for this, I would not know whether those days I’d not watch will be added to it, I’m not begging you to fix it again if you people like let it show error e1000-1m, my iuc no:7023580514

  40. ‘Pls I don’t really understand this suspension of a thing or this package is not for you.,,..E16 this service is scrambled,,, pls can someone elite me on what to do with these..09050208245

  41. There is an error message on my decoder and I don’t have a remote ,Can u please help me to clear it IUC”4622323036″ Thank u

  42. I make a subscription to my gotv this afternoon 17 november 2019 by 12pm yet my gotv dosent work .this my iuc number 2029023833 please help me resovle the issue

  43. i sub [1900] on my gotv account yesterday [22 of december], and is not working so pls help me clear the error, this is my decoder number [7028943294]

  44. Pls why my decoder is writing, first time installation press ok to continue. No signal all. Strength 0%, quality is unlocked 0%

  45. Please my gotv doesn’t show at night,every night it will be searching for signal and it will write E48-32 and it won’t show anything at all. But during the day time,it will show perfectly. And it is giving me cause to worry.
    I am even frustrated because my son won’t stop crying every night because he wants to watch pjmask and it’s not showing.
    Please kindly assist me,I will be grateful if u do that. My name is Amaechi Rejoice,my IUC is 7034849429. My subscription has not expired. Please please please help me and work on it.thanks

  46. Please, what is the problem with GOTv?. My gotv app keep retrieving account for eternity without going further. I couldn’t access my info and make payment. I have to use firstmobile. After payment to clear error code E16 became another issue. I have been calling the 2 customer care no but not going at all.
    Kindly do something or i trow away your decoder.

  47. Please help there is an error showing on my screen, I have tried all possible means including resetting but non has worked. My iuc number is 4623006216

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