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  1. I am having a problem over three months now which I have gone to my nearest diamond bank to validate. But it has not started working.
    I used to use my diamond ATM card to pay online: online registrations and all that. But I lost the very simcard I registered with the bank account. So I went to my nearest diamond bank and reported to them. They changed the phone number to the one I wanted to be using. So they now told me to dial *426# so I can start doing online payment as usual. So I went home and tried it. It was all showing where to put my account number, Last 6 digit of my ATM card and all that. Then I pressed send, It now displayed system malfunction… So thats has been my problem. Because I cant stay a day without doing online payment. So I went back to the bank and told them what happened, which they tried it themselves too. So they said I shud call or send a message to this email, that I will be attended to.

    • What code will press in oder to see my account number
      I couldn’t remember my account number what will I do ,and some one want to pay money to my account I don’t know what to do now

  2. My account number started with 005 or so, can’t remember the rest. Kindly help with the number

  3. I don’t know what’s going on . I was trying to sent money into my account and I don’t have access to it again It was invalid 00 98 8975 92 that’s my account number please u guys should do something about it

  4. I have a diamond Bank account but can’t remember my account number anymore i need help please i still have the Sim card with me i use to register the account.

  5. Please I have a diamond bank account but I can remember it please help me retrieve it
    I still have the sim used in registering it

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