How to Buy on ASOS from Nigeria: Review, Delivery Charges and Tracking

how to buy on asos from nigeria

ASOS is an e-commerce website based in the UK and they deliver to any nation worldwide. Ever since a search for Desert Boots on Google led me to the website I’ve shopped with them several times and I will be writing on how to buy on ASOS from Nigeria and all you need to know as to this.

ASOS is arguably the best e-commerce website I’ve patronized so far and the reason is not far-fetched, apart from their fluid and smooth website, they also have a mobile app (Android here and iOS here) with which you can shop easily on. ASOS sells virtually anything of both women and men and a lot of brand materials as shown below. ASOS are also the masters of giving discounts on products as a day nearly passes without seeing things like 20%, 50%, 10% off etc on their products.

how to buy on asos from nigeria

All products on ASOS are genuine and top quality and you are getting a good value for your money. In all the times I have shopped on ASOS so far I paid with my GTBank Dollar MasterCard. If you don’t have one yet, read on how to get a GTBank Dollar MasterCard here.

How to Buy on ASOS from Nigeria

To buy on ASOS, visit their website at If you are a new user, sign up with your email address on the website and fill in the necessary details on the My Account section. Make sure to fill in your shipping and billing address, contact information and preferences and also your payment method. Filling all these will ensure you have a smooth shopping experience.

ASOS Express Delivery to Nigeria Review

When shopping on ASOS, you have the option of choosing a currency preference – The British Pound, The US Dollar or a Canadian Dollar. Since I have the GTBank Dollar Card I chose the US Dollar.

asos free delivery to nigeria

If you have just the normal Naira MasterCard you can just leave the default currency as it is, it works just as well, and after making payment your bank will deduct the Naira equivalent. See GTBank Dollar to Naira exchange rate today for those that will be paying with a Naira MasterCard.

ASOS Free Delivery to Nigeria and ASOS Express Delivery to Nigeria Review

After you’ve made the choice of the items you want to buy on ASOS and you’ve added to cart, you have the option of choosing either of the available two delivery methods.

ASOS Express Delivery to Nigeria

The express delivery takes a maximum of 4 working days; this means you get your goods on or before the 4th day after which you made your order. First time I shopped on ASOS I chose this method; I was charged $31.58 for the express delivery and I got the goods delivered to the shipping address I filled in My Account section. ASOS express delivery is handled by a UK company called DPD and you are provided with a tracking number, after your goods get to Nigeria it will be delivered by a courier company called Aramex. I got my goods exactly the fourth day, brand new and sealed.

asos express delivery to nigeria

ASOS Free Delivery to Nigeria – How to Buy on ASOS From Nigeria

The free delivery takes 10 -14 days and it is also handled by DPD, then Aramex when it gets to Nigeria. Sometimes when what you ordered is not much, ASOS sends it via the Local Poster Service (NIPOST) and you need to go to the nearest post office closet to you most times to claim your package in time. When you spend more than $158 on ASOS, delivery is totally free but when you spend below that you will be charged $25.27 for standard delivery.

asos DPD UK tracking

In both times I’ve shopped on ASOS, I have spent above $100.

A typical ASOS package

That is how to buy on ASOS from Nigeria. Got any problem? Drop comments below or DM ASOS Twitter help @ASOS_HeretoHelp

Asos delivery pacakge
ASOS package

UPDATE: There has been a development, Aramex says if what you ordered costs $250 and above you will be charged a Customs Duty Payment. If you want to avoid paying this and your order is above $250, its best to split it into two and make the order twice.


UPDATE: ASOS has switched delivery companies in Nigeria over the years. Skynet handles standard deliveries now while DHL takes charge of express deliveries. From the latest comments from those who have made orders recently, you will always pay customs charge no matter how small your package is when Skynet handles it. DHL bills you extra custom charges too, but the safest thing to do now to avoid extra charges is to keep your order total between $130 – $140 because that will not attract any extra charges.

If you are going to order a lot, it is better to split the orders, if you can’t do that be ready to pay the customs charge.

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      • Hello, I placed an order on ASOS since the 6th of December and its supposed to have gotten to the post office by 18the December. I’m yet to receive it, its almost 1 month and nothing, I’ve called the post office on several occasions and they still are yet to receive my order. What do I do?

  1. Please I heard one can get a lower exchange rate than the official exchange rate is this true? Whuch currency is cheaper to buy with? Can one also be guaranteed that items bought on asos on low discounts especially shoes dont have any wear & tear issues? Finally if one wants to return items what is the charges like? Thanks for your response.

    • Exchange rate really depends on your bank but GTB charges like 380 Naira to $1 if you are paying with a Naira Card. I use a Dollar Card so I pay directly in Dollars.
      Items on ASOS and legit and genuine. Returns are free, all items shipped to you comes with a return form, just fill, package the item(s) back and return to the courier that delivered to you.

  2. I recently shopped from Asos.Will i be contacted when my package gets to Nigeria as I wasn’t given a tracking’s free delivery.

  3. Hello, i ordered some things from ASOS worth £79.5. It is freeshipping and the courier used is DPD. Will i pay any extra charges when it arrives or is it totally free?

  4. Hello, Nice write up. I guess asos has stopped using SKYNET due to their criminal activities complained by customers by extorting customers using customs and duties charges as disguise. (Exorbitant charges sometimes order than the stipulated amount to be paid.) God help us in nigeria.

    • Yes, I read online about SKYNET, they have stopped using SKYNET. They use DPD in UK and Aramex handles here in Lagos Nigeria. Thanks for stopping by.

      • pls my order estimated is exceeded and i use general posy office abuja but i havent received any call from any agent , and i wen to the post office an the agent in charge of asos product said it hasnt been delivered pls any advice how to get this please…

      • I recently ordered from ASOS and my order cost 42 dollars plus shipping. I used the normal delivery plan. However I received a message from sky net saying that I still have to pay for custom fees before they can send my order from lagos to abuja.

  5. Well my experience using Asos happened recently when i ordered some items which is under £50 eligble for the free delivery(without additional fee) and my item came four days after the stipulated time and yes it was delivery by NIPOST. Although i didnt recieve any phone call and i noticed my phone number wasnt written on the package but lucky me i used an address that was easy to located and it was delivered to that location recieved by someone i trust. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES WERE PAID.

    • That’s cool, My deliveries are always handled by Aramex here in Lagos, NIPOST has never handled any. I suggest you check your ASOS profile and update your information with your phone number.

  6. @admin you are such a huge liar! Did ASOS or Aramex pay you to write this arricle? I ordered something work 280 dollars, paid 20 dollars for express delivery and Aramex just sent an email asking me to pay N30,190 which is more than 50% of goods ordered before i can recieve the goods.

    • Really? What do I stand to gain by lying? I write out of passion not because the readers or anyone is rewarding me. Aramex asking you to pay this fee is a huge surprise to me, they have delivered now to me 5 times and no fee has been charged. Kindly call their Customer Care and lodge a complaint.

      • Please Boss, my goods has been delivered by DPD since last week to Aramex and I couldn’t get ahold of them after they asserted my delivery failed and they didn’t call me. Do you have any +234Naija local # I can contact Aramex on

      • LOL. This happened to me once, so the Aramex consultant I spoke with advised me to split my package next time. I shopped items with over $300 and paid almost #40k. Admin is no liar.

      • Good day,nice write up..
        Ordered a bag from asos and pick free delivery few days later i recieved a mail frim skynet asking me to pay 1000 naira as clearing fee and i should pick my package from their office…meanwhile i stay in portharcourt ..ols wat do i do

    • I am in the same bind. I ordered items worth $287 and they have sent me an email asking me to pay N28k in customs duties and charges. Anna, did you have to pay this money in the end? It’s really unexpected. I’ve ordered through ASOS quite a few times and I’ve never had to pay any so much

      • UPDATE: There has been a development, if what you ordered costs $200 and above you will be charged a Customs Duty Payment. If you want to avoid paying this and your order is above $200, its best to split it into two and make the order twice.

      • Hi Ronke. Did you pay the Customs Duty in full or were you able to negotiate with them? Because this is the second time I’m being asked to pay a ridiculous amount. The first time was for 67k for and order of 481 pounds which I paid because the order was needed urgently and now I’n being asked to pay 31k for 202 pounds. Please advise

        • Hi Dayo,
          I haven’t paid yet tbh. Logically I know it’s not a scam, but I object on principle to receiving an email from an unknown person instructing me to pay money into a bank account with no forewarning from ASOS about the name of the people who will be contacting me. I will try to negotiate though…

          • Thank you for responding Ronke. Please let me know how it goes ASAP because I think there will be a daily demurrage charge on every merchandise after 10 working days.

          • I recently made a purchase of $350 on ASOS and I felt the same way like you guys did, I got the mail from Aramex telling me I had to pay more than 30,000 Naira otherwise I won’t get my parcel. I replied the mail and got a call from Aramex explaining the reason for the charge. I’m sure the rep felt my anger from the way I spoke on phone but I had no choice than to pay the charge to get my parcel. That was when she explained to me any order above $200 attracts a custom charge.

            I don’t work for Aramex, just trying to explain to you guys. I hope this solves the problem.

          • I understand. To be honest, I went through the details of the charges and I do understand (and grudgingly agree) for the most part but I object to the N5,000 Administration fee tacked on by Aramex. I argued with Aramex about it yesterday and I was told “I HAVE to pay” which annoyed me even more so I took my complaint to ASOS. The way I see it, since I don’t have any contract with Aramex, I don’t see any reason why they should be able to compel me to pay this N5,000 administration fee. Aren’t they getting paid by ASOS? I’m still waiting to here back from them. Sorry, just based on principle I would rather send my order back and get a refund than pay that N5,000 admin fee.

          • Wow… I understand your angle Ronke, I can’t even remember the administration fee figure that was attached to mine. Thing is Nigerians are always looking for ways to exploit one another; I may be wrong but you need to get the parcel before you can make a return. What was ASOS reply when you made the complaint?
            I like the fact that you are strong-willed and principled.

    • well from what i read if you order any item worth 250 dollars and above you would be charged for customers duty payment. if you want to avoid this, you split your items into two and make the order twice.

  7. Thank for the write up. I just wanted to ask if my parcel will be delivered via the post office since I didn’t pay for express shipping or aramex will send the parcel to my nearest post office?

      • Yes I have. I’m just surprised it is coming earlier than usual and I really hope they call me when it gets to Nigeria because asos never put phone numbers on packages.
        When yours arrived, did aramex call you??

          • They’ve actually stopped putting phone numbers on packages. I’ve almost lost some packages due to that if not that the post office already has my contact.

  8. Thanks for your support Admin 🙂

    I got a call from ASOS yesterday saying they had no control over Aramex charges. I asked for a full refund and they agreed. It’s a shame it’s come to this, but at least I know for next time to split my orders and I won’t have to pay anything at all. I do think more people should challenge companies like Aramex as well who rely on people not knowing their rights to make money.

    • You are welcome Ronke! 🙂
      You actually asked for a refund :D, I like your tenacity.

      Don’t forget to split the orders next time. haha


    • Hey Ronke,
      Currently going through the same issue. Did you go through any process to refuse your item before ASOS agreed to refund you? Or would the items be returned to ASOS if you refuse to accept the package from Aramex?

      • Hi Femi,

        Sorry for the late response. I posted a complaint on the ASOS website and a customer service assistant called me. He was very apologetic but said they couldn’t do anything about the Aramex charge so I asked for a refund and he agreed over the phone. Then he sent me an email to confirm they will be retrieving the package and will refund my money once retrieved.

        • Oh thanks! I’ve done the same thing and got the same response. Like how long did it take before you got the refund?

          • Sorry for the late response! This has taken aaaages. When I asked for a refund, ASOS told me it would take 21 working days (approximately 1 month) I said OK. After a month, I still had not received my refund so I contacted ASOS again to ask what the status was. The customer service assistant told me that there was a delay in processing the return of my parcel and so despite informing them I wanted a refund on 23rd January, they didn’t start doing anything until 2nd February and so it would take 21 working days from 2 February. I wrote back and told them that I shouldn’t be penalised because they didn’t process the return on time. My complaint went through a couple of customer service agents, but in the end they agree. On Thursday 22nd they confirmed they had processed my refund and it would take 3-5 working days and today I FINALLY received it. Phew. Now I’m off to order the same stuff in two separate orders so Aramex are forced to deliver it without a charge #petty 🙂

        • Hi Ronke,
          Please Can you tell me how you posted on their website as I’ve been reaching their agents on fb and only getting copy N paste response. I was charged 98+ for an item of 273+…Very unfair!

  9. please i just tried to order an item on Asos, and i dont know the postcode of my address, is there any way i can go through it?

  10. My items were supposed to arrive yesterday but they didn’t. They’ve been on the vehicle for delivery for over a week now

    • Hi guys, I don’t understand what’s going on with Aramex, they’ve not replied my mails and no one seems to have any idea when I would get my order.

  11. ARAMEX is such a scam. very terrible courier service. i have been ordering on asos for over 5years and i stopped because of Aramex very terrible organisation.

  12. Hi, I want to return an item to ASOS, Aramex delievered it to me. If i want ot return, do I send it back to ASOS, through Nipost or Aramex. And also, do you know the shipping charges of an item of 1kg or less

  13. Thanks so much Admin for this initiative. across the comments you stated that an order become dutiable when it is $200 and above while the update you provided after the write-up says $250. Which one currently applies? and if it is the latter, does it mean i wont pay any charges if my order is $240?

      • Thanks Admin. Your insights have really been helpful. My order is on a free delivery service and I have not been called and the estimated date of arrival has passed. Do you know where Nipost office is situated in VI?

      • I orderd for goods worth 155 GBP after discount and i was asked by SKYNET to pay custom clearing charge of NGN 7,400

  14. Hello, I placed an order of about $70 on the 9th of April and got an email that it shipped on the 11th with an estimated delivery date for 25th of April. It’s 21st of April now, and I’m getting twitchy as I haven’t received any updates from them as regards a tracking number or anything that says they’ve not forgotten my order. Is this normal, or is there something I need to do? Also, will it be delivered by aramex or nipost?

    • Your package will be with NIPOST by the 23rd. All you have to do is go to the nearest NIPOST office closest to the delivery address you put in to collect it. Go with your ID card.

  15. Hello Admin
    In your previous reply to “Ifedayo” you said he should go to the nearest NIPOST OFFICE. But wouldn’t you be requested to provide a tracking number?? Or would the order number suffice??!

  16. Please can anyone tell me where ASOS delivers parcel in Ibadan,they claimed they couldn’t get my address,I need their agent in Ibadan

  17. Hi please how much were you charged by Nipost for the returns? Should one request registered mail or…Is there a way of calculating their charges by the gram? For about 1.3kg,

  18. Hi, please how much were you charged by NIPOST for the return? How do you calculate NIPOST charges to the gram/kilogram? How much would a 1.3kg parcel cost? And if you have to separate the packages, how do you affix the one return sticker on the two parcels? Thanks.

    • You should be charged between 1200-1500 for a 1.3kg parcel. I know this cos i received a parcel of the same weight about 3days ago. I dunno the basis of their calculation but as long as I receive my order in one piece, I AM GOOD. they can keep their maths to themselves.

    • Asos covers free shipping and free returns on every purchase.. Meaning if you don’t like any item, ship it back to them . you will pay to do so, then afterwards scan your receipt of the amount you paid to ship back to them in an email.. Your money spent will be refunded

  19. ASOS PURCHASES COVER FREE SHIPPING AND FREE RETURNS. If an item gets to you and you need to return it, go to any postal office, pay the fees and then send back the items for return. Afterwards, compose an email with scan copy of your receipt showing the amount you spent and send to asos. They will refund ur expenditure….
    Pls this is not for customs charge, this is when u have collected your parcel and decide you don’t want an item in there anymore.

  20. Asos refunds what you spend on returning an item to them. Simply scan your receipt showing what you paid, they will refund you as long as return was done before 28days after purchase of items.

    • Oh really? Thanks a lot Wena,x for this, I am being charged 17,825 Naira for the returns which amount to about 1.3 kg by NIPOST on their regular parcel tarriff as they claim their fees have increased in the last couple months, Got frustrated and decided to keep the items, If I’d had this info earlier, would have gone ahead. Anyway there’s “next time”. I just now know the brands on ASOS that I’d totally avoid! Thanks again.

        • Hi Didi, it was on the strength of ya “1,200/300” that I went there o, only to be thrown off by the almost 18K! Influence brand; CHEAP! CHEAP! quality! Just about ticks every box on their reasons for returns slip, and ASOS’s brand as well (their clothing though, not true to size, no relation WHATSOEVER to item displayed) as their accessories haven’t yet disappointed. So there.

          • I actually just re-read ur initial message as i did read it wrong. I didnt see the “return” part. i thought you wanted to enquire on pickup charges for ur parcel. I am so sorry about that.

  21. Hi again, my order was due to arrive on the 18th, I was at the post office yesterday and was told they haven’t received it, what can I do?

  22. Hi,I bought some couple of stuff from asos and it’s meant to be delivered on the 23rd of may. Today is the 21st of may,,am a little bit worried because what I bought is less than 70$,should I go to nipost my self

  23. If you have to make an order, PLEASE for the sake of your sanity take your time before ordering. NIPOST has decided to exploit buyers when u want to return an item to ASOS so please better check your orders well first especially sizes before ordering.

  24. bro please the prices are in pounds not dollars so i am wondering how much item can i buy that i wont need to pay for customs?

  25. thank you bro so if i order anything that is less than or equal to $100 i won’t need to pay for customs? In other words if if i am to order something of $200 i will have to make 2 orders in the amount of $100 respectively??

  26. They no longer offer free returns service from Nigeria if ur case is that of returning an item that didn’t fit properly. So lookk well before choosing ur sizes and all.

  27. Hello! I want to make an order on ASOS, it’s worth about $180 Standard shipping. How do I know if I will be receiving my package from Nipost or through Aramex? And I live in Suleja Niger State. I won’t lie after all the complaints i’ve read I’m a bit skeptical making the order but I want those clothes so bad

  28. I’m meant to pick up my order today the 2nd of july but when I got to the nearest nipost office they said it hasn”t arrived.i just want to know whether I will still get my order am a little bit worried

  29. Hi admin, forumites, please what is the process of buying on EBAY. From paying for to receiving your order? Free and paid shipping options, money channels, etc. Anyone who’s purchased on that site kind enough to enlighten me? Thank you.

  30. Hello please I need to know what’s happening to my order purchase date was 14th July and I paid for express delivery and I’m yet to hear or see anything till now despite the tracking stating that the order is on the way for delivery since 5days. My deliveryevery address is in Ibadan. Please kindly help me with Aramex office here in Ibadan. Thanks.

  31. Please I got an email to track my order which I did but after 2 days the link I was sent wasn’t providing any information

  32. Hello admin,
    So it’s been 3 days now since my package was meant to have arrived and till now I don’t have it. This is not my first time shopping with ASOS , my previous orders always arrives at least 4 to 5 days b4 the estimated delivery date and has always been via Nipost. I even have a contact in Nipost who calls me whenever my package arrives but this time it’s taking time and it’s passed the delivery date. I Have called my contact at Nipost and he said he hasn’t seen it yet. Pls What should I do?

    • Hello Max. Did you later receive your order?. I’m experiencing the same issue currently. It’s been 5 days since my package was meant to arrive and I still haven’t received it. Please do reply

  33. Hello Admin,
    So my order was meant to arrive last week via Nipost and till now I haven’t seen it. It’s been 4days now. This is not my first time shopping on ASOS , I have had very smooth experience with them until this one. I have a contact in Nipost who I call to check if my package has arrived and he always delivers it to my office but I have been calling him since Thursday last week and he keeps telling me he hasn’t seen it. Please what should I do?

    • Hello Ugo. Please I would like to know if your package later arrived and if you have received it?. I’m currently experiencing the same issue. It has been five days now since my package was meant to arrive and I still haven’t received it. So please tell me what you did and if you’ve received it. Thanks

    • Small orders that don’t cost much are delivered by NIPOST. To be sure, check the tracking link sent to you by asos. if it shows real-time movement, Aramex handles it but if it doesn’t show real time that’s NIPOST.

      • Hello,

        I guess Nipost is handling my order because there is no real time delivery update.
        Question is, how do I know the right NIPOST office to go? Will I get a text telling me to go to a particular one?

  34. If I order from asos, the price is not too high, not more than 5000naira, if it is nipost that handles it will I pay extra cost when I dont use express delivery and will nipost call me when it gets there, and will they deliver it to me. Also if I use express delivery, will aramex handle it and will they come to my house

    • Free delivery starts at around $25 and above, so 5000 naira is a very small order.

      NIPOST charges a small fee based on the weight of your order and they will call you when they want to deliver, you can also go pick up at their office.

      Aramex will handle your express delivery and they will deliver to your doorstep.

  35. Today, I received my order of $147 worth at Nipost and was shocked to see I would have to pay #13000 for custom duty before release. Obviously this is way below the $250 threshold.

    No basis whatsoever was provided for this outrageous act. Nipost officials couldn’t also understand what was behind the charges.

    I am returning the order and perhaps my last dealing with anything that involves Nigerian custom.

  36. Please does anyone have a contact number for the Ikota nipost? I can’t seem to find the post office where my parcel is, I went to the Lekki one and it’s not there ‍♀️ The parcel was due for delivery on Monday and no word from them! Thanks in advance and thank you for this platform

  37. Hello House I have two orders .
    The first is about 134dollars.Expected delivery date is 25th October 2018.

    The second order is about 100 dollars.Expected deliver is 29th October 2018.

    Both orders don’t have a tracking Number.

    I have not received any call so I had to go to the Nipost office in Ikeja.

    They said I have to be with a tracking number that order numbers are not used.

    I have contacted Asos
    They asked me to check around my neighborhood which is funny to me.

    They also asked that I wait till November 12th.

    Please what do I do?
    Getting worried

    • Hello Maro. Please I would like to know if you later received your package. This is because I’m currently experiencing the same issue. It’s been five days since my order was yet to arrive and I still haven’t received it. Please kindly reply. Thanks

  38. Please i need help! I ordered fom asos £266 i paid for expess delivery which was supposed to take 3-5days, its over 5days now and tracking says shipments held at customs for unknown reasons! I don’t understand what that means!!! If i am to pay duties its fine but i haven’t been contacted by anyone, not customs, not dpd & not asos!! Everyone is mute!! I even had to draw a dispute at PayPal cos i am sick & tired of Asos and their crappy delivery services!! Dpd sucks!!!!!!!

  39. i ordered two shirts and it was meant to come on the 4th i saw the package
    but after a few minute i did not see it again because i did not sign it and i did not know who signed the package so i was wondering if some on can check who signed the package

  40. Good evening and compliment of the season admin and the house! Please I need mobile phone numbers of Aramex staff,I need to confirm some information before I make payment on ASOS, it’s urgent,any one with their numbers will be highly appreciated.

  41. Hello, I ordered twice in December differently the first order was on December 14 with delivery date of Jan 3rd second order was Dec 25 with delivery date of Jan 17 . I got the second order yesterday from Aramex which was trackable but the first order I have not gotten and it is not trackable and today is the delivery date given…. I went to post office yesterday but they haven’t seen it. Please has anyone experienced this before and how did you go about it. Did you get it eventually? Please help me out!

  42. Hello, my expected delivery date was on the 18th of December and I’m yet to receive my parcel, I’ve called NIPOST severally and they haven’t received it either. I’ve contacted ASOS and they’re asking that I wait a little longer, but I’m obviously worried.

    • I have the same issue. I did 5 orders all due by 17th dec only 1 came. Sent them mails they told me to wait till 4th January. Sent them a stinker today, they claim they have shipped out the items again that’s the ones that are still in stock for the ones that are no longer in stock, they say they will refund within 5-10 business days. Mad people

      • i think someone at NIPOST stole the December parcels or something is really up. Most parcels that were meant to deliver by December have not been received. I have 10 parcels. None came through by normal delivery. Only my 2 express parcels got to me.
        I don’t know who did what but this is unusual.

  43. Please I ordered two shoes from ASOS and I put the wrong postal address and I also put my house address. I stay at Okota and it is between Isolo and Festac. I saw one of the shoes at Isolo Post Office but they said that they aren’t with the other. Do you think that it’s possible for the second shoe to be at Festac post office ?

  44. “Hello, I placed an order on ASOS since the 6th of December and its supposed to have gotten to the post office by 18the December. I’m yet to receive it, its almost 1 month and nothing, I’ve called the post office on several occasions and they still are yet to receive my order. What do I do?”

    has this been resolved?
    I’m having the same issue here

    • yup. my parcel of 95 pounds was sent via NIPOST.
      I can however say the ones above 163 pounds were sent by DPD/ARAMEX .

  45. I have a story to share about the irregularities going on.
    So I had two parcels ordered on the same day. One with value of 249usd and the other valued at 235usd.
    I paid for standard shipping.
    3 days later, ASOS sent out the two orders. One with DPD and the second by NIPOST.
    I certainly feared that the worst would happen to the order sent out by NIPOST.
    4 days to my estimated delivery time I was called by the NIPOST OFFICE at Kubwa, Located in the Public Service Commission.
    They asked me to get ready to bring money for customs charges. They said I was speaking to the Customs officer of the post office.
    I told him how I was entitled to not pay any customs duty. He told me that I should get ready to pay.
    I retorted how all my parcels had passed through DPD service and were not held down as long as they were not past the 250usd benchmark as I learnt.
    He laughed at me over the phone and asked me to come and clear my goods.
    I went there to this Kubwa post office and was told to pay 15,000 naira for customs charges.
    I became frantic and started saying all I knew. That i was been cheated… why are we nigerians like this bla bla…
    They simply told me my parcel won’t be released.
    I called a lady I once used to know at the PH nippiest office and she told me if I did nt stand my ground I would be ripped off.
    She told me if truly I was to pay any customs charges, my parcel would not have been released by the NIPOST CORPORATE HQ IN IKEJA, LAGOS.
    That for it to be in Kubwa which is not even the ABUJA HQ that It is just those people trying to get a share from money they did not work for.
    Armed with this information, I spent an hour tackling them as to why Ikea post office released my parcel to them with a 15000 naira debt.
    after a long one hour, they began to speak Hausa … don’t know what they said and they released my parcel to me without paying a dime.
    Sadly there were several other people there with ASOS parcels that they targeted as such and made sure to collect huge amounts from them.
    Incase you fall into this type of thing pls my dear , dnt pay any money.
    the official fee is 200naira for small packets and 500 naira for parcels.
    It was a long road for me but I left there and realized its a scam been perpetuated by various nippiest offices once they see ASOS tag on ur parcel.

  46. Hi,
    Usually ASOS sends my package with Aramex and I’ve had no issues with customs. My packages were sent via skynet and I’ve been sent an email to pay a ridiculous amount. I called skynet and I was told they charge customs fee on every package based on weight and the value (thieves) my friend ordered an item worth $40 and it came through skynet and she paid customs on it. I don’t even understand why asos is sending something so small via skynet.

    Not interested in my packages anymore. [3 orders] I just want it sent back to ASOS and get a full refund. How do I do that? Do I just tell skynet to send it back or send ASOS an email to retrieve their package. I don’t want to waste a lot of money sending it back either. Please advice

    How do I request they send the package back?

  47. Hi, so I ordered and I got a mail asking me to pay custom charges and it’s never happened before. Skynet is handling the delivery and it’s surprising I’m bring asked to pay custom charges on £90 pounds worth of order. Does anyone have any experience with it and what can I do?

    • they have started using scent again.
      please ask them to return the parcel. I want to know if it would be returned for free as scent is a total thief.
      they did this before, when we complained asos listened.
      iodinate know why they are back to them .
      please let me know if you tell them to return the parcel to asos, what they say

    • they have started using sky nent again.
      please ask them to return the parcel. I want to know if it would be returned for free as sky net is a total thief.
      they did this before, when we complained asos listened.
      i do not understand why they are back to them .
      please let me know if you tell them to return the parcel to asos what they say.

      • I sent a mail to asos and asked why they started using Skynet again and they gave me the reply below:

        Hi Biodun,

        Thanks for getting in touch with ASOS. I’m sorry to hear of your experience with our SkyNet courier – I’ll be happy to help you.

        Skynet and Aramex are couriers ASOS still use to deliver International orders. The courier is selected at the warehouse, depending on several factors – we can’t guarantee at checkout who it’ll be shipped with.

        I completely understand how you feel about Skynet, please know your feedback is important to us as we’re always looking into different ways on how to improve our services.

        If you have any further questions, Biodun please get back in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

        Best Wishes,

        I replied them again and told them SKYNET love ripping people off with a detailed response and screenshot of complaints from here. Waiting for their feedback now.

    • Yes,i got £50 and paid 3k,first order and £95 and i paid 6k on costum. Asos used skynet for both orders ,i read online that it is 5% of your goods worth you pay for for costum on goods $300 and above. Skynet is acting funny and on my first order a customer care lady told me that their costum fee is always 10% of your goods worth,second order and they told me custom fee is not fixed. So if i do express do i still pay costum and is it shipped by skynet? What’s the amount that would avoid rhis costum fee?

  48. Please skynet has held down my parcel of 157usd and sent me an invoice to pay. Pls who has returned their parcel or successfully processed the return of their parcel pls. How can we also get ASOS to return to using ARAMEX . PLS THIS IS CRIMINALTY BEING PEPERTUATED by skynet.

  49. Please my asos order tracking detail shows that it’s in Nigeria and shows “arrived hub” at 09:38am yesterday and then “on hold- consignee to pay charges” at 15:33pm yesterday. My order is worth 62 pounds. Please would this be through nipost? I put in my address and postcode of the nearest post office. But this one they are saying on hold consignee to pay charges, are they expecting me to pay? Do I just wait for a call? Should I go to the post office? I dunno what to do. Also I’m seeing skynet sign near the asos sign on the website, does that mean this order was taken by skynet? Lool. I had tire oo

      • Did they deliver to your house or post office. I made three separate orders from ASOS and I have been mailed to pay some funds for one in order to receive my orders while the remaining two has statuses such as on hold : consignee to pay for customs and arrived hub which looks as though i’m going to pay again for them. Those that introduced me to ASOS were shocked at the latest development because it never happened to them over a year since they have been shopping from ASOS even though they have made expensive orders at a go

      • Hi Abiodun please how long did it take them to contact you? I just checked my order status and it says on hold pending tax payment.

  50. This is getting bad.
    Please how can we appeal to ASOS to stop using this company called SKYNET????
    The rip off is becoming amazing.
    Anything from 40gbp is going to be placed with an outrageous duty charge.
    This is highly criminal. ARAMEX was so much better. I feel like crying

  51. I have sent a mail to ASOS. please others should do the same. Let us nicely demand that our deliveries do not be undertaken by skynet in Nigeria anymore.

  52. Hello ASOS . I bought a goods worth £400 and it was deliver by Skynet to my greatest surprise I was ask to pay customs duty before take can take delivery of my goods which I did now my expecting and order of £235 coming through them what will I do. ASOS claimed to be a free shipping why I my charged.

    • Was it a single order of 400 pounds you made? Wow my friend that is a lot. If it was a single order pls dnt try it next time.
      Like we have been complaining since the beginning of the year, ASOS has returned to using SKYNET to handle their delivery and anything from 40 pounds would be charged an exorbitant fee by this agent , how much more you with a parcel of 235 pounds or is it 400 pounds.
      Skynet is the company taking this money which they claim to be negotiating with customs in Lagos.
      I cnt begin to imagine what you would be asked to pay by skynet .It’s either you pay it AND LEARN YOUR LESSON NOW or you contact SKYNET and ask them to return your parcel to ASOS.
      within 21days it would be returned and when ASOS gets it they would refund your money.
      If you choose the option of return, its better to contact SKYNET’S international office via their website.
      I wish u luck.
      In past times,our limit was pegged at 250usd or 193gbp this is when ARAMEX was handling things in the last 2 yes.
      Like I said, I wish u luck.

    • Hello Bisi,
      To avoid this fee next time you can place your order through me. I’ve placed over 100 orders for my clients on ASOS. I can be reached on twitter & Instagram @Nisfornora

      All my reviews are posted on my page.

  53. My expected delivery date for an item i ordered was on the 6th February, I haven’t received it yet. I contacted asos twice and was told to wait till the 24th which I did. Today, I contacted them and I was being told that in their records, my parcel was delivered to me on the 1st of February. I asked how they’re able to ascertain that since the parcel has no tracking number and I was told that was the update on their system. I don’t understand, I’ve visited and called the post office severally and I’m being told that they don’t have my parcel, yet asos is saying its updated that I got it and like I said, there’s no tracking number on it. Is this even possible?

  54. Hello all
    My item is showing arrived in Nigeria
    And the item was sent via SkyNet
    Worth 50pounds
    Will it be delivered to me or I will go to the post office

    • Have you received your order from Skynet and how much were you charged? I made three separate orders from ASOS and I have been mailed to pay some funds for one in order to receive my orders while the remaining two has statuses such as on hold : consignee to pay for customs and arrived hub which looks as though i’m going to pay again for them. Those that introduced me to ASOS were shocked at the latest development because it never happened to them over a year since they have been shopping from ASOS

  55. My package was shipped by skynet and has been placed On Hold – Customs – Pending Duty & Tax Payment, please what do I have to do? This is my is my first time shopping from Asos

  56. I ordered from asos and they sent my parcel via Skynet over a month ago. I’m yet to receive my order, I contacted asos, they sent me a link to track my item and it was last updated on the 7th of march, the last update was that it was “sorted to destination” its over 1 week and I’m yet to receive a call/email from Skynet. What do I do?

  57. Hello, thank you for your help. I ordered from asos and i have been contacted by skynet, i must say the clearing price is on the high side but lets wait to see if they deliver on time. Last time i got something from asos it was delivered with no added cost. I hope they revert t the previous guys

  58. The only way to have ARAMEX deliver your parcels at no exorbitant price in claims of customs charge is to pay for express delivery on check out.
    It is 20 pounds. And with Aramex you can order up to 187 pounds at no extra cost as long as u pay shipping fee…. aramex would deliver not skynet. Aramex would not charge anything extra saying its customs fee. I just did.
    So its best to save up things you want to buy and buy them at same time OR you buy items 39 pounds and below.. thats d one skynet won’t bring unnecessary story of customs clearance

    • well i bought just 35gbp to test the waters and the items were to be delivered by skynet…i was expecting i won’t be charged anything…tracking my order today only to see”On Hold – Customs – Pending Duty & Tax Payment” i would message asos to return my money back and never get anything from them ever.

      • then this scent are thieves because I gave them a hard time for my parcel that was 40 pounds as to why they were charging me for customs and they told me only parcels less than 40 bp will not be charged. Now look at this! IT IS VERY OBVIOUS THAT COMPANY IS A THIEVING COMPANY… NOTHING MORE.
        please send scent a damning reply when they send you customs charge and ask them categorically why they are charging a parcel of 35gbp any fee. the email of the CEO.. who happens to be the lead thief is . His name is Tayo Ogumdare.

  59. I really don’t understand why ASOS is using Skynet for delivery now, the prices are outrageous from the less than 1k I usually pay at Nipost for pick up. Please what can I do to have my order delivered by Nipost and that those scammers, Skynet . I’m so pissed ! I’ve never experienced this with ASOS.

  60. Hey Guys.
    I’ve been helping clients place orders from ASOS at a small fee and ship to them for over a year now. To avoid customs ridiculous fee next time you can place your order through me. I’ve placed over 100 orders over $1000 for my clients on ASOS. I can be reached on twitter & Instagram @Nisfornora

    All my reviews are posted on my page. So you’re 100% sure your money is safe with me.

    You can teach me on either of my social media platforms.

    Also if you’re having issues getting your packages from skynet. You can hit me up I might be able to help as i have the majority of the contacts of the staff. [ I cannot do this for everyone pls, just a select few]

    Slay with stress! Ship through me today 🙂

  61. I ordered items worth 208 pounds and paid for express shipping and my package was sent through DPD but I have been tracking it since yesterday and it show “parcel is being processed through Customs clearance” please I need to know what to do. Thanks

      • Boss I received a message from them with an invoice of 29,400 I thought aramex don’t charge for custom duty

        • u can ask them to return the parcel. why did you order such high amount bro?.. the highest should be around 185 pounds in bp or 250 use in use.
          u can ask aramex to return the parcel to asos and u will escape the 29.400 tax but remember your delivery fee of 20gbp might not be refunded.

  62. I placed two orders on ASOS. And today my ASOS app got disabled/blocked. The second order got canceled. But I don’t know whether the first order is cancelled also. I Went to sky net to track my first order and nothing or no update is showing. I’m worried. This order has been placed since Thursday.

  63. when you get any outrageous bill I think the best way is to bombard the MD of the Nigerian thieving skynet with emails and ask him exactly why he is trying to rip off people. his email is

    MAYBE by the time he sees people are not happy with the amount of buffoonery he and his people are putting up here in nigeria he might decide to change

  64. I placed two orders on asos (worth $46 and $79) and their estimated dates of deliveries were 25th and 26th April 2019 and am yet to receive any. I’ve been to the post office a couple of times and was told they didn’t receive my parcels, I had to track the orders only to discover they are on hold- customs – pending duties and tax payment. Its obvious skynet is handling it but no one has contacted me yet. How do I go about retrieving my orders from skynet or better still return them back to asos if skynet imposes charges on me?

  65. Hi, I want to return an item to asos, weighs about 0.3kg, does anyone have an idea how much nipost charges for returns, for some reason I’m scared they’ll charge me terribly

  66. It’s a shame that ASOS refuses to take immediate action in kicking out skynet. Honestly I don’t understand it. It’s almost like they don’t care about customers’ complaints after all, they got their payment.

    Skynet won’t even send me my parcel after paying their ridiculous fee for an order of 80usd!!they didn’t even acknowledge my mails or payment!! I am never buying from ASOS again.

  67. Hi guys when you place an order as express delivery. Do you add the £20 shipping fee to the total that doesn’t go over the limit or just the order total without the shipping fee.

      • Okay cos my order total is £180 and express takes it to £200. I always used to count express with total. So that’s fine abi. Shipping fee won’t be calculated Cos don’t wwnna pay customs 🙁

  68. please o at what lowest price range can you buy so your package can be sent to nipost without getting to SKYNET or withhold by the custom, charges i recieved on my email to pay this morning is not funny at all.. need answer please i pay in dollar.

  69. Hey, anyway u know anything about sportsdirect orders. Usualybus to be dhl and had no problems, but they have changed to dpd and they don’t have any contacts in abuja I can access. I see the Aramex link, still nothing concrete in abuja to contact..

  70. I was also charged customs duty by skynet and even after I paid before they delivered my parcel was war.
    Complained bitterly to ASOS about skynet but no change. Just place another order informing them that I don’t want a repeat they said they have no way of contacting skynet or investigating. Imagine
    Never had this issue with aramex

  71. Pls i ordered stuff worth 50pounds. Skynet sent an email todayto pay 4700naira as customs. Todayis also my estimated delivery.

    So are u guys saying skynet is legitimate? And i have to pay this money to get my order?. I have not ordered asos since 2017 wish i knew of this new development before ordering. I was so used to the pick up from post offce. Pls advce do i pay the 4700?

    • They are legit and you have to pay. Next time, make bulk orders and just pay for express shipping. See the article for max order total to avoid custom fee after paying for express. Aramex will deliver to you.

  72. I was mad shocked when Skynet emailed me to pay #5,000 on an item of £40 or so. I quickly paid because this was around the amount I got as discount (luckily) when I was checking out on ASOS.

    The package I bought last year was delivered to me by Tranex.

    Wish I knew this before hand. I wouldn’t have ordered.

    Please what can we do to stop this Skynet people? this is bad market for ASOS and is not good for Nigerian customers.

  73. did anyone recieve the mail before?

    any orders since then? have they really changed their ways?

    Dear ASOS Customer

    You would have noticed a sharp increase in the custom duty invoices you recently received in respect of your orders from ASOS and the delays in custom clearing and delivery.

    We would like to apologise for not sending you this communication earlier to explain to you this development.

    Our company is aware of this problem and the burden on our customers and as a responsible company, we will like to shed light on this for the understanding of our valued customers.

    On the 10thJune 2019, the FGN through the Central Bank of Nigeria started the implementation of a new exchange rate policy on import and export transaction. The exchange rate of Naira to US dollars was increased from N306 to N326 for imports into and exports out of Nigeria. The Nigeria Custom Service have started the implementation of the policy in all the ports of Nigeria. The attendant impact of the policy is the increase in duty payable for all import to Nigeria.

    Apart from the above, another major reason for the increase is the new drive for high revenue by the Nigeria Custom. The ASOS shipments were previously rated as non-commercial items (personal effects), but in the last one month, The Nigeria Custom have been insisting on using 20% custom duty valuation, plus 5% Vat and other charges such as 7% Surcharge, 1% CISS and 0.5% TLS (ECOWAS Levy) to calculate the import duty payable. As a law abiding company, we cannot but pay.

    Due to the fact that we understand the effects of high custom duty on the customers, we have made presentations to the relevant authorities on the need to revert back to the old duty rate. We have made significant progress with the authorities and this is already yielding results.

    We therefore want to assure you that the current charges you experience will come down drastically in the coming days as all processes have been in put in place to ensure that. We therefore seek your understanding and plead that you bear with us while we sort out the current shipments that are delayed in Customs due to this.

    Thanks for your continuous patronage and understanding.

  74. hey guys. . .i placed three orders on Asos and my orders were sent through skynet . .i tried tracking one of the order and i keep getting a reply that there is no info on the location of my order. as for the other two , i got a mail from skynet to pay an outrageous sum of 9,800 and 11100 naira .i just want to find out if after paying i would receive my order. i am currently in rivers state. Bonny island to be precise . as for the order without tracking details please how do i go about it. .

  75. I just got charged a ridiculous amount by this same Skynet. I normally received my item through post office. I dont know why they are sending it through this Skynet. Which way forward? Do they deliver to people in Abuja too?

  76. I ordered about 95GBP on ASOS and skynet sent me an e-mail to pay N6,900 customs charges. I am surprised as I wasn´t expecting that given that the order is less than 200GBP

  77. Please as any one ever experienced an empty delivery before? I order 3 wristwatches from Asos only to found 2 wristwatches and an empty container of the third one with manual inside. I’ve called Aramex they gave no positive response . Sent mail to ASOS too no response yet. Can any one help please?

  78. I made an order on 16th dec 2019 and the estimated delivery is 20th dec 2019 because it is express delivery but when i tracked it on DpD via dispatch email i got the due date is 8th jan 2020. Does it mean i will not receive in due date.

    • They’ve been having shipping problems, I know two people that ordered too recently and the delivery date was shifted. What you can do is lodge a complaint with them, they will refund your shipping fee since the due date has been shifted.

  79. Please if you have ASOS customer care share the twitter help desk i contacted said “we’re sorry that the due date for your parcel on the tracking is the 8th january your estimated date on our end is 20th of december so we have to allow until this time for your order to be delivered. Please get back on the 9th if you haven’t received your order and we will be able to look into this further.” What in the world does this mean they collected $31.58 for this service. Does it mean i should expect it on 20th if not max 9th ??

  80. i am in tears just reading through this post after i ordered Emporio Armani frame on sales for 62pounds, delivery date is January 22nd i hope Skynet will deliver on time and dont give me outrageous custom fee. i need the frame o.

  81. About to order express and have it delivered to 9ja. Will i still be charged custom fees seeing as we’re now in March 2020 and those rules may not apply again. Any one with assuring testimonies?

    • How did it go? Did you still pay custom fees? Placed my order 15th of May 2020, I spent £118.65 payed £20 for express delivery. I still got 24k bill from DHL for custom fees. I’m asking them to return the parcel for a refund.

      • Send an email of redress to dhl… how can goods valued at 52k be charged at such.
        Open the email u received.
        CBN rate for pounds is 444 or so.
        Check in the email dhl sent u.. check the attachments for how much they valued ur goods.
        If it is not same amount as 118 pounds equiv using above exchange rate, then email them and email asos that they shud recall the order as dhl is working against u and revaluing things with Nigeria customs.
        Also ask dhl to kindly state how much is one’s personal worth allowed. So it’s no longer 200 usd???

  82. Please, why was asos free delivery of 20$ and above plan phased out… Instead I now have to pay for standard delivery of 16$

  83. I don’t know if it is because of the pandemic but asos shipping fee is now twice the former price. You need to buy up to £100pounds for free shipping. So disheartening

    • SKYNET NIGERIA are fraudulent people. I my order from ASOS got to Nigeria and I was forced to pay 5,500 naira for custom charges then I was waiting for my parcel to be delivered to me all of a sudden I was told that my parcel was missing. I called, mailed their contact they are saying that because of COVID-19 lockdown they are not open. I need my custom charges refund and I dont know how to get my refund.

  84. Asos now uses DHL Express for their express shipping . I don’t know if I should be happy or upset! I placed 4 orders with asos,for my personal use (not to resell) 1 was 206usd, 2nd was $113 , 3rd was $181, 4th was $108 . They all shipped the same day and i was emailed 4 different dhl tracking numbers, i was excited and happy because I know dhl takes 2-4days to deliver in Nigeria. These packages arrived lagos on the 3rd day and the tracking read customs status updated. Then it later said customs clearance complete which is what I expected because non of my orders were up to $250. Hours later I refreshed the dhl tracking page, it said customs status updated again, this time there was a sentence that said “ The Clearance process for this shipment is on-going with additional details required for clearance
    Next Step:
    The clearance process will continue once the additional details are provided for clearance”

    I was confused! I didn’t understand what was going on! Then immediately i called dhl to ask them what was happening, they said the packages are undergoing customs inspection that they will get back to me. I said ok and relaxed. The next day i got 4 emails from dhl , each one had custom duties fees attached, saying I have to make payments. 1 was TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE N 22,643.50 , 2nd one was TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE NGN 30,685.50 , 3rd one was TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE NGN 32,560.50 , 4th one was TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE NGN 24,272.50 . Total is over NGN 100,000! I don’t understand at all!! How can custom duties be more than the package value??! I have emailed dhl to complain and i also told them I would be going the legal route to file charges against them. Because this is totally unacceptable!!! Please any input will be appreciated. my IG is “nwak.ego” just incase u have any advice on what i can do .

    • Hi Stepahine, sorry about this. Those charges are crazy. I would suggest you contact asos or the DHL and ask they return back the items.

    • Contact @dhlafrica on twitter with your complaints. How can items valued at 108 dollars and 113 dollars.. that’s using CBN exchange rate of 361 to naira both wont be more than 40k. How can parcel of 40k be paying tax of 20 to 22k.
      Kindly send a tweet to @dhlafrica.
      People have been complaining of the scam going on with dhl at Lagos office. How can u pay 22k for personal items of 40k value
      This is fraudulent.

  85. I will advice anyone that wants to order from ASOS to put it on a hold on!!!! Since it is now handled by DHL, the ogas of fraud in Lagos… just stay clear.

  86. I will advice anyone that wants to order from ASOS to put it on a hold on!!!! Since it is now handled by DHL, the ogas of fraud in Lagos… they are working hand in hand with customs and pocketing the money.
    Stay clear.
    They should return to sender.

  87. I ordered a few stuff worth £92 (about $113) from ASOS on 19/05/2020, I paid for express shipping and it was sent through DHL express. The package arrived in Lagos on 21/05/2020 and then the started changed with customs processing. DHL Nigeria sent me a message on 25/05/2020 with an invoice of 19,511 (about £41) as import duty. The crazy part is the 4% of Total Duty (on the minimum of N3,140.00) and Taxes and 5% VAT added to the import duty by DHL which should be paid along with duty into their bank account. That is, you are made to pay import duty and then DHL adds to your burden by including additional charges to the already unreasonable import duty.
    I contacted DHL for a redress of the import duty but the agent in charge insisted that the duty is correct and that it is based on the invoice on the package. In fact, it was emphasised that anything coming into the country attracts duty. I contacted ASOS to inform them and they promised to look into the matter, but the agent also advised that it’s better to be aware of import duty in the country before placing orders as they are unable to control that.
    Therefore, I’ll advise you make orders on ASOS only if you are willing to pay for duty, especially if your order is over $100. As at the time of writing this, the matter is still pending.

  88. Ordered on ASOS. 3 different orders and my customs fee is over 90,000. I was shocked. I had no idea they now ship with DHL. I contacted DHL, the lady I spoke to said if I had any issues with the charges to reply to the email and someone will respond. In her words “i’m not the one that calculate the customs”. So I said Okay that aside, if I wanted to return all my packages what’s the next step to take? and this dullard goes you’ll still have to pay for customs even if they send it back. So I asked her if what she said made any sense to her. So I’ll pay over N90,000 customs fee on packages I want to return back to ASOS?

    Everybody at that DHL is mad *pardon my language*

    • I know it can be such a painful experience. sorry about that. Avoid ordering any thing that’s above 100$ .

  89. Good day. Pls what’s your candid advice on ordering from asos this period.
    Who is responsible for shipping in standard and Express delivery.
    What is the limit but to avoid custom charges for both standard and Express delivery.
    Would you pay charge on standard delivery?

  90. Hi. I’ve actually placed a number of orders this season. I’ve been unlucky once.

    Skynet (or aramex if you’re lucky – that happened once) is doing standard delivery. If skynet brings it, you must pay a charge. They call it duty charge but that’s a lie. They literally charge every item that comes in and that’s not how customs work (I can say this with my chest). They’re just stealing cause you can’t do anything about it.

    If you do express, it’ll most likely come through DHL. And to be honest you have to keep orders as cheap as possible? I’ll say average is £120.

    I did an order of 171, including shipping and that’s where they hooked me. Other orders were before 120 and no issues.

    I advise express too cause it’s £20 and that’s approx what skynet mofos will still charge you for “duty”.

    Asos on the other hand… They’re head has been turninoniwn lately. One package had missing items another came with extra free shirt. But others were fine. The good thing is you can trust them to make good whatever errors – in cash or replacement of item. They’ll dash you free shirt cause really, they’re not interested in the hassle of returns for just a shirt.

  91. Following up my last message,

    You need to keep cost average it below £120 to avoid customs duty. Once your stuff costs a lot, they start to think “this one has money”.

    • are you sure £120 is safe?? There’s a guy who says he got customs charge from dhl for a parcel worth about £92 and got an invoice of #19500 .

  92. In his case, he was clearly unlucky.
    If not for their greed in customs, asos packages should be considered personal effects and left alone. But sometimes they still open randomly and once they do, there’ll be a price attached to it.
    Also, if you have energy and time you can go to their office at the airport to debate. People who have done this usually got the price reduced. Just thought to add that.

  93. Maybe a £100 bench mark would be more convenient. But bear in mind, higher or lower, you may be unlucky.

    And when duty charge comes, swear for customs not the shipper. That’s the real corruption house.

  94. They use cbn rate for the day to calculate customs.
    USD 361
    Pounds 460
    Whatsoever you are shopping do not exceed 50k of the cbn rate. For example. If I want to shop in usd and cbn rate is 361 for the day, this is about 138 usd or 108pounds.
    Do not exceed this.
    this is the benchmark dhl uses, stay away from standard shipping because u will still pay skynet.

    If your parcel is held up by dhl despite u sticking to this example above send them a very worded email of how a personal item worth less than 50k would be asked to pay customs fee.
    I know a lot escape this. The few people that got their parcels charged even though they maintained this, I found out that crooks in the dhl and customs ‘alliance’ claimed to have revalued the goods.
    They Basically implied tht asos reduced the worth of the goods for you and then also said they revalued the goods higher.
    U shud then send them a very worded email esp to their top management that ur parcel must be released.
    Remember its not what bank charges u but cbn rate that is used by customs .

    Pls save urself the stress of ordering more than this benchmarks because as long as it is from ASOS those crooks must find a way to look for money from u. Once u don’t exceed the benchmarks then they have no story….
    The mgt email is below

    I hve tried the above several times in the last few weeks

  95. I just got my things
    Total was 100.10 pounds
    Thenn i paid express delivery 20 pounds extra
    It moved on smoothly, was shipped by dhl.
    It got to lagos and customs held it ‘claiming’ inspection…
    They held it down for 3 days and opened it.
    I got this update when i kept tracking that it was held by customs for inspection.
    Later on by the evening of the 3rd day they released it.
    So yes stick to 100 pounds when buying which is equivalent to CBN pounds equiv rate to be 45,600 naira. CBN pounds rate for today us 456, dollars rate is 361…. dnt pass 50k
    It didn’t exceed 50k despite the things were much and i got them on minus 20 percent sale.
    The ppl didn’t have a case against me and released it after 3 days. I didn’t pay a dime and they didn’t contact me for a dime, just frustrated me with the wait for 3 days

    This was also my cousin’s experience this week.
    As for using standard delivery it is scam, bcus skynet must collect money.

    My 2nd parcel was 120 pounds and they sent me bill of 9,650naira…. see skynet ooo.. just stealing on the head of asos.. so pathetic .

    i regret cus i still waited for 2 weeks for standard delivery and to b ripped off by skynet.

    Stick to maximum of 100 to 105 pounds for worth of goods excluding delivery… and then pay 20 pounds for dhl abeg

    this is my experience this week

    • I’m also facing same issues…. I sent a complaint through mail to first bank and customer care replied that my card is fine.. But still my card keeps getting declined on the asos platform

  96. This is most likely due to the limit most banks placed on their customers – $100.
    My colleague experienced the same issue recentl. She tried severally, no luck. Then I asked her to order a $100 dollar equivalent or less. Then it worked. Too bad for our situation sha.

  97. Hi Admin. Great article! Do you know what the price range to buy goods to avoid paying customs duties is right now? I’d like to purchase a bunch of items and I’d very much like to avoid any excessive charges.

  98. Please has anyone ordered from ASOS this month or last month my ASOS account doesn’t allow me pick express delivery it’s stuck on standard or free delivery don’t know what to do
    Is it advisable to do free delivery and just pay skynet the custom chargers since I won’t be paying for delivery
    I emailed ASOS about wanting to do express delivery but they said premium delivery is not available in my country don’t know what to do please any ideas
    Thank you

    • Hi, I tried to order recently too. Looks like express is no longer available in Nigeria. There is a company I shop with on Instagram that buys stuff on my behalf and delivers to my doorstep in Nigeria. You only need to pay their shipping fee, no further customs when it gets delivered to you. Drop me a DM on Instagram @nowbiodun, if you would like to use them.


  99. Please I have made several attempts to place orders on ASOS through my Zenith and Ecobank using both card info option as well as paypal method but my payments keeps getting declined. Contacted Ecobank and was told the dollar spending limit on their card is 20dollars which is ridiculous. Haven’t contacted Zenith yet, but the last time I checked it was 100dollars. Assistance please…..has their limit changed or why has my orders been constantly payment declined

  100. I tried to order adidas original and other brands from asos and I was told that they cannot send to Nigeria due to restrictions please how do I go about this I really need them

  101. hi, so i placed order for two thing on ASOS nigeria. the total was 24ponds and delivery to my lagos island address was 16pounds. do you think i will be asked to pay custom charges when it arrives nigeria? id really appreciate a quick response. thank you.

    • Hi, it’s really been a while I ordered directly from asos so I can’t really say much for now. But the cost of what you ordered is very small, so I don’t think you should be worried about custom charge.

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