How to Buy on AliExpress from Nigeria: Review Delivery Charges and Tracking

how to buy on aliexpress from nigeria

AliExpress is an e-commerce service owned by Alibaba Group. Ever since its launch in 2010, the website has grown to be one of the biggest in the world connecting business and stores to buyers all over the world. I recently shopped on the website and I have friends who have done so too, so I’ll be writing on how to buy on AliExpress from Nigeria and all you need to know concerning tracking and delivery.

AliExpress is a big online market place and they sell many things there, products range from fashion clothings, gadgets, jewelleries, consumer electronics and lots more. They do flash sales and offer discounts sometimes on products just like asos. Their website is neat, easy to navigate and they also have mobile apps on Android and IOS for those who like to shop on the go.

Products on AliExpress are genuine but you also have to look carefully on the website for what you are buying. Since it’s a foreign website, you can pay with your Naira MasterCard or a Dollar card if you have one. Read more on GTBank Naira MasterCard spending limits here and how to get a Dollar Card here.

How to Buy on AliExpress from Nigeria

Just like every other e-commerce websites, visit and sign up for an account. After this, complete your profile by filling in the necessary information such as address, full name, contact, billing address and all that.

Search for the product you want to buy, choose the quantity. You may decide to add to cart if you still want to add more products or just click on Buy Now. Depending on the product(s) you want to buy, there are different shipping options, some may have up to 7 and some may be 2, 3 or more.

The image below is for a drone to Nigeria which has only just 2 shipping options, inclusive is free shipping via Fedex IE.

how to buy on aliexpress from nigeria
AliExpress shipping options

This is for a tripod stand which I actually purchased which had 7 different shipping options. Like I said earlier, most products comes with free shipping while others do not, so you decide the best shipping and the delivery duration for you.

how to buy on aliexpress from nigeria
AliExpress shipping options

AliExpress Tracking and Delivery – Standard and Express Shipping

After your order has been confirmed, you will be given a tracking number. You can track from the website or from the mobile app. You will also get an email notification when the package arrives the destination country. Below is a tracking timeline.

how to buy on aliexpress from nigeria
AliExpress Standard Tracking

As soon as the tracking showed my shipment has reached Nigeria, I waited a day then went to the nearest NIPOST office to claim my package.

N:B – You may see something like “Delivery deemed failed, contact local shipping company or seller”, this is just telling you to visit the nearest NIPOST office closest to the shipping address you gave to claim your shipment.

That’s how to buy on AliExpress from Nigeria.

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  1. Thanks for this briefing. Had placed order for a bag on Aliexpress but the tracking was not sent via mail , the is very slow to respond to my massage. The seller sent me a tracking number and a link via chat on the Ali app . Am really scared cause the tracking keep saying shipments is ready. Tried to chat with the seller but no response. Do you think the seller is legit? I paid on 6th of June 2018

  2. I am from ori-okuta,ikorodu,lagos. Can I use Nigeria general postal code 23401 or I should use my area postal code :104223.pls reply

  3. Hello Biodun,
    Please how do they calculate the shipping charge because it seems it increases massively as the number of goods increases?

  4. Aliexpress said order completed on Aliexpress app but I have not received any call as to where to pick up the item. But the tracking site is saying that the good has not arrived Nigeria, I don’t know what to believe and the buyer is not responding either

  5. I order an Item from AliExpress and I did not receive any notification either from the Bank or AliExpress, what should I do?

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