How to Buy a Laptop With Confidence & Important Considerations

how to buy a laptop

Unlike in the past, choosing your next laptop is a lot harder nowadays. Major computer brands have multiple products with overlapping features and prices, and it’s easy to get confused on how to buy a laptop with confidence.

How do you buy a laptop with confidence? While this is a pertinent question, the right answer depends on how you plan to use the laptop. Light users can get by with a Core i3 and 4GB RAM while moderate to mid-heavy usage like video editing requires core i7, AMD graphics, and at least 8GB RAM. It’s best to ensure the laptop is capable of handling your intended tasks. For instance, heavy gamers will have the best experience when using a laptop with advanced processors and graphics. Options labelled “VR Ready” are compatible with VR headsets for a thrilling gaming experience.

How Powerful Should it Be?

If you are a light user, getting a Pentium or Core i3 with a minimum of 4GB RAM will serve your needs. For heavy users, Intel Core i5/i7 and AMD 5/7 graphics with 8GB RAM or more can give you a great experience.

When considering laptop processors, you’ll come across two parameters. The speed (measured in GHz and available cores) and the laptop’s RAM.

To illustrate, the processor speed can be likened to the speed limit on a highway and the cores are like the lanes on the highway. When traffic is high, it would be better to drive on a road with a higher speed limit and more lanes. Consequently, having more RAM and processor speed on your laptop is better.

Laptop Design is King

The computer manufacturing technology is advancing at a higher rate compared to what we experienced in the last ten years. Customers no longer have to sacrifice design for peak performance and most recent designs combine ergonomics with a stellar performance.

It’s perfectly right to select your next laptop based on design. Besides, you are not just making an important investment but a laptop is another extension of your personality.

In essence, it viewed as an accessory and you want to have a laptop with comfort, ease of use and great visual appeal. That’s what Apple MacBooks achieve with the innovative UI and overall design.

Operating System (OS)

There are three main operators when it comes to the OS powering a computer. To ensure you buy a laptop with confidence check out the provisions below.

Consider Windows Laptops if…

  • You want to use specialist software you can’t abandon
  • Prioritize and like the familiar Windows OS
  • Want a wide spectrum of laptops and specifications to choose from

Consider Chromebook Laptops if…

  • You can work from cloud-based Apps
  • Value simplicity
  • Don’t want to spend too much

Get a MacBook if…

  • You already have other Apple devices or you’re willing to learn Mac OS
  • Value Apple’s build quality and longevity


Buying the best laptop can be a daunting task and it’s more about tradeoffs as there is no “one size fits all laptop”. But if you know how you intend to use the laptop, the process becomes easier. Be a smart consumer, consult before you buy. Netbooknews is a reputable channel for you, check it out!

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