How Indie Developers Make a Success of Games & Apps

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Being an app developer is tough, but even more so if you are an independent producer as you don’t have the financial and promotional muscle that a prominent developer can offer you. You do have the creative freedom to create a better product, but the downside is getting that product to the people who will use and appreciate it. Here we show you how Indie developers make a success of their games and apps.

Use Social Media to Create a Buzz

You need people to be talking about your new app, and these days the way to get the most extensive exposure for anything is through social media. It would be best if you trended at the right time, and that time is immediately leading up to your launch date. Time your posts and use relevant hashtags to maximize exposure.

Get on Blogs, Lists & Get Good Reviews

You can get famous bloggers to give endorsements of apps, and it’s a little-known secret that many of them will take a payment for this service and are upfront about it. It’s essential to get positive exposure, consider this list of the best free TV apps for Android phones, this is precisely the place you’d need your product to be if that’s the service it provides.

Create Versions on all Relevant Platforms

There is only a small percentage of apps where it makes sense to release on either Apple or Android and, for this reason, you should make it available for both. In the past, there was a trend for iPhone only for the prestige, however many users switch these days, and you don’t want to risk losing customers.

Ensure the App can be Monetized

You need to be able to make money from the app, as otherwise, you’ll need a day job, and in that sense, the app is a failure. There are three main ways to make a profit, purchase price for the app, in-app purchases, and advertising revenue. If you are offering purchases in-app, be aware all users may not be comfortable with giving out financial details. So, consider alternatives such as PayPal or Bitcoin, it’s easy to buy bitcoin in Australia, and this helps the user avoid giving you any data they are uncomfortable with a third party having.

Listen to Feedback

Feedback is of critical importance, there will always be things that people are not completely satisfied with your app, and some of these will be single people’s opinions, but if a concern is a trend, then you must look at it. It’s easy to check your App Store reviews and respond to any concerns.

Thorough Testing & Good Tech Support

The other way of ensuring excellent quality service is to, firstly, have as thorough as possible a beta testing phase before general release. Also, ongoing and high-quality customer service is indispensable. It should be clear on the app and the descriptions of how to get in contact with any issues, and you should respond to these in a reasonably desirable timescale.

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