Download GTA San Andreas Apk + Data (Highly Compressed)

gta san andreas apk + data highly compressed - GTA San Andreas cheat codes

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the most played games in the world. The game is a typical gangster-style game, with excellent graphics and soundtrack. Originally, you can only play this game on PCs, because of its extreme file size. However, today, the GTA San Andreas apk is now available in “compressed” versions. With the availability of the compressed version of this game, you can now download the GTA San Andreas on your Android phones or iPhones and enjoy. In this article, we are going to be showing you how you can download and install the compressed version of the GTA San Andreas apk on your devices.

download gta san andreas apk + data highly compressed

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Apk Data Size

  • Original Size: 2.4GB
  • Compressed Size: 200MB

Download the GTA San Andreas Apk

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Download GTA San Andreas Data

The certified version can be downloaded on Google Play, however, for Moded ones, see the links below.

Mali GPU is highly recommended for compression of large data size. It has a higher compressibility capacity, compared to Adreno GPU.

Note: The above links are “Google drive” links, which are have not been verified by Google. Navigating through the links is at your own discretion.

Check Which Data to Download

Download the CPU-Z from Google Play Store. Install and launch the app. This will display your CPU (processor information), including the GPU of your device. The display is as shown below.

Install the GTA San Andreas Apk

  • Make sure you’ve successfully downloaded the GTA San Andreas apk and the GTA San Andreas data from the Google drive links provided above.
  • Extract the GTA San Andreas data using an app, known as ZArchiver app.
  • You can get the app from Google Play Store.
  • Transfer the compressed GTA San Andreas data to either of the following destinations.
  • Android > data (for Mali GPU devices).
  • Android > obb (for Andreno GPU devices).
  • Install the “compressed” GTA SA apk.
  • Launch the game and start enjoying your game.

Note: GTA San Andreas has minimum requirements for device support.

Minimum Requirements For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The following are the minimum configuration and specs, required to support GTA San Andreas on your Android devices:

  • OS – Android 4.0.3 and above
  • RAM – 512
  • CPU – 1.2 GHz
  • GPU – Andreno or Mali

Given the specs highlighted above, virtually all recent Android devices support the GTA San Andreas game.

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The Storyline of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The game is a typical gangbanger style setting. The game’s main character is known as Carl (a former gangster), whose mother was killed. He returned to the city to seek vengeance for the murder of his mum. He goes after the people that murdered his mum and eliminates them one after the other.

You (in the role of Carl) have been provided access to a host of vehicles ranging from, cars, motorbikes and even bicycles. In fact, you can purchase garages, stores, bars and even patronize hookers. The game basically illustrates all the feel of a “crime-filled” city.

GTA San Andreas game has excellent graphics, duly accompanied by a superb soundtrack. You can easily download it by following the steps we have provided in this article.

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  1. Well I tried mali but here in the blog you write its full game with 2.4 gb but inside the data file space is 527 mb when I open the game the graphices were low quality with no sound..

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  3. I have downloaded as instructed on my Huawei MYA-L22 (which has all stated specifications) and the game opens and loads to the home page. Whenever I click to start play, it closes automatically.
    What might be the cause?

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