Google Search Results Will Now Continuously Scroll on Desktop

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After bringing continuous scrolling to mobile search last October, Google is now bringing the feature to desktop in English in the US. Search results will continue to load up to six pages that will scroll continuously before users see a “See more” button.

Google did not say when the feature will come to other countries, but it is expected to reach other markets and languages in due time as it is rolled out on mobile. The first page of results on Google search is highly coveted, and most users hardly check the second or third pages to see the information they are looking for. Google stated last year that people seeking “additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results.” With continuous scrolling, websites will hope to get more visibility, but getting on the first page of search results will still be as important as ever.

The change in design is similar to how social media feeds are designed nowadays. Content on social media feeds scrolls infinitely continuously instead of telling users to tap to see more.

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