Finally, No More Manual Captchas – Google Introduces Invisible reCAPTCHA

Google invisible recaptcha

As annoying as it is for internet users to manually tick the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA box every time, it still does a great of telling website owners their site is being accessed by humans. Google has now announced its invisible reCAPTCHA will be much more easy on humans and extra hard on bots.

Google invisible recaptcha
Credit: Google

The invisible reCAPTCHA now lets users get access to websites directly without the usual box. According to Google, this is based on a new technology which uses machine learning and improved risk analysis engine to analyse web browsing behaviour. However, a user may still have to tick the box manually if suspicious activities are noticed in their browsing patterns.

Over the years, CAPTCHA has helped website owners in preventing malicious attacks by spam bots. It has also helped Google to enhance its machine learning database by digitizing and transcribing text and images, every time a user ticks and passes the CAPTCHA box.

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