Google to introduce AI in Call Centres

Google to introduce AI in Call Centres

Recently, Google has proclaimed that a new call centre venture which makes use of Artificial Intelligence to act like humans and answer basic requests. In the event that the problem posed by a caller is complicated, the AI redirect the call to a human agent.

The venture which is dubbed Contact Centre AI was made aware to the public during Google Next earlier this week in San Francisco. This initiative is part of a Google project tagged Dialogflow Enterprise Edition which is the company’s development initiative for creating and developing conversational employees which were made known in November 2017. This project has been made better employing DeepMind’s WaveNet, which can be incorporated into a network of telephones employing the Dialogflow Phone Gateway.

It is made known that WaveNet is a complex creative example of unrefined audio waveforms created by the Google’s UK subordinate DeepMind and was made known in 2016. The public is assured of a creative conversation which imitates a human voice and speech pattern and it is promised that it shall convey information better than the most preferred Text-to-Speech systems available, reducing the deficit with a human performance by over 50 per cent.

In a post made public by Google AI’s chief Scientist, Fei-Fei Li, he mentioned that a lot of studies have been done on the various situations faced by existing call centres every day and it was discovered that more often than not, a customer’s requests or complaints were based on transactions and queries on information and they were devoid of intricacies. This means that employees of the contact centre have to go through the same boring conversations every day. Also, it affords them little or no time to solve complex issues which are not developmental. Therefore, they had to develop AI to maximize the experience of clients and call centre agents that assist them.

How it works

The call centre AI replaces the traditional phone system with a virtual representative that provides solutions to questions before redirecting customers to a human agent. Therefore, the AI shall provide human agents with vivid and descriptive information that shall relieve them of needing the same information again. The venture does not contravene any government’s injunction and protects a customer’s data privacy.

Striking Similarities with Google Duplex

This new technology is quite similar to Google Duplex which is an AI application developed to hold conversations that have elements of humanity in it. The latter sounds so human-like that it caused a stir earlier this year when CEO Sundar Pichai made it practical at a conference. It was criticized for failing to tell the person on the receiving end of the phone that it was a bot. The Contact centre technology clearly announces itself as a bot/virtual agent to a phone caller to avoid any form of confusion.

It is noted that both technologies sharing various similarities. However, both of them have distinct tasks and they are laden with different technologies. Contact Centre is developed to focus on the business world while the Google Duplex is developed to centre on personal experiences.

Via: TheVerge

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