What is Glo Recharge Code?

glo recharge code

It is very easy to forget some of the codes associated with all the network service providers these days; this becomes more difficult if you use more than one SIM card on your phone. If you are a Glo subscriber, you will surely want to know Glo recharge code.

There are many ways to load airtime to your phone today. Banks now have shortcodes you can dial on your phone to perform various transactions and you can also use the mobile apps to perform the same transactions. If you are the type that still buys recharge cards or you get sent recharge card numbers to input on your phone, knowing Glo recharge code comes very handy.

How to Recharge Your Glo Line

To load that your Glo recharge card, dial *123*PIN# and send. For example, every Glo recharge card has 15-digits number, all you have to do is dial in this format – *123*867351092567854# and send. Dial #124# to check your account balance.

How to Transfer Airtime on Glo Network

Just like the MTN Share and Sell which allows its subscribers to transfer airtime to one another, Glo offers the same service called EasyShare.

It is very easy to use Glo easy share. To transfer airtime, dial *131*phone number of recipient*amount*password#. For example, you want to transfer N150 credit to 0805468108 and your password is 12345 – dial *131*0805468108*150*12345#

You should know, the default password to transfer airtime from your Glo line is 00000.

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