Easy Ways to Contact Glo Customer Care

glo customer care

Globacom is the second largest network provider in Nigeria, in terms of numbers of subscribers (only second to MTN). More often than not, as Glo mobile users, we require the services of the customer care agents. These services range from lodging of complaints to making enquiries about airtime and data packages among others. In this article, we are going to be providing you with the “easy ways to contact Glo customer care”.

There are many ways through which you can easily contact Glo customer care. We have outlined some of the easiest ways for you.

Glo Customer Care Number

Putting a call through to the Glo customer care line is the conventional (most used) method of reaching out to the Glo’s customer care unit, to make enquiries and lodge complaints. However, upon dialling the number, you will be put on hold for a few minutes, before a customer care agent picks your call to provide answers to your queries. Speaking to a customer care representative is absolutely free.

To reach the customer care of Glo, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 121 or 200, if you are calling directly from a Glo number.
  • Dial 08050020121 or 08050020200, if you are calling from another network within Nigeria.
  • Dial +2348050020121 or +2348050020200, if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

By dialling any of these numbers, you are guaranteed access to some pre-programmed information. However, you’ll need to exercise some patience to speak to a customer care representative.

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Contact Glo Customer Care on Facebook

Today, many of us now use social media to pilot through our daily activities. So if you don’t want to go through the stress of calling the Customer Care line, you can easily send them a message via Glo official Facebook page. A representative will reply to you in a matter of minutes (or few hours).

Contact Glo Customer Care on Twitter

You can also make your enquiries or complaints via the official Twitter handles of Glo customer care. Follow @GloCare or @Glo World, and tweet or send a DM, detailing your queries or complaints. A customer care representative is always available to reply to your tweets and DMs.

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Contact Glo Customer Care via your Nearest Service Centre

Glo, as a customer-oriented mobile network, has customer care centres (GloWorld) in every major city, across the 36 States of Nigeria and the FCT. You can easily walk into any of the GloWorld branches close to and lodge your complaints (or make your enquiries). There are customer care representatives, who will attend to your needs. Check out the addresses of all Gloworld offices/outlets here, and note down the one(s) closest to you.

Note: Most of the Gloworld offices open by 8am and close by 4pm or 5pm.

E-mail Contact

Many of us find convenience in the “professionality/formality and privacy”, which email provides. Glo recognizes this and provides email platforms, through which you can easily lodge your complaints or make enquiries by sending an email to either of these email address: customercare@gloworld.com or corporatecare@gloworld.com. A customer service representative will send you a reply mail in no time.

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You can also post your queries and complaints via the post office. To do this, simply write your letter, detailing your enquiries or complaint(s) (to be addressed to the Customer Care Manager/Head) and send to this address:

Mike Adenuga Towers,

Adeola Odeku Street,

Victoria Island 23401, Lagos,


Glo: Rule Your World

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  1. Please the staff of the Glo office at Lagos bus stop in Port Harcourt township should be called to order. Chioma and co in that office are chasing away customers by extorting #1200 from customers to upgrade their sim to 4G. I’ve upgraded my Airtel and Mtn sim without paying anything but Glo is charging for it which is too bad for a strong and reliable network like them. The entire staff in that office should be investigated because this is fraud.

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  3. I bought a glo sim but whenever I recharge and i used it to call two numbers u deduct all my credit.how can you help me with it

  4. Its been months since i started subscribing to a mini data plan and the bonus wasnt bad….until last few weeks whereby the data bonus is 32.mb or 12.mb, pls for heaven sake, am i to browse anything with that ?
    Kindly rectify this wrongs!
    Many thanks

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  6. Whom it may concern
    I Oluwatoyin with mobile number, being having issues with my data plan, it keep exhausting without using it or sharing any other person with hotspot, I only use this data on my WiFi with only one phone which I mange the data and I have subscribe 1000 Naira card which gives me 2gb twice today and it has being exhausting with me using it, I don’t know what’s wrong with this number or the service. I manage my data plan and when I subscribe for this data plan before it took me for over 5 day’s before exhausting but since last night it only taking 2 hours on my phone before exhausting. I need my number to be checked thanks

  7. my name’s Olawale, your staff at one ilewo in Abeokuta are extorting #1000 for ordinary sim swap. we are been treated badly in Abeokuta kindly comes to our rescue. tomorrow am going there also for it, if it extortion is it continue am done with glo and people around me in Abeokuta.

  8. I have tired using glo to browse I sub yesterday with 500 naira I just open Facebook for 5sec they send me messages it expired and do another one today because I need to do something online 300 naira daily sametin u guys are scam I sue 08154626193

  9. Please I need urgent respond on this my reply my phone have get lost for long with my Flo SIM and the SIM is one of my hot line in all my SIM don’t how I can get the same no I want u people to help me out by reactivate it this is my number08156925454 please I will really appreciate if my reply is being responded to as urgent

  10. Good afternoon, I am one of your subscriber with 08050982215 and an away from nigeria. I lost my number
    Is there anyway to get another one because i still have up to sis months before i come back to Nigeria

  11. My glo line number 07055174944 was unjustly blocked since January 1st 2020. I was asked to go and update my registration status with any glo outlet in Benin City, which i did in October, 2019. Thereafter I received a text message from 7018 confirming the registration of the line on the 29th October, 2019. But to my dismay I got another rude voice message asking me to go for another registration and before I know it the line has been blocked.
    Please kindly unlock the line within 24 hours or else I will port to another network.
    Thank you.

  12. You did not help in any way. How can you get to the customer care representative? If u dial 121. Press 1, press this press that… Etc and then wait till they pick up your call. That will help a lot if not.

    We know the customer care number.

  13. Hello Good day, please I bought my glo line and registered it yesterday at Garrison Port Harcourt and up till now it has not been activated yet. Please I need your help urgently.
    Phone number: 07057503014. Serial number: 8923450405190793126F. Puk number: 33313117.

  14. I can’t make call
    Or recharge my glo SIM
    They keep telling me
    “Can’t make calls while call barring is on”
    Please is it from my phone setting or the network
    I really need help

    • Good morning sirs and ma’am’s: My name is bowlu. I thereby lodge my complaint:
      I bought an airtime ( #300.00) from a Glo’s server ( a grocery’s selling airtime). After inserting the figures on my phone, I clicked on the LOAD button. Shortly after that, I saw an SMS depicting, ” a problem occurred during the refill. Please contact our customer care”. I tried it 4 times yet,… I tried to reach you ( customer care) but, one of your dispensers said, ” I’m not allowed to call the number”. Pls, I need you to resolve this quickly. Thank you. Nigeria

  15. Good morning sirs and ma’am’s: My name is Damilare. I thereby lodge my complaint:
    I bought an airtime ( #500.00) from a Glo’s server ( a grocery’s selling airtime). After inserting the figures on my phone, I clicked on the LOAD button. Shortly after that, I saw an SMS depicting, ” a problem occurred during the refill. Please contact our customer care”. I tried it 4 times yet,… I tried to reach you ( customer care) but, one of your dispensers said, ” I’m not allowed to call the number”. Pls, I need you to resolve this quickly. Thank you. Nigeria…

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