Simple Ways to Get US Phone Number in Nigeria for Free

how to get US phone number in nigeria for free

We’ve written before on how to get a free UK phone number in Nigeria, this tutorial will guide you on how to get US phone number in Nigeria for free. There are many advantages to having a US phone number whilst being in Nigeria and those who have the need at a point will recognize the importance. The best part about this is that the US phone number is linked to your traditional phone number and you can give out either of the two numbers. When the US number is called, your main MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9Mobile number rings out.

There are many ways to get US phone number in Nigeria, some are paid but this tutorial is free. All you need is an app on Google Play. Having a US phone number lets people call you from the United States on your local number at the same rate and those who want to apply for Amazon affiliate in Nigeria need a US phone number to complete the verification.

Easy Way to Get US Phone Number in Nigeria for Free

Method 1

  • This requires using an app called textPlus. Download on Google Play if you use an Android and iOS store for iPhone.

If you are seeing “app is not available in your country” on Play Store, you can choose from the list of the free VPN apps we listed here to bypass the restriction.

  • Open the app, register with your email, select a US state of your choice and enter a matching area code when prompted. You can easily search for any state area/ZIP code on Google.
  • Upon successful registration, a US phone number is generated for free and displayed on the screen for you to see.

Do not uninstall the app from your phone as the number will not work for you again. Should you decide to want to keep the number permanently you will have to a little token, however, it is totally free getting the US number, you just need to use it often for you to retain the number.


Method 2

For this app, you will need to part with a little token to get your US phone number as this is not free, unlike the first app.

  • Download Telos Free Phone Number app on Android or iOS.
  • Open the app, register and follow the steps as described in Method 1 above.
  • You will be shown the different plans such as weekly, monthly or annually with which you can pay to retain the US phone number within the chosen plan period. The weekly plan is very cheap and you can go for that.

That’s how to get US phone number in Nigeria for free.

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