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Genvideos is a streaming website that offers movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other Asian countries. All videos from this site are full length, high quality and free. However, the site comes with a complex interface which some users might find confusing.

With this in mind, we have come up with websites where you can stream high quality, full-length videos for free. In short, these sites have offered the same services as Genvideos. Now let’s find out more.

Best Genvideos Alternatives to Stream Videos


This site offers links to various locations where you can download movies on the internet. When you click on these links, the site redirects you to several legal and trusted sites where you can download videos with ease.


A favourite of many movie fans. Rainerland has features that will make any user spend hours on the website.

For one, it has a clutter-free interface which allows you stream movies with ease. It even lets you watch these movies without the presence of pop-up ads.

On Rainierland you can get movies in the quality, and with a friendly interface, you’ll never run out of great movies to watch.

Movies on Rainierland are of top quality, which makes the site a viable option for devices with large screen sizes. The platform also has a wide selection of movies which cut across various genres.

Another top site is Apart from video streaming, the site allows users to download and watch these movies in offline mode. We want to add that before you can stream content on this site, your device should have a flash player installed.

Although stands as a viable option, it has its downsides. First, it is quite slow when it comes to playing videos; thus, some patience will be required. Next, it does not feature TV shows; however, you can check out sites such as or 123movies.


Hulu comes as one of the best-known names in the streaming business. It even stands as a possible rival to Netflix.

The site has a massive library of great movies; however, only a few of these titles are available for free. This means that you have to subscribe to “Hulu Plus” to have unlimited access to all movies and TV shows. One of the best Genvideos alternatives.


Like most sites on our list, Vumoo has a sleek interface which will grab the attention of any visitor. Also, it has a large selection of movies that cut across different genres. To watch videos on this site is easy. All you need to do is tap on your preferred title and lay back.

If you are a fan of, then Vumoo should serve as an ideal alternative.


With this site, navigation is easy due to its clutter-free interface. Also, you can watch tons of high-quality vintage and classic movies from all genres. Apart from film, you can also stream popular TV shows such as the Flash, American Idols and the Voice. You also download these movies for offline viewing.

The library is continuously updated with the latest movies and tv shows, which means you do not have to wait for long before you can watch new content. With such features, the site will continue to attract a high number of visitors. One of the best Genvideos alternatives.

This site has one of the sleekest interfaces around, especially for a movie streaming platform.

If you are first time user, the chances are that you will fall in love with how beautiful the movies are organized. The site is easy to use and with fewer ads, you are bound to enjoy streaming videos without paying any fees.

Overall this site remains a fan favourite as many users have positive reviews concerning it. Thus, if you are looking for a platform that offers a clean interface with seamless streaming, try

At the time of this article, the site was suspended. But we expect the platform to come back on within a short while.


Like most sites on this list, CouchTuner has a long list of TV shows for your viewing pleasure. Also, these titles come for free.

This admins of this site ensure that newest episodes of various TV series are uploaded. This means you can watch your favourite TV show within an hour of its release.


Putlocker has a minimalistic design which you might find unattractive. However, the site loads very fast on both mobile and PC.

It also features one of the largest selections of free TV shows and movies on the internet. Furthermore, you can watch all of them for free. One of the best Genvideos alternatives.

This platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to navigate. It also features an option where users can switch to any major language of their choice.

Also, the movie download links are placed in different mirror link so that you download the video format you like most.

The download links are placed as mirror links; thus, you can download movies in any video format.

Try any of these Genvideos alternatives and please we would like to hear your thoughts and comments about them.


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