Best 5 Gadgets Every Designer Dreams Of Having

designer gadgets

Thanks to technology, every year new and impressive gadgets are unveiled. These devices not only work to make life easier for tech guys but also stimulate their creativity and push design capability. And since designs are always evolving or getting better some gadgets are a must have for every modern designer while others are just for showing off to friends and colleagues that you are also packed with the latest tools. Whether as a gift for a designer or you want to boost your creative art; here are the 5 best gadgets every designer dreams of having.

Best Gadgets Every Designer Dreams of Having

1.   3Doodler

designer gadgets
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There is something fun about using a 3D pen during the creative process. It shows going back to the roots of creativity where designers used to start with simple pen and paper. Be it for an experienced designer or a kid who aspires to be a designer in the future, then the best 3D pen to have is 3Doodler. What makes this pen user-friendly is that the biodegradable filament even when heated can be touched by hand without causing burns. Even with tweaks and upgrades, 3Dooler has maintained simplicity, comfortability and made creativity fun for all ages. The configuration process is so easy, and all you need to do is plug it into a power source, add in the ABS or PLA plastic and turn it on using one click. Made using the FDM technology, this pen makes both the casing and nozzle safe to touch.

3Doodler has concentrated in ease of use and portability. As a result, the pen has simple features which include a LED light indicator to show the user when the pen is on or charging. It also has a USB port for charging, and you can still use the pen even when charging. If you are the type of person who loves to have creativity at their fingertips without having all the technological know-how, then a 3Doodler will do the job for you.

2.   XYZ Printing da Vinci Mini

designer gadgets

With various new 3D printers available, you need one that combines quality and ease of use without costing you a chunk of money, and that is what you get with XYZ Da Vinci printing. It is small yet economical, easy to set up and a novice can quickly start using this 3D printer. It has good quality print and easy to understand software. Despite its small size of about 24 pounds and open frame design, the extruder nozzle of the printer is safely hidden which works to prevent any accidental burns. Even when printing, this pen will not make any noise which helps to promote a quiet work environment.

XYZ Printing da Vinci mini has a bright orange look which makes it stand out and suitable for all genders. It features an NFC card reader which will help the user know how much color to use and the amount of reel available after use. The aluminum slab for the printing material can be replaced when worn out which prevents you from having to buy the whole equipment in case of damage. Instead of having to fumble and understand the different controls on a printer, the XYZ da Vinci mini has no controls but comes with automated calibration process. Instead, all the functionality is installed with the software allowing you to scale, load more than one model and print all of them at once without incurring any major problem.

3.   Glowforge 3D laser printer

designer gadgets

Whether you are a designer who uses glass, wood, fabric, leather or acrylic; a Glowforge 3D laser printer is for all DIY artists. People who want to print their products in an office or those who have home-based business will benefit by using this laser printer. It features a dual camera which helps to autofocus as well as aligns patterns with laser head during the cutting process. The cameras automatically exude a beam of light to show the cutting position, unlike other printers where you have to do the process manually. You don’t have to be an expert to use this machine as it comes with software that has about ten preinstalled designs that you can use. You can draw a simple design on the canvas you want to print, use the camera to trace it and the laser printer to quickly print out your end product. The built-in camera together with software makes cutting easy and clean. Even with all its advantages, perhaps what makes Glowforge 3D laser printer so amazing is that the exhaust blower and tube cooling are both inbuilt and do not require different power outlets. Instead, you will need to power the machine to a single power source. It is also compatible with various devices including tablet, PC, and Mac. It engraves ceramic tiles, stone, marble, titanium, glass and anodized aluminum.

4.    Turnikit

designer gadgets

If you love photography or a fun of posting your images on the different social media platforms including a website, then Turnikit is perfect for you as it narrows the depth of your focus. This lens adapter has an extension ring for autofocusing on a specific object. For those using either iPhone 6, 6 Plus or even iPhone 7, Turnikit makes it easier to mount Nikon or Canon lens to the phone. This adapter works not only for photos but also lets you control your videos. Even though these iPhone give out great images, with this adapter, you can push the boundaries of your photography skills. While this adapter requires more light as compared to the traditional cameras, you will have to experiment with the different lenses to find that which will give you the desired quality.

5.    Cyber Clean

designer gadgets

Gadgets are constantly exposed to dirt and germs, and a good clean can prolong the functionality, and use of the device be it a phone, laptop, remote control or tablet. The invisible germs can even be transferred by touch to our bodies causing infections and diseases. To make any of your device safe and free of germs or invisible microorganism you can use Cyber Clean. This cleaning pen works to remove dirt from even those hard to reach corners. It will even make your camera lens squeaky clean. It comes with3 extra antiseptic solutions that you can easily insert in pen and start your cleaning process.

Cyber Clean is effective as it will not allow any spillage of the solution and doesn’t require any expertise on how to handle or use it. It will even remove any smear or stains on keyboards or touch screens. Designers who are looking for a gadget that will make their devices free of dust, dirt or any sticky substances; then Cyber Clean is worth having in a home, office or in any place where computers are shared. For homes where the kids touch the TVs screen or any monitor, you can use this product to remove any visible prints.  Cyber Clean is also great for removing harmful particles on alarm clocks, light switches, briefcase handles, watches, rings, earrings, DVD players, entertainment speakers and games pads. The lemon scent in this cleaner further freshens and gives your devices a good natural smell. These gadgets will also make a memorable birthday gift as they are practical and every designers dream.

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