How to fund PSN account in Nigeria and Unsupported Countries

get psn card in nigeria and unsupported countries

It’s hard but not impossible to fund PSN account in Nigeria and other unsupported countries directly not listed on PlayStation Network. There are two ways to play games on your PS4 console; you either buy a CD or get a digital download. For unsupported countries and Nigerians, most gamers buy CDs, while the few that get digital games have to drop off their console and get charged exorbitant prices for this service.

Since I got my PS4, I bought an Uncharted 4 CD and every other game I’ve played since then have been bought online from PSN Store and downloaded digitally. This is better for me because I can easily switch between games and play on my PS4 console, those buying CDs have to go through the stress of ejecting CDs and inserting another when they want to try out different games on their console.

There are advantages and disadvantages to getting games digitally/CDs as some would argue. CD buyers will say they can sell game CDs or trade for another game when a game has been completed; while others will argue they wouldn’t have to worry about Hard Disk crashes. Buying games digitally require you have a huge volume of data and fast internet to download; if these conditions are meant I still think it’s better to download PlayStation games digitally than buying CDs.

Opening a Verified PSN Account in Nigeria

It’s impossible to open a Nigeria PSN account. The only way to have a working PSN account in Nigeria is if you open an account with US information. You can sign up for a PSN account directly on your PlayStation 4 console if you have your WIFI connected, this step is easy and straightforward as your console gets activated immediately for the PSN account you have created.

When signing up for a PlayStation Network account on your console, select United States as Origin. Now you can select any US state but some US states get charged tax money when buying games online so you have to avoid this. States like Florida, Northern California, Alabama and Oregon do not get charged extra for buying games on PSN; use one of these and Google the state ZIP code as it would be required in the process of signing up for a US PSN account. When you are done registering you will be asked if you want to add your credit card as payment method, do not enter. Getting US account will let you fund PSN account in Nigeria.

Buying a PSN Gift Card – Fund PSN Account in Nigeria

Now that you have a US PSN account, you will need a US PSN card to fund your Wallet in order to buy games or anything you wish on the PSN account. I’ve made purchases on Amazon and Offgamers, I would recommend Offgamers as they have more US PSN card options and you will need to register as a US resident for you to purchase the gift card on Amazon.

  • Sign up for an account on Offgamers, make sure to enter correct information and phone number as a code will be sent to your phone for verification.
  • Make US PSN gift card purchase here.
  • Pay with your credit card or with your Nigerian PayPal account, I normally pay with my PayPal since I have a Dollar card connected to the account.
  • Offgamers will send you emails when you sign up and your order details when it has been completed.
  • The US PSN gift card code is also completed immediately.

How to Finally Fund PSN Account in Nigeria

Since you have created a US PSN account on your console the rest would be easy. There are two ways to apply the code, you can do it directly from your PS4 console or on the web by signing-in to your PSN account. To do it on the console, put on the PS4 and make sure it’s connected to the internet. Open the store and select “Wallet” from the menu shown at the left side of your screen, select Redeem Codes and enter your 12 digit PIN. See the other way below:

  • Sign-in to PlayStation Store.
  • Hover the mouse on top of your user ID at the top-right corner to bring out account options. Select Account Settings.
playstation network nigeria
  • Select Redeem Prepaid Card
fund playstation network account in nigeria
  • Enter the 12-digit code you bought from OffGamers (see image below)
fund psn account in nigeria
  • Click on Continue and confirm to see funds add to your Wallet.
buy ps4 games online in nigeria

You can buy as many US PSN Card many times as possible, just follow the above steps to fund Wallet. You can also buy PlayStation Plus membership card to get exclusive access to top games free and exclusive discount on games on PlayStation Store. Now that your wallet has been funded, you can start buying games directly on your console from PlayStation Store. I normally download my games with Spectranet’s unlimited night browsing. See all available unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

If you really love your console you ought to have a UPS connected with it, this way you can shut it down yourself when PHCN takes power. Downloading a game while power is taken away suddenly on the console will corrupt your games.

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  1. Sony really has a weird problem with people outside the mainland USA. I’m in Puerto Rico and they don’t accept my credit card, I have to use PayPal.

  2. Hi Biodun. Awesome article must say. Read it and jumped right in. Offgamers were quite reliable just as you stated. No issues with my paypal account either. Really glad to finally fund my psn I can take my gaming up a notch. Thanks for the hack brav. Sad your a Chelsea fan though…you seem like a smart ol geek. *winks*

  3. Hello Biodun,

    Great article, I have had issues logging into my psn plus.

    Does GTB debit card work with payments for PlayStation Plus 3 Months Membership (US) Discount Promo?

    I do not have a paypal account

  4. Hello Biodun,

    I am interested in opening a PAYPAL account. but I was wondering if I could use it to receive payment?

    Your input will be highly appreciated

    Thanks bro

  5. Hey Biodun, thanks for the reply but still one or two more questions though. How would I receive the code from Offgamers and how long does it normally take?

  6. Thanks Biodun.
    You just saved me a few bucks. I was about to pay about 4k more for the same thing thankfully, I came across this article.
    Thanks once again

  7. Hi Biodun,
    Thanks for your article. I have has a PS4 console for several months now and rudely found out i couldn’t register an account cos i was in Nigeria – bummer.
    I asked a friend in the UK to open one for me but i he guess he was feeling skittish about doing so before the tax people show up on his door step.
    I will follow your steps and hope it works for me. From all the posts to your article i am sure it does. I do have a Nigerian PayPal account that works too.
    Thanks again.

  8. Hi biodun. Please with all respect can i get your number i just found this article i really need to communicate with you further. Thanks mine is 08081650075. God bless

  9. Hi Biodun, please I would like to know if you can use UK PSN gift card to fund your account if you set the account region to UK

  10. Big man God bless you. I’ve been stuck for about two days now. Finally bought the amount I needed…thanks boss!!

  11. Thanks for the post b
    I was sad I couldn’t use my PS4 console to its fullest
    Anyways, I’d like to contact you on certain issues
    I’m sure you wouldn’t drop your number herein for security reason
    So please send me an email
    Thanks b

  12. Hi Biodun, Why didn’t i find your post earlier. Please would i need to change / mask my IP address when redeeming the code or during download?

  13. Hello biodun. My name is Emmanuel. I stay in Abj. I just followed your tutorial here and bought 60 dollars PSN, Because I wanted to download FIFA 20, but it’s More than 30 minutes now, I still can’t see my 12 digits codes.

    They have sent 3 different emails, none is what I want. Please bro, how long should I wait before I become worried.

    My WhatsApp number is 07068569004.

    I would love to chat with you bro. Please..

  14. Master biodun i greet you boss,its nice to know this thread is still kicking….God bless you for your good work.
    I would like to know if there’s any variation on the spectranet subscription prices lately or its still the same
    Thank you 🙂

  15. Hey biodun they did not accept my paypal I tried inputting the code from off gamers to my ps4 direct it worked but I am not still logged into my ps plus

  16. Hello Biodun,

    I need your help. My eleven year old son is driving me up the wall!

    I used your hacks and bought a $10 card for him. He inhaled it and now I want to give him a present that I have been promising him since 1412.

    Only to get to OffGamers and no PayPal. Just Yandex and ChinaWallet. And the OffGamers chatbot does not seem to like.

    Please help a desperate parent!

    I am about to go crazy

    • Hello Ma’am, sorry about that. I just tried now on OffGamers and I saw PayPal as a payment option. Maybe you should try again.

      There are also other options like Card payment.

    • PayPal is still an option ma’am. I still purchased using OffGamers/PayPal yesterday(all thanks to Biodun’s post)
      I would advise you are already login to your PayPal account (on same system), so OffGamers can automatically redirect you to your logged-on Portal.
      Hope this helps.

  17. Thanks, Biodun. I appreciate it. I eventually bought it from Amazon which had been behaving funny. Peace Restored.

    PS The chatbot eventually told me that I was not allowed to use online payment channels because of some verification issue.

  18. Thanks, Biodun. I didn’t know some states in the USA are not paying tariff on this, saves me a useful slim wad going this route to get cool PNS.

  19. Thank you so much for the breakdown. You are so helpful and now I can play Modern Warfare and Borderlands 3 online with PlayStation plus. Thank you!!

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