Download (FTS 18) First Touch Soccer 2018 Apk and Data Obb for Android

first touch soccer 2018 apk and data

This guide will tell you all you need to know about First Touch Soccer 2018 apk and data obb for android with unlimited money. If you do not know yet, First Touch Soccer or FTS as it is fondly called is an android soccer game with less download size that is giving PES and FIFA games a good run for their money.

First Touch Soccer 2018 apk and data obb for Android has gotten a lot of improvements and in terms of neat graphics, gameplay, more stadium, players, and improved tactics upgrade from the 2017 version. If you’ve always been worried about playing your FIFA game or PES online with data you do not have to worry with FTS 2018 as it is completely an offline game.

Features of First Touch Soccer 2018 Apk and Data Obb for Android

  • Neat Graphics: FTS 2018 features stunning graphics, unique animations and gameplay. The game may have a small download size but it has a display that rivals PES and FIFA.
  • Manager Mode: Every football lover loves this. With FTS 2018, you can be a manager, build and coach your own team on their way to winning trophies.

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What You Must Know about FTS 2018 Apk and Data Obb Unlimited Money

  • Game size – 75MB apk, 102MB for obb and 87MB for game data
  • Requires Android 4.0 version and above
  • Minimum phone of 1GB RAM
  • Minimum phone of 400MB internal storage.
  • Mode – Offline

How to download and Install First Touch Soccer 2018 Apk and Data obb Full

You may need to change the game language to English. After opening game, tap on the tool sign icon to open game options. On the new window, tap on the first option to open game Settings. Tap on the last option for Advanced Settings and swipe to the right until the English language is shown.

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    • Hi, It is the last icon sign represented by tools/gears. After clicking on it, a new window opens – click on the first option which is settings and further click on the last option to see Advanced Settings.

  1. i downloaded the game and the obb lus data but they are still telling me to download adittional file. how will i solve the issue

  2. i downloaded the game its telling me need to download additional content from playstore but then it says download paused no network available what shld i do

  3. Pls i need help, it keep saying fts needs to download additional data from Google play store, buy then it won’t download, it keep saying no network. Please help.

  4. Thanks bro,ur amazing
    it works so perfectly and easy
    I love d new gloves and tattoos tho
    am deleting my FTS 15 right away
    FTS18 is so on point!

  5. Pls have downloaded everything you said here and it’s still saying download additional files once I tried downloading it, it will say network issue and I have network what am I gonna do

  6. I have downloaded both d game, obb and data but shows me download paused because there is no network available……Pls i need help on hw to make d game play….

  7. Did everything, extracted and all,opened application, Portuguese lang comes on, get coins that’s all,it doesn’t go beyond that point, what am I not doing?

  8. Pls i need help, it keep saying fts
    needs to download additional
    data from Google play store , buy
    then it won’ t download, it keep
    saying no network. Please help

  9. i downlod fts2018 zip file & extracts it then i got data & obb & apk file then i installed apk file and open now it showing me addition file need to dowload & showed no network now what i will do!!

  10. Very useless and deceitful people including the ones that said it is working. The name of the apk package is pes 2018, how can the game work.. U just made me waste 230 MB. No consideration on how the person finds money to subscribe, just to mislead people. Wicked!

    • Dude what are you saying? All download links on this page is for FTS unless you clicked on something else. Go and channel your anger elsewhere, I only give out the right information here. Open your eyes very well and check the label of the download links!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I was search for how to download this game, but I was getting hard for me. Thanks this post I can download and install my favorite game.
    Thanks a lot

  12. hi admin ,how can i download obb bcoz every when i try to download it, it ask me to retry ,and av alread download ,fts apk,and its data the only remain is obb

  13. Pls am having problem with the game, have downloaded the obb and the game app, but don’t know how to do it plsssss

  14. i dont know how to set it… I have already downloaded the file but still do not play… What will i do pls

  15. thanks for this bro. I downloaded it’s 2017 successfully but when I tried to extract the apk and obbs from Easy Unrar its asking for password. Ki dly avail me the password boss. Thanks

  16. I have done everything as you said but its still telling me to download additional content from Google play store.

  17. Dear Admin, kindly share a screenshot of the supposed file location. I have tried moving the files as directed by first it’d say “images fail to load” and then “download additional content on play store”

  18. Why it keeps saying it can not access document and tell me to connect to the internet when am already connected and am full of data. Help please

  19. The admin a day people lying about how they downloaded the app and how it is working are shit of lies
    The f#$king app is not working
    Kept on telling me to download additional Content but will always refuse to download swing no network when I have data and 4g on my phone
    How about answering those that have my kind of complaints
    Just to tell y’all that the app is as fake as Ronaldos Rape

  20. You such a wizard it works like magic. Incredibly perfect and mouth watering. Keep the good work up bro. I got the whole setting up right and it wow.

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