Instagram Recently Released IGTV; Here is all You Need to Know

igtv features

Since its introduction 8 years ago Instagram has been evolving and has experienced a lot of changes over the years. Its recent features include following hashtags, focus portrait mode, muting accounts among many more. The latest innovation is now the launch of a standalone app called IGTV to its one billion users globally.

Normally, the maximum length for any video on Instagram is 60secs, but with IGTV, creators can post longer videos in portrait form which can be seen on Instagram itself as well as on the new IGTV app by users.

igtv features
image: Instagram

Features of IGTV

  • Like we said earlier, IGTV is a separate app which shows full-screen vertical videos just like the main Instagram app and the length of videos can be as long as an hour.
  • IGTV works like the TV, videos start playing as soon as you launch the app and you can swipe up to discover more. Just like Instagram, the app has menus like Following, Popular and you can like, drop comments on videos as well as share via Direct Message to friends. New buttons like For You and Continue Watching has also been added.
  • Just like a regular TV, IGTV comes with channels based on the creators you follow, the moment you upload a video on the app you become a creator and people can start tuning in to your channel just by following you.
igtv channel
image: Instagram

As it stands, Instagram has already edged out Snapchat as a competitor after putting out innovative features on its Stories over the years and it remains to be seen what threat IGTV stands to pose to YouTube.

The app is available for download on Google Play and on IOS store as well. Like we said earlier, Instagram Television videos can be watched on Instagram and all you need to do is simply update your app to the latest version. What are our thoughts on this new development, will you be using this new innovation by Facebook?

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