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facebook year in review

It’s December once again and the year is almost over, Facebook has started rolling out the annual Year in review video for every member of the community; a personalized video showing the top highlights of individual users for the year. See how to see your own Facebook Year in Review video here.

facebook year in review
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The Year in Review highlights for Facebook itself are the best ways people came together to support a cause or one another around the world.

Facebook Year in Review Top Highlights for 2017

  1. International Women’s Day: From last year till this year, Women’s Day remains the most talked about moment on Facebook. Women were celebrated worldwide and we also wrote about it here.
  2. Super Bowl 51: Of course everyone knows the Super Bowl is always a big one with A-list celebrities appearing worldwide. Fans cheered on their Facebook News Feed and more than 262 million views was recorded on the platform.
  3. Las Vegas Shooting: This deadly Las Vegas shooting will remain as one of the saddest moments in 2017. More than 3,300 people came together on Facebook to offer help using the Crisis Response tools.
  4. Earthquake in Mexico: This was a very touching moment, the natural disaster response on Facebook drove the highest number of total interactions within Crisis Response on Facebook of the year. Help was granted by many and many others donated on Facebook to support.
  5. Hurricane Harvey: Another natural disaster, people rallied round on Facebook and a total donation of more than $20 million was recorded; the biggest fundraising amount from Facebook in 2017.
  6. One Love Manchester: The terror attack happened during singer Arianna Grande’s concert in Manchester. After the attack, a benefit concert was organized and it was broadcasted live on Facebook recording more than 80 million views. More than $450,000 was also raised for those affected by the attack.
  7. Total Solar Eclipse: Eclipse don’t happen too often and anytime it happens people are always on standby to see this magical celestial moment. This brought about more than 20,000 Facebook events worldwide.
  8. Women’s March on DC: More than 500,000 Facebook events was recorded on January 21st 2017 Women’s March on DC. The largest number of Facebook event for a single cause in 2017.

If you haven’t seen your own personalized Facebook Year in Review 2017 video yet, click here.

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