Facebook Security: How To Use Trusted Contacts To Lockout Hackers

Facebook Security: How To Use Trusted Contacts To Lockout Hackers

In recent time, Facebook users have been battling with different malware and hacks, having good security in place for your account cannot be over-emphasized. A lot of people have experienced account hijack and stolen passwords. Some guys on my friend-list have had their accounts hacked with the perpetrator posting pornography and other illicit contents.

The worst is that a hacker might go extreme and completely change your password, as well as remove or change important information you will need to recover the account.

This can lead to total loss of account with your reputation also at stake.

So how can you add an extra layer of security to your Facebook account by adding a list of trusted contacts to your account?

Let me start by first making a quick explanation of what Facebook meant by Trusted Contacts.

So What Are Trusted Contacts?

Trusted Contacts are contacts on your Facebook friend-list that you can trust with your account security in the case of any issue with the account.

When these Trusted Contacts are added to your account, Facebook can reach out to them and request they help you with recovery of your account. These contacts would be sent a special security code via a URL and you can then call them to get the security code which you will use to recover your password.

I see this idea of Trusted Contacts as a form of adding Next of Kin to your Facebook account. For this reason, I would advise you to only add your spouse, family, friends or any other trusted persons to the list.

Adding Trusted Contacts on Your Facebook Account

To add these contacts to your account, do the following:

  • Login to Your Facebook Account.
  • Navigate to Settings & Privacy.
  • Then click on Security.
Facebook Security: How To Use Trusted Contacts To Lockout Hackers
  • Click on Trusted Contacts.
  • On the Trusted Contacts Page, Click Add Friends.
facebook security 2
  • Use the search box to search for your friend-list or find them manually and add them.

Facebook allows you to add between 3-5 friends on the list. These people would be your last resort in the case of a forgotten password or account hack. Another reason to use this feature is that it is handy in the case whereby your mail and phone number are not available to recover your account.

Therefore, you need not to worry the next time you lose your Facebook account; all you need to do is pick up your phone and contact your trusted contacts.

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