Facebook is Now Merging Instagram and Messenger Chats

Instagram-Messenger integration

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the company said it plans to unify messaging across its other apps; Messenger and Instagram. That appears to be underway already according to The Verge, on Friday evening, an update screen popped up on Instagram’s iOS and Android app showing the message “There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram” with an update button.

messenger icon on Instagram
image credit: The Verge

When you click on update, the Instagram DM icon is replaced by Messenger logo which means the integration has happened. There are also “New colorful looks for your chats” as shown on the update screen, Instagram messages from senders now show blue and purple colours as you scroll. You can react emojis and “chat with friends who use Facebook”. When editors at The Verge got the update, it is not possible to message Facebook users from Instagram for now.

It is already possible to share WhatsApp status to Facebook stories. CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to connect all its apps together and make the system end-to-end encrypted just like on WhatsApp chats.

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