How to Download and Play Facebook Gameroom Games

Facebook Gameroom free download

Facebook Gameroom games has gotten even more better. Apart from playing the native game on PC, Developers can develop their own and improve their skills with better memory management, networking and debugging. Facebook Gameroom is a Windows based PC app which lets users play games without having to log-in to their accounts on Facebook web. If you’ve been following Facebook very well, you will notice people were able to play games such as Candy Crush, Farmvile and many other games whilst still signed in to their accounts on PC, notifications and news feeds still pop up. With the Gameroom app users are able to choose and play from the many available games without having to worry about their Facebook notifications or News Feed.

Facebook Gameroom games download

How to Download and Play Facebook Gameroom Games

To play Facebook Gameroom games you need to log-in to your facebook account on the web on a computer running Windows 7 and above. After this, go to the Facebook Gameroom page here, click on Free install to download.

Play Facebook Gameroom games download

Run the program and install after download. The Gameroom app is very light-weight so you do not have to worry about your computer hanging. To play Facebook Gameroom games, launch the app. You need an internet connection; all the games you’ve played on Facebook will automatically appear on the app with your existing levels and rewards.

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You can also play new games by clicking on the categories panel in the app. You would be asked a permission to continue after which the game will be downloaded freely for you to play. There are many games to choose from such as arcade, adventures, shooting, puzzles, racing, etc…

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If you are a Facebook or game lover, get into the groove now by downloading the Gameroom app. Feel free to share the article with your friends so they enjoy too.

N.B: If you experiencing issues playing some games on Gameroom, you can drop a complaint on the official Facebook Gameroom page here. Some errors happen from the developers sometimes, only way to know is dropping a comment on the Gameroom page.

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  1. June 29, Gameroom stopped working. It worked fine yesterday and I didn’t do anything to change my computer. It also did not work on Facebook for a few hours and now it works there, but not full screen.

    • Hi, Game room is a Windows based PC app but there is way to play Farm Town on your iPhone.

      Go to the app store and purchase Iswifter, it starts out as a 25 minute free trial then they ask you if you would like to purchase it. It costs 4.99, which isn’t bad at all. Iswifter let’s you play a ton of different games, including FarmTown, you sign into your Facebook account and click on the FarmTown app like you do on your computer and it works! It’s a little blurry sometimes and it’s a little different maneuvering than but it works! Try it out for 25 minutes free to see if you like it.

  2. I was playing spades just fine until I downloaded game room. Now I can’t play on facebook or game room. It’s frozen. What’s up??

  3. I have a galaxy tab 2s. It sat I could download game room under android. I click android and the page shows up but the install button is dark and won’t let me install. What can I do?

  4. Gameroom was working fine then the Criminal Cases stopped working now Cameroon will not open. Gets to opening page then stops. Goes nowhere. I have clean up trash and cache. Cleaned browser etc and did not help.

  5. gameroom is not working its telling me to update my flash player but I have the latest one and can’t update it how can I fix it or is this a problem from your end

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