Facebook Introduces Facebook Dating, Launches in 20 Countries

Facebook Dating

Last week, Facebook joined a list of companies that serve the romantic interests of many people across the world. According to a post on Facebook Newsroom, Facebook Dating will let its users integrate their Instagram posts with their profile thereby enabling them to add their Instagram followers and Facebook friends to Secret Crush lists. Moreover, the company will also enable users to add the Story Feature on both sites to their dating profile.

Since dating is a personal activity, Facebook claims that Facebook Dating will be a secure service. It also says that it has its high-level security features will allow its users to report and block other people; restrict messages with multimedia content and links while offering safety tips. Overall, these options will ensure better control and defence against cybercriminals.

How will Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook Dating does not require much effort to use. Simply create a Dating profile on the most recent version of Facebook however ensure that you are 18 and above.

Unlike other dating services, there is no need to swipe or wait for alike before you get a romantic match. Instead, the platform suggests people based on their interests, preferences, and activities.

If you meet someone that you like, you can show your interest by dropping a comment under their profile or tapping the Like icon. But if there’s no interest, you can move on to other users. Furthermore, the dating service will not match you with your Facebook friends but it will recommend their friends. But if you wish to match with a Facebook friend, enable the Secret Crush option. Finally, all your activities will be kept from your Facebook feed.

Main Highlights of Facebook Dating


Since users respond to static profiles, the company will bring its Story Feature to Facebook dating. Using this option, you can connect and share content with your Instagram and Facebook Stories. Overall, the platform plans to offer a higher level of genuineness as well as help you know more about your love interest.

Facebook Dating Stories

Secret Crush

Another interesting feature on this platform is Secret Crush which matches you with an Instagram friend or Facebook follower. Originally, Facebook Dating does not match you with such users however after discovering that some people wanted to date within their friendship circle, the service delivered this feature.

After activating the Secret Crush option, you can choose as much of nine potential matches from your friends/followers on either Facebook or Instagram. Before you can choose an Instagram follower, ensure your Instagram account is linked to the dating service.

If you add your crush (who is also on Facebook Dating), they will receive a message informing them of your interest. You will have a match as soon your interest adds you to their Secret Crush list. However, if your romantic interest is not using the service; does not have a Secret Crush list or add you to the list, then your act of adding them will remain a secret.

For an attractive Facebook Dating profile, you can add your Instagram posts to this platform. Also, these posts will help spark conversation as they will make your interests know about the exciting aspects of your life.

Events and Groups

With its Events and Groups option, you can find people with similar interests at a past/upcoming event or from a group. However, you will have to be a part of such events or groups while choosing to see them makes you visible to them.

Safer Date / Location Sharing

Users can share their live location or upcoming dates with trusted contacts on the dating platform with Facebook Messenger. Also, users will be given the choice to deactivate the feature.

Easy Account Setup

After gathering feedback from consumers Facebook Dating will make it easier for prospective users to create their dating profile. It achieves this feat by recommending Facebook profile photos and details which you can modify or delete. But if you wish to create a new profile, the platform will offer the opportunity.


The Facebook Newsroom lists 19 countries such as the US, Facebook Dating is currently available in 19 other countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam. If you stay in Europe, you will begin to use the service as from the first quarter of 2020.



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