14 Essential Laptop Accessories You Must Get in 2020

laptop accessories

Laptops are more popular than ever. They offer features unmatched by the best smartphones and tablets. If you own a laptop, that’s great! But in this article, we want you to take a look at the different accessories you can get for your laptop to maximize your user experience. Meanwhile, if you’re a gamer, take a look at www.pcpowerzone.co.uk for the latest news and reviews on PC gaming.

Laptop Bag

Laptop bags come first in our list for obvious reasons- you can’t think of moving around with your laptop without a proper bag. A laptop bag is not only used for carrying purposes, but it also protects the device from damage by water or accidental drops. Before buying any other accessories, you must consider investing in a good quality bag.

There are tons of options in the market. You’ll find many shapes and sizes. Don’t go for too fancy designs- the ones that you can carry on your shoulder or your back like a backpack are good enough. For the professionals out there, do get a bag that looks professional. So avoid striking colours or designs if you’re going to a formal meeting with your laptop bag.

Emphasize more on the protective features of the bag, like padding more than anything else. We also recommend you to buy a bag that matches the brand of your laptop- it’ll ensure that the bag is made according to the specifications of your laptop.

USB/Bluetooth Mouse

There are many laptop users, including me, who don’t find the mouse pad comfortable to use. A USB/Bluetooth mouse is a must for those users who want easy and quick navigation of the mouse cursor. This feature is important when you’re doing office work on your laptop. It’s a must for gamers too- you just can’t think of complete gaming experience with a mouse pad.

You can go for a wireless Bluetooth mouse if you feel that the tangling of wires bothers you too much.

Portable USB Flash Drive

There are tons of portable USB flash drives in the market that provide storage up to 1 TB. A portable flash drive is essential, especially when you’re working in an office. We suggest you should have at least a 4 GB flash drive to make the daily transfer of important files a lot convenient.

External HDD

External HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is very handy when it comes to keeping backup of your files. These devices can be connected using the USB port, just like portable flash drives.

If you want to move a collection of movies, songs, or eBooks from your laptop or want to share them with your friends, this device is a must-have. You can find some good External HDD with up to 2TB storage.

Stereo Headphones

If you want to enjoy good sound quality while enjoying your favourite movie or song, do invest in a quality pair of stereo headphones. Do look for the following two features- durability and clarity in the sound quality.

Most headphones have universal 3.5mm jacks, so you can use one on your smartphone also.

Cleaner Tool Kit

It’s not easy to remove dust and dirt from the tight spaces of your laptop like the keyboard. A cleaner tool kit addresses this issue. It consists of multiple brushes so that you can reach those spaces. These kits also come with disposable cleaning tissues and cleaning solutions. You can use the tissues to clean the screen every once in a while. Using this kit regularly, you can ensure the long-lasting performance of your device.

Cooling Pads

If you use your laptop for a long time, you must have noticed that heat has built up. Using the laptop in this heated condition can cause performance issues in your laptop in the long run. So it’s wise to get a cooling pad.

The newer models of cooling pads are very ergonomic in their design- they don’t occupy much space and do a fine job of keeping the laptop heat under control.

Keyboard Covers

These plastic covers are a lifesaver when it comes to saving the keyboard from spills or other light damages. You can keep one on your keyboard while you’re typing and remove it later too.

External Bluetooth Speakers

When you want to dance with your friends to your favourite music at the party, you definitely won’t use normal laptop speakers or headphones. Wireless external speakers offer not only great sound quality but they’re portable when compared to wired speakers.

Gaming Controllers

If you’re a gamer, you must get one of these. The gaming experience from a controller is something that you must give a try if you haven’t tried one before- hardcore gamers love this device.

Laptop Power Banks

There are many innovative laptop power banks out there. If you’re regularly using your laptop beyond the 4-hour mark (which is the average battery life of a fully charged laptop), then do get a power bank for your laptop. You’ll be able to do your work effortlessly while your laptop is getting charged by the power bank.   

Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are very useful if you’re giving a presentation while standing. You might need to type something or change a slide during the presentation- the stand makes sure that you have the laptop adjusted to the right level. There is less inconvenience like straining of eyes.


A lapdesk might look fancy. But don’t let its looks fool you. It offers adequate space for your tablet, laptop, and even a smartphone. It is designed with wrist pads that provide great comfort while you’re working.

USB Hubs

Usually, most models of laptops have a maximum of 3 USB ports. If you need to connect more USB devices to your laptop, this hub is incredibly handy. Normally most USB hubs come with 8 ports. USB hubs are pretty light and portable too- you can carry one easily in your laptop bag.


First, get more essential accessories. Then add the other ones to your collection. It’s smart to buy a good laptop cooler before buying a game controller- you want to prioritize the long-term performance of your laptop.

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