Elon Musk Wants Twitter Court Trial Delayed Until February 2023

Elon Musk vs Twitter

On Friday, Elon Musk’s legal team filed a complaint saying Twitter is pushing for a “warp speed” trial to have the court case over his decision to pull out of the $44 billion takeover agreement wrapped up in September, Bloomberg reports.

Twitting claims the agreement has an October 24th “drop-dead date” and wants the case wrapped up over a four-day trial at the Delaware Chancery Court in September. Musk’s legal team is proposing a trial starting February 13, 2023 in what they believe is “an extremely rapid schedule for a case of this enormous magnitude.” “Twitter’s sudden request for warp speed after two months of foot-dragging and obfuscation is its latest tactic to shroud the truth about spam accounts long enough to railroad defendants into closing,” his lawyers said in the 14-page filing.

Musk is backing out of the deal over claims Twitter has more than 5 percent spam accounts than the company reported. In June, Twitter gave Musk “firehose” access to its data, but Musk is countering this in the latest filing by his legal team that the system did not provide much information on bot data but instead showed “a bespoke partial data set structured to make the necessary machine analysis impossible.”

The core dispute over false and spam accounts is fundamental to Twitter’s value,” Musk’s legal team wrote, reiterating his claim over spam accounts. “It is also extremely fact and expert intensive, requiring substantial time” for proper analysis to gain the right information.

Delaware Chancery Court is known to move fast. Difficult business cases are normally brought forward before a judge after six to seven months of filing. Twitter and Elon Musk wouldn’t have to wait long as a hearing is scheduled for July 19th to find out if the case should be fast-tracked or not.

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