Buy Any Smartphone and Pay Later with EasyBuy Mobile Device Financing Platform

easybuy mobile device financing platform

Ever heard about EasyBuy Mobile Device Financing? It’s a new platform in Nigeria created for those who want to buy phones and pay in instalments. Phones from your favourite brand such as TECNO, Samsung, Infinix, iPhone and any other smartphone brand.

What is EasyBuy Mobile Device Financing Platform?

Like, we said earlier, this is a financing platform that lets you pick up any smartphone of your choice with a little down-payment. There is an EasyBuy app which is available to download and it is straightforward to use.

However, there are agents in authorised stores who can help you with the registration process.

How Does EasyBuy Mobile Device Financing Platform Works?

EasyBuy provides a POS loan to intending customers who wants to buy a mobile phone. Those who are interested can directly walk into designated shops and pay back in instalments.

A minimum of 30% down payment is required and there are two loan systems:

  • 3 months with 9% interest
  • 6 months with a 6% interest rate

Requirements for EasyBuy Eligibility

For you to be eligible for the financing platform, you need to provide the documents/information listed below:

  • Valid ID – International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card or Voter’s Card.
  • BVN
  • ATM Card
  • You also must be a regular income earner.

With this flexible plan, money will no longer be a factor in getting your dream phone. To get started, visit any of the authorized stores here or go to these stores – Spectrum, Otigba Computer Village, 3C HUB Zenco Plaza Computer Village or Iyana Ipaja, Oki Street, Lagos.

EasyBuy Contact and Customer Care

You can visit their website at You can also send them an email by shooting at

In case you want to reach them on phone, just call +01-8888188

Now, go get the smartphone of your dream at ease!

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    • I completed my payment of 33,800 for the purchased of tecno spark3 last month July24,hope they will not deduct my money anymore

    • My name is dapo shanu i want to pay back but am not get it bcos d phone is not with m and i use my account to pay it d peron i get it for is not get it i want u to help m move d money in my acc ount for dis month i beg

    • After paying up my loan which I sent your organization the updated teller and your firm acknowledged it..
      Third day…your firm still deducted from my account the money someone sent to me to buy something for her..
      How would I get my money back?
      What do I do?
      Is it normal stuff to deduct from someone account without owing just bcos I disclosed the details when I wanted to buy phone…

      • Please my name is Akinkunmi kazeem my due date is 07/04/2020 but your application is not working and I had sufficient amount in my account ,so today 08/04/2020 you first deduct 3,347.27 from my account later deduct another 1,643.97 from my account again.Please and please what happened I need explanation please,please and please

  1. Like am not a monthly income earner/salary worker, am a designer, so want to get a phone with easybuy. Is it possible???

      • I dont understand what i doing on i register with this app and i was paying for infinix phone , on 23 agust 2019 i paid the sum of 9thousand naira with my account and at the attempt which you guys made to collect the money hanged till now i have never seeing any refund or something that the money is coming back yesterday being 7 october i send 7thousand naira and it went true that same problem what can i do to get rude of this nonsense as i am now am very upset . and it became that after if that someone dont want to pay you people back your money ,at the same time making threat on me after i lost 16 thousand from you guys

    • Pls I purchased my phone with easy buy in Benin City my payment due date is 1st of the month. Now the problem now is my work place have some challenges so our account has not been credited. Ordinarily 28 to 29 salary is paid. Now is this accommodated by way of grace?

  2. I’m dissatisfied with this blog, blocking honest review about this Loan sharks anyways u have been paid dont expect you show this too I’m happy u will read before u discard…. definitely unsuscribing to this blog

  3. They wont tell you if you dont pay as at when due there are extra charges please dont fall for it…. you will be the one to still call and be begging them to send the money…. please just save your money and buy the phone when you are ready it is a No No for me …. warned u

    • @Muiwa, it will only take little time and critical thinking engagement before people will realise that easybuy is not easy as they think. adding intrest to phone after profit made on it.

  4. Please i took a phone from easybuy and am suppose to start paying back from 26 of last month….. But i lost my job before then and am not working for now but i hope getting a job before the end of the month ……..
    Please can i get anyone to contact….

  5. I bought an infinix phone via easybuy and It got lost the following week please how do I pay back because my sim related to my bank is lost

  6. It due yesterday i av been trying to do d payment, cause dis is d second month am paying,d app keep bringing i should update it den i did,nw i mistakely deleted d app on my fone i cant even download it,writing app not installed

  7. Please can I use a school ID card as a valid ID card and also how much is the 20% of samsung A70 with the plan of 6 months payment… please I need the device badly

  8. Am base in Akure I need a smart phone how do I go about it because am not sure if you have office around here

  9. Please you guy should be replying post of people of all questions ask only 1 has been replied that shows d owner of this site is not a serious person

  10. I bought a techno spark 3, from challenge ,ibadan ,i was over charged, they collected 10500 from me instead of 6600, i need a refund of my money please

  11. I bought a phone with easy buy, my date of payment was 21st of every month but in this August our date changed to 10th of every new I am trying explain to the company and they seem not to understand. Please next month I will pay my August and September. Thank you.

  12. easybuy is a fucking platform that there will asking for phone numbers after we have already giving them our valid id card our BVN, atm card pls u guys should change ur name from eazybuy to hardbuy.

  13. I visited slot stores in Ibadan on monday to buy a phone, I am a salary earner and not on loan, after given them all my details my application was rejected for no reason. Can you please tell me why?

  14. Pls. Iam supposed to on 14/9/19 and I defaulted, now I want to pay it on 19/9/19 what is my penalty for defalting? Is just 5 days.

    • I bought phone on easybuy and i was robbed, can i buy another phone and make both payment together on easy buy? cos i need another phone.


  15. Easybuy is wack…I dropped all necessary requirements …..the four people they called picked and answered their questions.

    The feedback I got from Easybuy was that one person didn’t their calls (big lie)

    You need to step up your game.

    • My due date is yesterday and due to the network problem I couldn’t make it and have been trying it since morning it telling me rubbish that the money will dicdute from my bank card and this is my last payment

  16. i have issue with your deduction from my account. I successfully paid the expected amount and on the date even confirm by your agent BANEX PLAZA ,ABUJA but my disappointment is that you still continue to deduct unnecessarily from my zenith bank account…..WHY?
    PLEASE: revert the balance and stop such action henceforth. thanks . AGBO DICKSON, 08037660962

    • Where can I attach the the evidence of payment, screenshot, have made payment since Last week Wednesday, but you keep deducting money from my account, action now, before I seek REDRESS

  17. please i need a contact of your customer service, i’ve been unable to pay my balance because my phone has been stolen along side the phone number of my registration. please send a message to my mail ( lets figure this out…thanks

  18. Hello am not sorry to say that am highly disappointed in this program..i love it when i first heard about it ,i think I need phone urgently then and that was around 12 of October 2019 I saw of ur agent in Ijebu ode around Olisa street at fastlink mobile phone shop she explained how to go about it for me and immediately register and I immediately asked her that expecting money on Thursday that I will comeback and payoff and she reply that if I come and payoff on Thursday that they will not deduct any interest at all but if i come on Friday that they will deduct one month interest before paying it off and I accept and I collected the phone and the phone was infinx hot 8, which the price of the phone was 36.400 and I deposited 10,920 which the monthly payment runs 6month and my next payment was 12 of September ..but to my surprise she told me am going to pay for the 6month with the interest and that’s not our agreement ..seriously the first day I head about it I thought it would easy and peaceful program but now turn to something else which I don’t expect …I felt so sad like somebody trying to enslave me ,its not fair at all… You pple should find solution to this ,because am very sure many people like me are out there feeling the pains I felt now..

  19. I want to pay my loan today but the mobile phone I use to receive OTP was stolen what can I do please get back to me ASAP

  20. I applied for easy buy and my application has been approved. But very unfortunately my ATM card failed to verify. What can I do?

  21. After i collect the phone i lose my job and i have no money or job to pay my loans if possible i want return the phone because i can’t afford at this moment I’m struggling with daily meals now.

  22. I have made my repaymemt and was debited but its stil not reflecting on my page and been calling ur customer care line but no one is picking

  23. I’ve already due to pay and unable to pay and your customer care is disturbing me with the calls and I’ve already mail your website no reply back yet I don’t want embarrassment like this reply with my email … Now to make your payment

  24. Good morning!
    Finding it difficult to make payment through the Easybuy app, please. I think your management should see to this before one starts receiving any embarrassment. I think there should another method(s) to make payment.

  25. My valid ATM remain 3 month and my replacement loan is 6mnth so I can use it he ask me to bring another ATM I want to ask can I go to another easybuy agent to refill the form with the new ATM card

  26. Am owing easybuy and I find it difficult to pay cause I have no money and I don’t work and the agent that attend to me lied and made me fill a fake form and am suffering form it easybuy even have to call my family and friends making it so embarrassing so what do I do should I return the phone or what

  27. Sir/ma,
    Am your customer on easybuy. I purchased a device last year. my due date to clear my first loan has been cleared. Their is an issues with your app. I have been trying to pay on the provided app that I was given but the annoying part is it wasn’t working the app continueually saying, let me spelling it out to you clearly so that you will now what am saying ( THIS NETWORK IS NOT WORKING TRY BACK LATER) that was what was coming back and forth it really got me angry. The previous day before yesterday I went to my messages from all the messages easybuy sent to me I came across account nos 0809183275 Access bank, repayment code EB22958J after all of that I immediately do a transfer to access bank I did a screenshot on the transaction see below the photo of the transaction. Please my apologies for any kind of delay due to the app issues and again am saying this stop messaging me that my due date is over due for a day stop messaging me please I don’t want to regret what i did please…

    I even called the customer hotline they seams to be busy, all the time you guys suppose to attend customer that are on hold on calls, if you guy are out of staff employ more to ease off others staff budding.
    thanks for your time

    • I am finding it difficult to make payment through the Easybuy app. It keeps writing’the network is not working, try again later’. Please, see to it that the app is working cos my due date is in the next few hours. I hate embarrassment.

  28. Have sent my money to they account sent by easypay to me, have sent they money since three days ago ,so now you guys now enter inside my account and withdraw money inside my account why that please

    • This people are really big scam. Its now time for us to pay back their money, their fucking app ain’t working. I see people complaining of the way you people deduct their money from their account. Don’t try that with me. You people know what to do about your app, or give to us an account number to pay your money.

  29. I am finding it difficult to make payment through the Easybuy app. It keeps writing’the network is not working, try again later’. Please, see to it that the app is working cos my due date is in the next few hours. I hate embarrassment.

  30. Am Johnson Opadotun, I will like to make some good report about one of your staff Oloyede Tabitha.
    She is an excellent Easybuy agent. She have all the qualification that a sales representative should have.
    All the Easybuy customers (Top Success Challenge, Ibadan) enjoy her services, she is so passionate about her job.
    The way she attend to customer is lovely. She easy to access through the social media and she uses that opportunity to assist in solving all easybuy problems either with the app or during repayment.
    I personally enjoy her services, she is wonderful.

    She deserves some compensation or award.

    Johnson Opadotun

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