Outcry from Nigerians as DSTV Increases Subscription Prices

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Nigerians have been expressing their anger on Twitter as news broke out about the sudden increase in subscription prices for DSTV packages. Mutlichoice, the owners of both GOTV and DSTV have also interestingly made an adjustment to its GOTV packages.

Taking effect from the 1st August, DSTV Premium subscribers will have to be paying N15,800 to continue enjoying the package from the previous price which is N14,700. Compact Plus package has seen its price increased from N9,900 to  N10,650 while Compact subscribers will have to be paying N6,800 as opposed to the usual N6,300 to continue watching.  Family package moves from N3,800 to N4,000 while Access subscribers will now pay N2,000 instead of N1,900.

There has been a lot of outcries as expected from Nigerians particularly on Twitter as to the increase. DSTV remains the number one Pay-TV Company in the country and users will still have no choice than to go with the new prices.

Reacting to a Twitter user complaint, DSTV Nigeria handle stated it has always maintained a steady 8% price structure even though Nigeria’s inflation has been floating between 15-11% over the last couple of years. It stated the new price increase was necessitated as a result of escalating cost to its business in the country.

In a different development, GOTV Max package subscribers will now pay N3,200 instead of N3,800, while the prices of its other packages remain fixed.

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  1. Another price hike by DSTV?
    I suggest Nigerians boycot watching dstv and go TV let’s see who suffers it.
    I just dump my DSTV going on free TV.

  2. Honestly, you are doing any good to your business (DSTV). The day we find better alternative! We will never come back to DSTV. This is pure evil work! @DSTV

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