How to Download Happy Chick Emulator using AppValley

how to download happy chick emulator

Games consoles have always been popular because of the sheer number of games available, most of which you cannot get for mobile devices. These days, most people prefer to use a mobile phone or a tablet to play their games on, mostly because they can be used anywhere – you can’t lug a full-size games console around with you everywhere! Cydia caused a bit of a revolution in gameplay when it started to offer console emulators – this meant we could, at long last, take our favourite console games with us everywhere.

The Nintendo DS offers some of the best gaming opportunities and, with an emulator app called Happy Chick, we gained the freedom to play those games on whatever device we wanted.

Now there is no need to jailbreak to get Happy Chick, and that means the app is open to any iOS user who wants to play their favourite games on the go.

How to Download Happy Chick

Happy Chick is a fantastic emulator app with support for all Nintendo console games, but you’ve got no chance of downloading it from the iOS app store – this is one type of app that Apple won’t give room to. Still, downloading it isn’t difficult; you just need to use one of the following two unofficial methods.

Method 1: AppValley App

AppValley in one of the Cydia alternatives that provide a huge choice of content that you would have needed to jailbreak for – a few tweaks, modified apps and games and emulator apps like Happy Chick. Downloading and using it is simple:

  1. Download AppValley onto your iPhone or iPad
  2. When the app appears on your home screen, tap on the icon
  3. The installer app will open; type Happy Chick into the search box
  4. Tap the result and tap on Get
  5. Tap Install and wait for the emulator to be installed on your iPhone or iPad – if any extra installation instructions show on your screen, just follow them
  6. Once it’s installed, you can open it and start laying your favourite NDS games.

Method 2: IPA File Download

If you are not bothered about all the extra content, this method will only install Happy Chick. It requires your computer and Apple ID to work:

  1. Download Cydia Impactor tool onto your computer
  2. Download the Happy Chick IPA file and save it on your desktop
  3. Connect your computer and device together and launch Cydia Impactor tool
  4. Wait; when you see it has detected your device, you can drag the IPA file into the window
  5. Add your Apple ID and password and, if you see a message about Expired Certificates, click on OK
  6. When Cydia Impactor has sideloaded the app onto your device, you will see the icon appear – tap it and enjoy

Untrusted Developer Error

With AppValley and Happy Chick, before you can use them, you may have to resolve an untrusted developer error first. When you tap the icon, if an error message appears, take note of the developer name:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to General and then Profiles & Device Management
  3. Find the name of the developer in the profiles list and tap it
  4. Tap the trust button and close settings
  5. Repeat this for any untrusted developer error you get

App Features

Happy Chick is packed with cool features to make your gaming experience second to none:

  • Simple download and easy to use
  • Choose from hundreds of Nintendo games
  • Plenty of in-app customizations
  • Several skins to choose from
  • Dropbox support makes game syncing east
  • Cloud server hosting provides safe, secure and fast downloads for all games
  • Use Happy Chick to download other game ROMS
  • Auto-save
  • Browser built-in
  • Custom game maps and game controls
  • Loads more

Adding Nintendo ROMS

Adding other ROMS is simple:

  1. Open Safari browser and do a Google search for the game ROMS you want
  2. Tap on any link and Safari will download it – you will need to be patient as these files can be quite large
  3. Open HappyChick and your game is available to play

A word of warning – unless you own a physical disc for the game you are downloading, ROM downloads are illegal. If you do decide to download them, make sure you only use official sites to minimize the risk of problems.

Fix AppValley Profile Installation Failed

If you opt for AppValley to download HappyChick, you may run into a Profile Installation Failed error. Before you give up, try the following steps. First things first, wait. The Apple servers may be very busy and not coping with the amount of traffic. If you still get the error a few hours later, try these steps:

  1. Place your iPhone or iPad into Airplane mode
  2. Open Settings > General
  3. Tap Clear History and Website Data
  4. Tap Clear History and Data
  5. Turn Airplane mode off and close settings
  6. Wait a minute or two and then have another go at installing AppValley – it should work, and Happy Chick can be installed.

HappyChick is the top-rated Nintendo games emulator so try it and see how you get on with it. It will open up a whole new world of gaming to you, one that Apple just won’t provide.

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