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There are just a few movie websites out there, where you can download the latest (2018, 2019) Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood movies as well as television series, music video and so on; in full HD or MP4 or 3GP for free. This article provides you with simple and concise steps on how to download the latest movie and music contents, as well as TV series (for free) on one of the most popular video-downloading platforms in the world: Filmywap.

The Filmywap movie website, as earlier stated, is one of such places where you can easily download and watch your favourite music and movie videos, for free. On the Filmywap movie website, there is a whole load of movie and music content available, across several genres, for download for free! The variety of the content available is simply breathtaking! More notably, the Bollywood lover out there knows that Bollywood movies and tv series are hard to find on the Internet, and where these rare gems are found, they are usually difficult to download due to their size or formats. The Filmywap movie website easily resolves in favour of the Bollywood lover, these two (2) “stress points”.

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As stated above, downloading contents (music videos, television series, and movies among others) from Filmywap is absolutely free. This means that all you have to worry about is the internet charges from your service providers, as well as the cost of time and efforts (which are negligible).

In this review, we will be taking you through the steps you need to take to access the bevvy of content available on Filmywap:

How to Download Full HD Videos on Filmywap

  1. Ensure you have a strong internet connection on your device (Wi-Fi or Mobile connection). Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Internet Explorer and so on) and navigate to the movie website: or or; you will be taken to the website’s homepage.
  2. On the homepage, take a cursory look around; while scrolling down (and up) on the homepage, you will observe the varieties of contents available for free download.
  3. On the homepage, look out for the “Filmywap Video Category” link. Click on this link, and you will get to see the different categories of videos available.
  4. Click on your preferred video category; and from there, select the video you want to download. A download page with the download link will display on your screen.
  5. Click on this download link, and VOILA!, your desired video will begin downloading immediately. All things being equal (provided you are running the downloaded on a fast and stable internet connection), you should achieve a complete video download in a few minutes

Once you are through with the download, which as stated above should not take more than a few minutes; then you can relax in the comfort of your home and enjoy your favourite (downloaded) video(s).

Filmywap, as one of the best movies and music videos downloading sites, offers high-quality video contents for download. In addition, the videos are available in varying, suitable sizes and formats (depending on your preferences). The colour – effects, resolution, white balance and brightness among other video qualities, as well as the sound effects are all top notches. This means that, by downloading music and movie videos directly from Filmywap (and not from some low end downloading platform), you stand to enjoy high-quality HD videos. This invariably enhances the aesthetic values of such videos and of course, attracts more viewers. One such movie genres, as highlighted above, which attracts the most views and downloads on the website, is the Hindi and Bollywood movies.

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Bollywood, which is the umbrella name for the Indian movies industry, is no doubt one of most prominent global movie industries today. However, most of the Bollywood movies are not readily available for download over the internet; and where they are available, the file size could be discouraging. In addition, getting the preferred format for download is another herculean task. As a result of this, most lovers of Bollywood easily settle for the low quality, pirated versions, which are littered everywhere. This is where Filmywap comes in; by logging on to Filmywap, you can browse through and download your favourite Bollywood movies, in HD. Some of the best Bollywood movies in 2018 include:

  • Mulk
  • Blackmail
  • October
  • Raazi
  • Gali
  • Mukkabaaz
  • Sanju
  • Guleiyan
  • Pad Man
  • Veere DI Wedding
  • Hickhi  

So you might want to check them out on Filmywap.

Conclusively, Filmywap offers varieties of high-quality music videos and movies for download. It should be noted that Hollywood (the leading movie industry in the world) movies are also readily available on the site. So what are you waiting for, get on Filmywap today to download and enjoy your favourite movies, television series and music videos.

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